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      Best Enterprise Asset Management Software in Singapore 2024

      The concept of asset management involves a formalized procedure implemented by corporations or organizations to meticulously monitor and manage crucial inventory and equipment, essential for day-to-day business operations.

      This becomes particularly critical in Singapore, ensuring efficient daily business operations and compliance with international standards such as ISO 55001, consequently maximizing returns, reducing costs, and mitigating risks across diverse industries.

      Simultaneously, asset management software serves as a comprehensive tool, encompassing essential skills for the effective management, control, and preservation of software assets throughout their entire lifecycle, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

      In the context of Singapore’s business landscape, we will delve into the top 5 asset management systems for the year 2024, presenting a curated selection for consideration.

      Key Takeaways

      • Asset management software is crucial for businesses in Singapore for controlling and preserving software assets throughout their lifecycle, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
      • The top 5 asset management software for 2024 are HashMicro Smart Asset Solution, AssetExplorer,, Freshservice, and Auvik.
      • Considerations for choosing asset management systems in 2024 include
        essential functions, main features, ease of use, pricing, and integration capabilities.
      • Before finalizing any purchase, thorough consideration and review of online testimonials and ratings are recommended.

      Table of Content:

        HashMicro Smart Asset Solution

        HashMicro Asset Management System (

        HashMicro’s Smart Asset Solution is an asset management software designed to provide comprehensive control over assets. This solution enables users to monitor asset usage, plan maintenance schedules, assess return on investment (ROI) and associated costs, and automatically determine asset values.

        In general, HashMicro’s Asset Management System offers numerous advantages. It provides a versatile solution with increased efficiency, offering integration and customization options.

        The system allows unlimited users and boasts a user-friendly interface, supported by a dedicated sales and customer service team. Its comprehensive nature, flexibility, and complete features make it a robust choice for asset management. Mobile accessibility, integration options, and fixed pricing contribute to its appeal.

        However, potential drawbacks may include a learning curve for new users and the possibility of long queues for free demo registration. Furthermore, some users might find the system less suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with simpler needs due to its complex and advanced features.


        • Asset identification: Utilizes serial numbers and barcodes for simple and efficient asset identification.
        • Detailed tracking: Enables detailed and efficient tracking of asset information.
        • Automated calculation: Accurately calculates and tracks asset estimates, depreciation, ROI, and associated costs.
        • Upkeep reminders: Automated reminders ensure prompt maintenance, preserving asset quality.
        • Streamlined leasing: Facilitates a streamlined approach to the leasing process.
        • Analytical reporting: Allows for the generation of reports based on analytics within seconds.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Versatile all-in-one solution

        ✓ Efficiency boost

        ✓ Flexible integration

        ✓ User-friendly interface

        ✓ Government grant support (EDG and NTUC CTC Grant)

        ✓ Comprehensive features

        × Potential learning curve for new users

        × Possible long queues for free demo registration

        × Less ideal for SMEs with simpler needs

        To explore the details of HashMicro’s Smart Asset Solution further, especially its pricing scheme, you can click the image below.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp


        AssetExplorer Asset Management Software (
        source: PCMag

        AssetExplorer is a web-based IT asset management tool designed for tracking and managing network assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. This tool comprehensively addresses all aspects of IT asset management, incorporating multi-source discovery methods and providing real-time hardware and software dashboards.

        AssetExplorer offers several advantages in managing IT assets efficiently. It provides a centralized platform for asset tracking, offers real-time insights into hardware and software assets, and helps in monitoring and managing software licenses. However, like any tool, it comes with certain limitations, such as potential complexities in configuration and potential scalability concerns.


        • Centralized asset tracking: Provides a centralized platform for tracking assets, making it easier to manage and monitor them.
        • Real-time insights: Offers real-time visibility into both hardware and software assets, facilitating quick decision-making and resource allocation.
        • Software license management: Monitors and manages software licenses, ensuring compliance and minimizing risks associated with licensing issues.
        • Software asset management: Streamlines software asset management processes, including installation, usage tracking, and updates.
        • IT asset inventory management: Enables organizations to efficiently manage IT asset inventories, facilitating informed decision-making.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Real-time dashboards

        ✓ License monitoring

        ✓ Streamlined asset management

        ✓ Efficient inventory management

        × Potential complexity in configuration

        × Scalability concerns may arise in larger environments

        source: StartupBase is a user-friendly IT management platform that serves as an integrated solution for managing a client’s network of assets, offering a range of tools in one centralized location. The platform includes functionalities such as remote desktop administration, patch management, system tray icons for easy access, and more.

        In general, presents several advantages. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools along with features like remote access, patch management, reporting, and third-party integrations. Additionally, the end-to-end remote desktop management features contribute to efficient IT operations.

