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      10 Best Inventory Management Software in Singapore (2024)

      Are you wrestling with the complexities of inventory management and feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of software options available? The sheer variety of inventory software in Singapore can be both a boon and a bane.

      While having options is great, making the wrong choice among the plethora of solutions available can lead to significant consequences. Imagine the frustration of investing in a software system that doesn’t align with your business needs or, worse, causes disruptions in your day-to-day operations.

      Incorrect software choices could lead to misplaced inventory, inaccuracies in stock counts, delayed order fulfillment, and a myriad of other hassles. If you’ve experienced the pains of incorrect inventory management, you understand the importance of selecting the right software for inventory to streamline your operations. 

      Therefore, to help you choose the right system that can be fully suited as a solution for your business in Singapore, we have summarized Singapore’s best inventory management software systems that you can consider.

      Table of Content:

        Key Takeaways

        • The landscape of inventory management software in Singapore is diverse, offering a multitude of options. However, choosing the wrong software can lead to significant consequences, including misplaced inventory, inaccuracies in stock counts, and disruptions in daily operations.
        • Incorrect inventory software choices can result in delayed order fulfillment, inefficient inventory management, and numerous operational challenges. Selecting the right software tailored to your business needs is critical for streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.
        • Some of the best inventory management software that you can consider are HashMicro, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, and Deskera.
        • When choosing inventory management software, factors such as ease of integration, data security, support, customization, and pricing need careful consideration.

        What Should You Look for in Inventory Management Software?

        When selecting an inventory management system, it’s crucial to focus on precision. Here are the core features that signify a high-quality inventory management software to keep in mind:

        • User-Friendliness: Opt for software that offers an intuitive interface and requires little to no training.
        • Real-Time Updates: Ensure the software provides immediate synchronization of inventory levels across all storage locations and sales channels to maintain accurate stock counts.
        • Barcode Scanning Functionality: The ability to scan barcodes for quick product identification and management is a must-have feature.
        • Alerts for Stock Levels: The system should be able to send notifications or alerts for low stock levels or when items need reordering.
        • Adaptability and Growth: As your business expands, your inventory management system should be capable of handling growing operational demands and complexities.
        • Mobile Compatibility: Look for software that supports mobile access, allowing for flexible and efficient inventory management on the go.
        • Task Automation: Select software that offers automation features to minimize manual data entry and reduce errors associated with human intervention.
        • Seamless Integration: The ideal inventory management software should effortlessly integrate with other essential business systems, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

        1. HashMicro Inventory Management

        inventory control


        HashMicro provides a quick, easy, and complete inventory management solution for various types of businesses of all sizes; including wholesale, retail, food and beverage, construction, engineering, manufacturing, real estate, and more.

        Therefore, HashMicro Inventory Management Software helps many companies in Indonesia and Singapore simplify their inventory management, from generating barcodes, monitoring stock levels in real-time, picking and packing processes, ordering to suppliers, and shipping orders to customers.


        • Efficient Goods Tracking: Barcode management ensures precise and swift tracking of goods.
        • Streamlined Stock Requests: Automatic stock request management handles requests across store branches or warehouses.
        • Tailored Integration: Customization and integration align with your company’s unique requirements and growth.
        • ERP Module Integration: Seamless integration with ERP modules like accounting, purchasing, and POS software.
        • Automated Inventory Operations: Optimal and automatic stock recording streamlines warehouse and inventory processes.
        • Partnership with Singapore Government Grants: Maintain financial health with support from the Singapore Government’s EDG up to 50% and NTUC CTC Grant up to 70%.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Easy integration with other modules without requiring 3rd party assistance. × Not suitable for SMEs which have simple needs compared to large-scale enterprises.
        ✓ Data security is guaranteed with ISO certification. × Implementation duration may vary based on the level of customization wanted by the company.
        ✓ Wide choice of installation types from cloud, on-premise, and hybrid.
        ✓ Ease of monitoring from anywhere with mobile app integration and offline access.
        ✓ Lifetime customer service and support after purchase.

        To explore how HashMicro’s software can revolutionize your inventory management experience, and to check out the tailored pricing schemes, click on the banner below. Unlock the potential for seamless inventory control and witness firsthand the transformative power it brings to your business operations.

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        download skema harga software erp

        2. ClickUp

        ClickUp is a project management tool that offers features including ClickUp Inventory, an inventory operations management software designed to simplify the management of large or complex inventories. This software aims to enhance project management efficiency.


        • Simplifies managing large or complex inventories.
        • Analyzes inventory trends for data-driven decisions.
        • Offers templates for tracking stock movement, availability, and peak efficiency.
        • Provides a 360° view of product information.
        • Customizable interface.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Versatile Project Management × Slow Mobile Performance
        Comprehensive Dashboards × Learning Curve
        ✓ Inventory Management Template

        3. Katana

        Katana is a cloud inventory platform that offers manufacturing and inventory management software. It caters to small and medium-sized businesses, providing features like inventory tracking, order management, and production management. The system aims to give users total control of their stock, including raw materials, finished goods, and work-in-progress.


