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6 Advantages of Implementing Cloud ERP System for Your Business

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is certainly not a new term for large-scale business owners. Retail, wholesale, and manufacturing business people with multiple branches surely want their business operations to run quickly and smoothly without any obstacles. One of several ways that we can do to manage all business activities efficiently is to implement a Cloud ERP system. Therefore, you can get the best cloud ERP from HashMicro. Although it has the same functionality as on-premise ERP, the Cloud ERP system has several advantages for your business

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ERP system itself serves to simplify all activities in various aspects of the company. This system can integrate all departments within the company, such as finance, marketing automation, inventory, HRM, sales, and other systems. You can download the price calculation based on your business requirements and get a free HashMicro software demo and consultation with our business experts. As discussed in our previous article, there are two ERP models on the market,  on-premise (conventional) ERP and Cloud-based ERP software. Although both have similar goals and functions, many companies have switched to Cloud ERP solutions. Here are the six Cloud ERP benefits for your business.


Table of Content

6 Advantages of Implementing Cloud ERP System for Your Business
  • 1. Lower Capital Costs
  • 2. The Implementation of Cloud ERP is Easier than that of On-premise
  • 3. Cloud ERP Reduces Dependency on IT Resources
  • 4. Accessible from Anywhere & at Any Time
  • 5. Cloud ERP Easily Adjust to Your Business Demands
  • 6. Safer Data Storage
  • Conclusion
  • 1. Lower Capital Costs

    ERP to recude cost

    Cloud ERP requires lower capital costs than the conventional one because you do not need to buy a server or hardware to support your ERP system. In addition, you can also reduce the operational costs you’d have to spend to pay some IT staff responsible for managing your server.

    You also do not have to pay additional fees related to maintenance and upgrades because you don’t have to ask your ERP vendor to come to your office periodically. Other than that, the maintenance process usually takes a long time as well. With this system, maintenance and upgrades can be done by your ERP vendor through a back-end system.

    In addition, ERP systems can be integrated with various online systems. For example, if you implement an HRM System it will be integrated with various online systems that support HR activities. With this system, you can perform HR and employee administration tasks automatically. In addition, you can also calculate salaries, manage attendance lists, and do other HR activities.

    2. The Implementation of Cloud ERP is Easier than that of On-premise

    Easier than on-premise ERP | Image

    Unlike on-premise ERP which takes months or even years to implement, the implementation of Cloud ERP tends to be much shorter and easier. It can be implemented on a desktop or mobile and through the website as long as the system connects to the internet. Web-based ERP makes it easy for anyone who has access to use it through various browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more.

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    3. Cloud ERP Reduces Dependency on IT Resources

    Cloud ERP System Reduces Dependency on IT Staff

    Companies that use a Cloud ERP need fewer IT resources as they don’t need IT staff to manage and configure their ERP servers. This, of course, also impacts operational cost savings in the companies. Your IT team can now focus on more complex tasks that can help bring benefits to your business. It’s better rather than focusing on general technical issues.

    4. Accessible from Anywhere & at Any Time

    6 Advantages of Implementing Cloud ERP System for Your Business

    ERP software is a good solution for companies with multiple branches in different regions or countries. As a business owner, you can monitor all of your business operations anywhere and at any time via mobile devices. All of your company’s divisions can connect even though their locations are far apart. You can also generate any report quickly in real-time.

    5. Cloud ERP Easily Adjust to Your Business Demands

    Easier to Adjust

    Cloud ERP can be easily adapted to various business scales. You can scale up (adding more resources to the system) or scale down (removing the existing resources from the system) your ERP software. It helps to meet the changing demands of your business. This is one of the compelling benefits of ERP software for startups, as you can use the functionality you need and expand it as the company grows.

    6. Safer Data Storage

    Safer Data Storage

    One of the reasons many companies are now shifting from traditional to cloud-based systems is data security. It offers better data security than on-premise ERP. The Cloud will automatically store all the data. Thus, it will reduce the risk of data loss that usually happens when the information is stored on a flash drive or PC.

    You can determine who can access the data and limit its number of users. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your employees misusing the data.  Cloud ERP also keeps your data secure and under control secure if a disaster occurs. A disaster can cause damage to your office, as your data is stored in the system, not the server.

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    With the advancement of technology, you can step up your game and integrate all your business processes with ERP software. Many companies have implemented the traditional ERP system. Although this may be helpful, the conventional software lacks several aspects. Therefore, the cloud ERP software serves to solve the problems. You can improve your business by implementing this system, as it has the advantages of leveling up your business and making it more efficient. 

    The benefits of cloud-based ERP software can help you optimize your daily business activities. In conclusion, implementing this cloud-based software for your business can make your company grow more with its automated and accessible system. HashMicro serves you with easy-to-implement, updated cloud ERP software to make your business grow even more.

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