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Manage the company's construction projects efficiently with Singapore's best construction management software.

Ensure The Project Actual Progress Goes According to Plan

Project Scope Management

Monitor project progress and get a clear real-time picture of the time, effort, and costs involved

Job Assignments

Coordinate Employee Works That are in Charge of several construction projects within one centralized system

Easily Manage The Documents

Track and simplify the management of various construction documents to ensure the project goes as planned


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Monitor Materials Thoroughly

Real-time monitoring of raw material availability, stock movement, and stock-taking procedure simplicity

Software kontraktor
Stock Forecasting

Estimate the stock for each construction site accurately and complete with automated supplier reordering suggestions

software untuk perusahaan kontraktor
Monitor Allocations

Easily and accurately track internal transfers between construction sites, shipping, material use, and other activities


Approval Management

Improve procurement control by implementing an approval matrix based on the quantity and kind of materials requested by each site

software untuk kontraktor
Online Portal for Vendors

Compare the Request for Quotation (RFQ) provided in the purchase tender feature to get the best offer from each vendor

Complete Features of e-Procurement

Take advantage of the ease of online tenders and a vendor portal for convenient vendor management

Hash Construction Suite Workflow

Manage all your business activities with Hash Construction Suite for seamless and efficient construction management, including project, tender, and contract.

Simplify Construction Business Management with Hash Construction Suite

Hash Construction Suite comes with various features to optimize your business at different levels.


Hassle-free Inventory Management in Multiple Locations


Conveniently manage raw materials from vendors and ensure adequate stock and proper distribution for all projects.


Automate Project Budget Management


No need to worry about project's budget since you can monitor each project's expenses and financial status in real-time.


Well-monitored Construction Projects


Keep an eye on the progress of multiple projects through a unified view to make better and faster data-driven decisions.


Automatic Employees' Payroll Calculations


Employers can figure out salaries based on work hours, overtime, and attendance with the help of an automatic calculation feature.


Enhance Fleet Perfomance and Lifespan


Manage construction vehicles, such as trucks and cranes, and their maintenance so the fleet can operate in the best conditions.


Always Work with the Best Quality


Seamless tender coordination from multiple vendors using the Vendor Portal feature is necessary to get high-quality goods at the best prices.


Boost Contract Management Efficiency


Assists in managing multiple project contracts through a cloud-based platform without risk of duplicated or lost documents



Hash Construction Suite is designed to drive your business growth through digital transformation

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Controlling your company's budget has never been easier. Automate your construction project monitoring to make it run more smoothly and quickly. Manfaat1

Centralize client data to easily track the lead status and gain access to comprehensive data and pipelines for support your company's growth. Manfaat2

Minimize human error in stock opname monitoring by knowing all inventory movements between sites in real-time. Manfaat3

Monitor your construction staff's KPIs in real-time and simplify the administrative process, such as payroll and reimbursement. Manfaat4


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Construction management software is a solution to support various construction company activities. With this system, you can simplify construction project work, optimize inventory management, and simplify staff management.

In addition, the construction management software can also be adapted to your business scale and customized according to your company's needs.

HashMicro's construction software is designed to simplify multiple business processes in construction companies. This system is also available with various features that can boost the productivity of the construction business. With all these advantages and a user-friendly interface, Hash Construction Suite is the best choice for your company's problems.

Construction applications can help analyze and plan. Analysis of the possibility of all sides and from the previous projects can be the basis for the Construction Manager in planning project details such as the allocation of raw materials, labor settings, to schedule settings.

1. Can monitor hardware as a whole Monitor raw material availability and stock movements in real-time to streamline the inventory process.

2. Can help with Accurate inventory forecast Get accurate stock estimates at every construction site, with automated replenishment features for vendors.

3. Can monitor allocation in real-time Easily and accurately track internal transfers between construction sites, shipments, material usage, and more.

The best construction software is the one that fits the company's needs, can be accessed effortlessly, is capable of resolving the business's issues, and has a price package that fits the company's budget.

Hash Construction Suite is customizable construction software to suit each construction company's unique needs. This software also has an easy-to-use user interface and a high level of security. It has a variety of packages for your business. To summarize, Hash Construction Suite can be the best construction software for your business.

  1. Simplified Management: Implementing a systematic management approach is the primary goal of any construction management software. Thus, this solution allows staff to ensure that the project is proceeding as planned. It also allows staff to make professional requests for information, delivery, and delivery, among others. This allows key personnel to share critical data and project budgets, which can be monitored at the same time.
  2. Document Control: Construction companies process and store multiple files and documents. Businesses used to manage physical documents, keeping them in filing cabinets for safekeeping. However, with construction management software, this practice has become obsolete. Documents are now processed electronically and then stored in a document management system, all of which are part of the construction management software.
  3. Information Access and Sharing: Since all project management data is stored in one place, access to related information is just a mouse click away. Additionally, audit log records, which show the date and time when documents were created and modified, make it easy to track those documents and prevent them from being lost. Any employee involved in a project can directly access important data at any time.
  4. Construction Risk Assessment: By organizing project documents, construction management software helps managers identify and resolve potential risks before they even arise.
  5. Cost control: With its construction accounting capabilities, construction management software can help employees locate vital documents such as contracts, change orders, and budget status. This results in the minimization of project costs and avoids project errors that can lead to high costs. It also reduces operational costs and provides access to real-time financial data, which can make the business more profitable.
  6. Effective Service Delivery: Considered by many to be the path to business success, construction management software is usually integrated with construction accounting tools. As such, it allows managers to complete projects on time and with the most appropriate budgets. This solution essentially makes every aspect of the construction industry as easy as possible. It effectively unifies the workforce, promotes efficiency, streamlines operations, and ultimately drives profitability.
  7. Opportunity for business expansion: By promoting efficient business processes, the use of construction management software can help accelerate project completion. This can lead to the expansion of the business by taking on more contracts. More jobs will lead to an increase in market share because more business in itself equals an effective marketing campaign.
  8. Improved quality: Construction management software promotes construction safety, which improves project planning and control. It also minimizes project delays and promotes communication, which prevents costly mistakes.

  1. Inventory
  2. Accounting
  3. Project
  4. HRM
  5. Fleet
  6. Tender
  7. Contract

Construction software is a special type of computer management software used in the construction industry. Like many other types of software, construction software varies in complexity and content.

Most established contractors have specific programs they use, but many small and new contractors experiment with construction software as they learn and their business grows.

Software designed to help track the actualization of RAB construction projects the most comprehensive construction software to track project progress, labor, and raw material usage, to facilitate monitoring of RAB and RAP completion.

Onsite Accessibility: Most cloud-based construction management tools are accessible from anywhere, anytime. This effectively eliminates the worries about completing the work on time and the need to go to the office to complete the tasks. Work with other teams and groups.

With construction management tools, project managers can meet with teams, subordinates, and suppliers, among other key groups. This will result in a smooth workflow and accurate job estimates. Its online nature will allow much-needed collaboration between people involved in a particular project.

Accurate Monitoring: Construction management solutions can accurately monitor everything related to construction activity. This includes vendors and the tools and supplies needed to complete the job on time. It also leads to a better quality of service by increasing teamwork.

Construction software will enhance projects by helping project planning, control, and coordination from start to finish. Integrated construction software reduces costly delays and improves communication, enabling field teams to operate at full capacity to avoid potentially dangerous mistakes or increase company costs.
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