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Best Singapore ERP App for Startup Company

Singapore is a young and fast growing startup hub. However, most Singapore startups fail to manage their books, finances and inventory. This leads to the failure of a large number of startups each year. One way to mitigate this problem is through investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP). Your startup can utilize the most complete ERP app in Singapore to help you with data consolidation and financial management. 
Using an ERP solution allows you to scale your business, even if you have limited resources. This gives you the opportunity to grow your turnover quickly to achieve greater revenues and earnings. When choosing the best ERP software for your business, it is important to go for one that meets your needs. You also want one that will be suitable for your industry and business type.



Types of Singapore ERP App

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is management software with a centralized system that assists in automating and managing the operational process such as sales, inventory management, accounting, HR, supply chain, and many more. Startups in Singapore should consider implementing ERP since the industry is highly competitive. It helps you to generate and provide accurate reports in order to make better business decisions. There are several types of common ERP applications that startups can make use of. 

  1. Custom ERP: A custom ERP application can be customized based on your precise specifications and to match your business procedures.
  2. Cloud-based ERP: This means it is accessible online. The vendor will handle the system hence you won’t need to hire more workforce to maintain it. 
  3. Generic ERP: For companies in various industries, generic ERP offers a broad variety of functions like accounting and financial management tools. However, they rarely provide many operational features.
  4. Industry-specific ERP: Which is designed for a certain industry, such as distribution or professional services. It has fundamental tools and modules in addition to characteristics specific to their sector. 

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Why do Startups Need an ERP App?

the importance of singapore erp app for singapore's startups

Startups are starting with limited budgets and resources that they have to make full use of in order to achieve the initial goals. However, it may be challenging to work with limited resources. Especially with the amount of startups in Singapore, you might want to have an advanced system to help in staying competitive. Therefore, consider implementing the best ERP system that has various features to assist in expanding your startups. 

An ERP app allows you to cut down on time spent on repetitive manual tasks. Instead of manually entering and processing data, the ERP system will automatically do it with its centralized database system. It also has a dashboard feature to make managing employees’ workloads easier by looking at what they need to do next in real-time. To conclude, using an ERP app will enhance startups’ overall operational process hence you can achieve maximum profitability. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

The Importance of Using Singapore ERP App for Startups 

While it is true that a startup should focus on delivering their product or service as soon as possible, they must also pay attention to how they can manage the operational processes efficiently and how they can scale quickly if needed. Startups need to be able to grow their turnover by increasing sales and marketing efforts while also reducing costs at the same time. 

It is important for startups, especially in Singapore, to have better management systems such as ERP software. ERP can help you grow your turnover quickly to achieve greater revenues and earnings. The best part about an ERP system is that it allows startups to scale their operations without having to hire more employees or invest heavily into infrastructure upgrades. This way, Singapore startups that use an ERP app will definitely be one step ahead of those who don’t. It is due to the comprehensive features, allowing you to eliminate manual and time-consuming processes. 

Essential ERP Modules for Startups

The management aspects in startup companies tend to be overlooked due to the limited sources of funds. Switching to the most complete ERP software is beneficial since it helps you in your management aspects while minimizing operational costs. The ERP application consists of modules for your business. Here are some of the essential modules for startups.

1. Accounting management

Startups mostly come across financial issues. They seek the most efficient way to manage their finances. Hence, it is essential for startups to have an accounting management module to assist in managing cash flow, budget planning, transactions, liabilities, as well as revenue recognition.

2. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Having great customer management is essential for startups’ growth. However, balancing many activities and maintaining customer interactions can be hard. With the CRM module, you will be able to keep on track with every customer and generate personalisation content with its tools. 

3. Project management

Managing projects needs to be done carefully in order to keep your startups’ credibility. The project management module helps you in keeping on track with your projects and make sure that everyone can access the progress reports. Using this module will increase overall productivity. 

4. Sales management

Sales management module allows you to effectively manage your prospect and clients. Moreover, it can forecast sales based on data so you can maximize revenue and make greater business decisions. 

5. Inventory management

While startups may deal with less stocks than larger companies, the inventory management module is essential to enhance stock management. The module will assist you in procurement, ordering, even inventory forecasting. 

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Singapore’s Best ERP App from HashMicro

you may utilize singapore best erp app from hashmicro

As a startup owner, switching to a digital solution may be the best option in order to grow your business. There are few things to consider such as the competitive environment in Singapore’s startups scene as well as operational expenses in your startup. You should choose carefully regarding the ERP vendor for your startup. Therefore, consider implementing HashMicro’s ERP application that offers comprehensive features and will help your startup in maximizing profitability while reducing operational expenses. 

Singapore startups’ environment is constantly evolving. HashMicro’s ERP is adapting to the current startups scene and is able to be customized according to your needs. The system will automate end-to-end operational processes in your startup seamlessly. In addition, its system is centralized and cloud-based which can be easily accessed online. This way, your startup won’t need to hire more workforces or even more applications to help the management aspects. 



Startups in Singapore are growing rapidly hence increasing the competitiveness. To enhance your startup quality, you should look for the most efficient and effective way in managing your business. Therefore, switching to an automated system like the ERP app may be the best option. After knowing the importance of implementing the best Singapore ERP software for your startup, you may want to switch right away. 
Utilizing an ERP application allows you to streamline the complex operational process, making it more efficient and increasing productivity. A complete ERP software provides you with various features such as customer relationship management, sales management, accounting, and more. Moreover, since startups are starting with minimal costs, using ERP allows your startups to reduce operational costs. In conclusion, there is no doubt that implementing an ERP app has many advantages for your startups. So, wait no more and try the free demo today!


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