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      7 Major Challenges in the Retail Industry & How to Overcome Them

      The retail industry is constantly changing, and the players in this competitive industry always face new challengesTherefore, there needs to be further management related to the retail company and how the industry is developing at this time, which can be helped by using integrated retail technology software.

      Companies need to consider implementing this system to help them grow. However, not all retailers are experiencing the same adversity. When some retailers are experiencing a decline in their revenues, some are gaining profits.

      Furthermore, knowing the market projecting leads, maintaining customers, and boosting productivity are all possible with the help of the right retail system. 

      To find out more about this software, get the retail software pricing scheme calculations here before implementing the software in your business. 

      Key Takeaways

      • The retail industry is dynamic and competitive, requiring effective management strategies to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities. Integrated retail technology software plays a crucial role in assisting retail companies in adapting to industry developments and fostering growth.

      • Choosing suitable retail software solutions is crucial for optimizing business processes and overcoming challenges. Retailers should prioritize user-friendly systems with comprehensive features, integration capabilities, and scalability to meet their specific requirements and budget constraints.

      • HashMicro offers a range of retail software solutions designed to automate various retail operations, including inventory management, sales, customer relationship management, and more. These systems provide ease of use, seamless integration, and customization options to empower retailers in driving business growth.

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      Table of Content:

        Here are some of the major challenges facing retail company management today and ways of dealing with them, which we’ve summarized from various well-known business articles.

        1. Undergo the New Normal Protocol to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission

        Consumers have started shopping at the mall. Isn’t this good news for all retailers? However, have your store followed the new normal protocols properly? Here are a few things you must include in your new normal procedure list:

        • Limit the number of customers in the store to better manage the flow of customers
        • Ensure customers are keeping a distance from other customers
        • Ensure your staff and customers are always wearing masks
        • Maintain the hygiene of your products
        • Provide hand sanitizers and measure the body temperature of customers entering your store
        • Implement cashless payment to avoid the spread of the virus

        2. Keeping up with ever-changing customer expectations

        Customer preferences will always change, sometimes even faster than you can imagine. Therefore, you must be able to keep up with consumer demand.

        Apart from seasons and trends, several other factors such as economic circumstances, advertisements, and competition in the retail company have a huge impact on generated leads and consumer demand.

        Therefore, pay attention to these factors to help you get accurate forecasts. These factors can apply broadly, impacting a variety of your operational processes, or specifically to a single aspect of your retail business.

        For instance, you might need to explore chargeback protection options if customer expectations relating to payments are not being met, and an inordinate number of refunds are requested as a result.

        3. Maintaining customer loyalty

        Seamless customer experience is a key factor in creating brand loyalty. One of the common mistakes made by retailers is letting their existing customers go and thinking they can easily replace them. If you keep this mindset, you will find it hard to sustain your business growth.

        While promotions and special offers are still the mainstays of retailers to retain their customers, personalization is the real key to an amazing customer experience. To keep your customers loyal, you need to use a personal approach, for example, by sending them emails that have been adjusted to their preferences and needs.

        A common email marketing mistake that most businesses make is sending content that provides no value to the customer. Therefore, a good CRM system can help you maintain your customers’ details and send personalized emails more easily.

        Furthermore, in today’s digital landscape, where customer expectations are constantly evolving, leveraging a sophisticated CRM tool, like Salesforce for retail stores, becomes imperative.

        From tracking purchase history to analyzing buying patterns, the Salesforce platform aids in crafting a customer-centric retail experience that not only fosters loyalty but also drives business growth.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        4. Managing internal communication


        Retail has complex operations, and managing its internal communication is not easy. Large-scale retail companies mainly face this challenge with multiple divisions. For example, inefficient communication between divisions can disrupt business processes.

        Retailers should opt for a system that can streamline their internal communication. A cloud-based ERP system can be the perfect solution for managing internal communication within the retail company.

        The software can centralize all business operations, generate real-time and comprehensive reports from each division, automate task distribution across divisions, and ensure the entire process runs correctly. Go a step further and create a digital business card to help you share your business details with potential customers and business associates. You can also use this modern business card to share online meeting links with employees. 

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        5. Retaining and engaging employees

        Retail is one of the industries with the highest employee turnover rates. Therefore, retaining staff is one of the toughest challenges in the retail company. Meanwhile, replacing employees requires a lot of energy and costs.

        The solution to this challenge is to increase employee engagement within your company. Provide regular training to optimize their competencies. To make it easier for you to cultivate and maximize your potential, consider utilizing the help of automated solutions such as an HR management system or a competency management system.

        6. A high-stakes global game of digital disruption

        Consumer behavior changes very quickly. With the growth of eCommerce, consumers have plenty of choices before making a purchase decision. Although eCommerce has a dramatic impact on consumer behavior, reports show that consumers still love to purchase most products in-store.

        They usually go to the internet to search for product information and compare the price, but buy it offline. The phenomenon of eCommerce growth shouldn’t be considered a threat but an opportunity. There are a lot of companies emerging, such as ITdelight to help you in e-commerce. Retailers can merge online and offline businesses.

        Deloitte reported that 56% of in-store retailers involve a digital website and web-influenced physical store sales are about 5X online sales. Therefore, an omnichannel marketing strategy that involves transferring to platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce can help retailers reach a broader brand audience.

        7. Finding the best technology solutions for the retail industry

        Many technologies are developed for various businesses that offer different prices and benefits. Therefore, retailers have been looking for the best automated retail software solutions to simplify their business processes, yet their choices often fall on the wrong software.

        Either they’re challenging to use or don’t have the ability to overcome retail challenges. Additionally, different retail stores will likely face unique problems, some may benefit most from software-integrated security for retail stores, and others may need to prioritize inventory management.

        HashMicro provides the most comprehensive retail software and various other systems that can help the development of your retail business.


        We recommend that you choose a specifically created system for the retail company to help you automate all your retail operations, from managing a good inventory system and sales to managing prospects and customers.

        In addition to being easy to use, the software should also provide ease of integration with other systems, such as barcode scanners and POS. Most importantly, you need to understand your requirements very well to help you control your budget wisely and find the right software faster. Schedule your free demo today!

        HashMicro is a software development and enterprise resource planning (ERP) company. Consequently, we often provide articles about ERP and other systems that all businesses need.

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