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7 Tips to Increase Startup Business Innovation

Startups are companies that disrupt the traditional work model. They put more emphasis on cooperation and transparency and less on hierarchy, making them desirable to the new generation of employees. Business innovation is valuable to all companies, but entrepreneurs build a startup’s foundation on fresh, innovative ideas as well as a desire for risk and change. As a result, they frequently have a unique relationship with business innovation. Innovation has some risks that startups must carefully manage to succeed and expand. This article provides you with 7 tips you can do to increase your startup’s business innovation using Startup Software Solutions.


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Evaluate Work Fairly

Business Innovation for Startups

Increasing business innovation means getting new ideas and work. But in order to work effectively, your company must evaluate the ideas and work it comes up with. Constantly reevaluating work and ideas is essential. Sometimes companies get blinded by the story behind an idea. When that happens, it is easy to develop an emotional attachment to that idea, which is dangerous for your company. The reason is simply that the background of an idea doesn’t imply its value. To save time and resources, a company must always maintain a distance and approach these ideas with a critical eye. By reevaluating, your company can implement only the best ideas and work. 

Do Some Research

Research is one of the most effective ways to increase business innovation. Doing continuous and detailed business research will naturally lead your company to a new level of development. To keep a constant development, your company must focus on the market your business operates. It is also important for your company to be aware and focused on its target audience. You should also be aware of what your customer desires and requires. That way, you can foresee their demands before they are even conscious of them. 

Set Innovation as “To Do List”

Everyone might wish to innovate more, but many may claim they don’t have time to do so. Without deadlines and a sense of urgency, innovation might go to the bottom of your list. But this is hazardous. Your company should set aside regular hours every week to make time for invention. It is a good idea to establish a weekly brainstorming session or designate a specific amount of hours per week for staff to focus on innovation. This way, your company will be able to find better and more creative solutions to difficulties in the company. 

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download skema harga software erp

Upgrade New Things

Every company must understand that change in their business is inevitable. After accepting that, their strategies will be more successful. Learning which strategy to improve will be one of the crucial elements your company must consider in its planning. In an article by Becky Wilcox, Wilcox stated that companies need to be able to update their teams through the training of their management and other employees. A company must also update its office technology by adding more IT solutions essential to its operations. For example, a company can add more VoIP solutions for call centers. Wilcox also mentioned expanding market reach by effectively using content marketing strategies.

Prepare a Better Pitching

Having great ideas is great, but it’s also important that you can sell them. To do that, practicing pitching is essential. Pitching is a method businesses use to propose new ideas and get support for them. Usually, companies do a presentation about the business pitch model that focuses on three points. These three points are: whom they’re presenting for, the pitch’s objectives, and how they will give the presentation. By pitching, you will know if your ideas can persuade your coworkers, therefore effectively persuading the public.

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Hear Your Customer and Staff

To collect more innovative ideas, you must be receptive to comments and suggestions from others, particularly from your staff and customers. Create a good relationship with your employees and encourage an open dialogue if they have ideas that can aid in the development of your firm, increase your marketing and sales, and bolster your brand. Encourage people to openly share their ideas by supporting them and discussing them at your company’s meetings. 

Not only staff but customers can also help inspire business innovation in your company. There are many ways to collect this information, such as conducting phone or online surveys with past and potential customers. In addition to helping you uncover methods to develop your startup, it may also provide insight into issues in your startup. 

Utilize Technology Well 

Technology is essential for everyday life, and running a business is no exception. Although new technology costs more, you should always appreciate what it can do for productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Technology such as smartphones and tablets are quite popular in the business world because they provide a way to work when you’re not in the office. In fact, many businesses all around the world have adopted and supported “bring your own device” (BYOD) schemes. 

Your startup requires the capability to converse whenever and wherever on a constantly connected planet. That is how your company can increase business innovation. It is a known fact that technology is always changing. Thus, businesses must stay on top of innovation to stay caught up. Your startup will benefit more from embracing the digital environment, for example, by using Startup Software. A Startup Software is an ERP system assembled to follow the evolving startup environment. Using Startup Software will increase business innovation, efficiency, and productivity.


Starting a business is always complex, whether big or small. However, nothing is impossible if you make persistent attempts to create innovations and compete fairly in the market with your company’s creativity. There will always be problems and obstacles along the growth of your company. Still, if your business is determined to confront any doubts with creative business innovation courageously, then it will succeed. 

HashMicro’s Startup Software is a solution you can apply to your company’s operations. HashMicro customizes this solution to match the environment of startups. This software can help you increase business innovation with its data gathering and analysis. It also increases company productivity and profit with its integrated software. Start your free demo now or download HashMicro’s Startup Software pricing scheme.


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