        However, as with any solution, there are potential drawbacks. Users may encounter challenges associated with the learning curve, particularly if they are new to the platform. Additionally, the effectiveness of third-party integrations may depend on the specific requirements and compatibility of the client’s environment.


        • All-in-one platform: Integrates PSA, RMM, third-party integrations, and more.
        • Asset overview: Real-time insights into asset health.
        • Remote desktop management: End-to-end features for efficient remote operations.
        • Third-party software management: Automated installation, patching, maintenance, and removal of third-party software on client endpoints.
        • User-friendly interface: Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.
        Pros Cons
        Comprehensive toolset

        Remote operations

        User-friendly interface

        × Learning curve

        × Dependency on compatibility



        Freshservice is a web-based asset management application designed to assist in the organization and monitoring of a company’s hardware, software, contracts, and other assets. The platform allows users to categorize assets based on various criteria such as type, location, creator, and date. It facilitates the tracking of assets through different stages, providing a quick and efficient chronology.

        Freshservice offers several advantages for asset management, providing a centralized solution for overseeing diverse company resources. However, like any system, it comes with its set of drawbacks.


        • Asset administration: Freshservice allows users to effectively administer and organize various assets by categorizing them based on type, location, creator, and date.
        • Multilingual support: The application supports multiple languages, catering to diverse user bases and facilitating global usage.
        • License administration: Users can streamline the administration of licenses, ensuring efficient management of software and other licensed resources.
        • Project and contract management: Freshservice includes integrated features for project and contract management, enhancing overall organizational efficiency.
        Pros Cons
        Centralized asset administration

        Multilingual support

        Streamlined license administration

        Integrated project and contract management

        × Potential learning curve

        × Dependency on internet connectivity

        × Initial setup and customization effort may be required


        Auvik Asset Management Software (
        source: ITEuropa

        Auvik is a network management software designed to locate scattered IT assets efficiently. It offers comprehensive insights into the connectivity of each device and the overall configuration of the network. Additionally, Auvik is equipped with automation capabilities for IT asset management and network visibility.

        It comes with several advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, it excels in rapidly identifying dispersed IT assets, enhancing device connectivity awareness, and automating crucial aspects of IT asset management. However, challenges may arise in terms of potential limitations or drawbacks associated with the software’s functionalities.


        • Data sources: Leverages sources such as CDP, LLDP, and routing tables to gather relevant information about IT assets and network configurations.
        • Discovery and mapping: Ensures a thorough understanding of the network layout.
        • Automated IT asset management: Simplifies the task of keeping track of various devices.
        • Upgrade recognition: Identifies devices that require upgrades, contributing to proactive maintenance.
        Pros Cons
        Efficient data collection

        Comprehensive device information

        Upgrade identification

        × Potential learning curve

        × Dependency on network protocols

        × Limited customization


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        What are the Criteria for Choosing an Asset Management Software?

        In the considerations and evaluations of asset management software for 2024, the primary criteria include:

        • Essential functions: The focus is on core components tailored for IT asset management, covering tracking software licenses, storing data on software or hardware, mobile device management, and license expiration notifications.
        • Main features: Noteworthy features in leading asset management platforms encompass efficient software license management, essential notifications and alerts for updates and maintenance, hardware asset tracking, and a comprehensive asset lifecycle history.
        • Ease of use: Emphasis is placed on user-friendly platforms suitable for individuals with varying technical proficiency, ensuring ease of adoption by professionals like CTOs, non-techy C-suite executives, and new employees. Platforms offering portals, user permissions, and industry-specific versions are prioritized.
        • Pricing: Acknowledging variability, asset management software costs for medium and enterprise businesses typically range from a few hundred dollars per month. The focus is on identifying solutions with reasonable pricing structures, starting from as low as $39 per month.
        • Integration capabilities: Seamless integration with existing software tools is crucial. The selected asset management software should harmonize effectively within the organization’s current toolkit, offering accessibility for all employees and industry-specific versions.


        Upon thorough consideration, selecting the optimal asset management software for your company becomes a straightforward process. Before finalizing any purchase, it is advisable to meticulously review online testimonials and ratings. The majority of reviews for the chosen product must be positive; otherwise, investing in the software may not be worthwhile.

        To make an informed decision before making a substantial purchase, it is recommended to explore the option of utilizing a complimentary demo. The HashMicro Smart Asset Solution offers a convenient means of testing the software through the demo for free to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements.

        This comprehensive solution facilitates tracking asset usage, scheduling maintenance, calculating ROI and expenses, and automatically determining asset values. If you are interested, simply contact us here or click the image below!

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