        • Multichannel sales and production management
        • SKU management
        • Traceability
        • Integrations with e-commerce platforms
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Implementation service × Not ideal for drop shippers
        ✓ Product management × Primarily for SMBs
        ✓ Integration capabilities × Additional costs for extra users

        4. Ordoro

        Ordoro is a comprehensive e-commerce inventory management system designed to optimize warehouse operations for growing merchant businesses. It caters to a range of businesses, from those shipping a hundred items to those processing half a million orders monthly.

        Ordoro also enhances efficiency in multichannel sales processes and provides tools for scaling sellers to compete with larger retailers.


        • Manages the entire inventory process for businesses shipping varying quantities of items monthly.
        • Drives efficiency in every operation involved in the multichannel sales process.
        • Allows integration with different sale channels for improved fulfillment workflows.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Shipping options monitoring × Lacks a mobile version
        ✓ Return label creation × Pricing is considered expensive for small businesses
        ✓ E-commerce platform integration × Updates occur once every hour, not in real-time

        5. Fishbowl

        Fishbowl is an inventory management system designed to streamline and optimize inventory-related processes for businesses, particularly those in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. It serves as a robust tool to track inventory, manage stock levels, handle orders, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


        • Inventory tracking system.
        • Multi-location management.
        • Auto purchasing.
        • Vendor management.
        • Payment processing, and order management.
        Pros Cons
        Extensive Inventory Management Capabilities × Initial Complexity for Setup
        Multi-Channel Sales Integration × High Cost of Implementation and Maintenance
        Scalability for Growing Businesses × Steeper Learning Curve for New Users
        Robust Reporting and Analytics Tools × Limited Customization for Unique Needs
        Efficient Order Management × Occasional Software Performance Issues

        6. NetSuite Inventory Management

        The cloud computing company that was established in 1998 provides a complete inventory system for businesses of all scales.

        NetSuite Inventory Management offers various features, including multi-location fulfillment, replenishment, cycle counting, traceability, and item visibility. These features help minimize manual processes, automate inventory management, reduce handling costs, and optimize cash flow.

        However, some limitations include the potential for subscription pricing changes and limited basic support, with additional support incurring extra costs.


        • Real-time inventory counts.
        • Multi-location tracking.
        • Lot and serial tracking.
        • Demand forecasting.
        Pros Cons
        Automates inventory management × Subscription pricing may change over time
        Reduces handling costs × Limited basic support, additional support at extra cost
        Optimizes cash flow
        Provides clear visibility into stock

        7. SAP

        sap inventory system

        SAP ERP System provides a powerful system type module to help manufacturing and distribution businesses better manage their inventory. Therefore, this module facilitates efficient real-time, optimizes the levels of storage, and ensures timely shipping with the ability to track and record all stock transfers.

        SAP Inventory Management offers various features, including entry of goods movements, creation of a document for every goods movement, division of stock into categories, inventory management on a value-only basis, and batch management.

        Additionally, SAP Inventory Manager provides tools to improve and manage inventory levels, efficiently fill customer orders, and track the movement of materials using mobile devices.

        However, some cons include the system’s complexity, lengthy implementation process, high prices, and disappointing customer support.


        • Inventory tracking system.
        • Goods receipt and issue.
        • Inventory valuation.
        • Reporting and analysis.
        Pros Cons
        Faster decision making × Complex system
        Reliable sharing of data × Lengthy implementation process
        Enhanced financial management × High prices
        Better utilization of time and money × Disappointing customer support
        Provides tools to improve inventory
        levels and track movement of materials


        8. Oracle Inventory Management

        There are provides comprehensive visibility related to the management of material flows, warehouse work, and product costs throughout the supply chain.

        Oracle Inventory Management offers a comprehensive solution for managing inventory across the entire product lifecycle, from raw materials to finished goods.

        It provides various features that help organizations streamline their inventory processes and gain real-time visibility into inventory levels.


        • Proactively monitor facility operations and inventory levels.
        • Support discrete inventory, process inventory, and spare parts in a single solution.
        • Automate reorder points and replenishment strategies.
          Pros Cons
          Proactively monitor facility operations × Complex system
          Support discrete inventory, process inventory, and spare parts in a single solution × Lengthy implementation process
          Track global inventory balances and transact in dual units of measure × High prices
          Flexibly define inventory categories and locations × Limited customization
          Automate reorder points and replenishment strategies


        inventory management, known for its time and project management capabilities, extends its functionality to include inventory control features.

        It offers an inventory management solution featuring e-commerce and order management, mobile access, product identification, reporting analytics, and seamless third-party integrations.


        • Facilitates effective management of e-commerce-related tasks.
        • Provides control over inventory processes.
        • Enables users to access and manage inventory on the go.
        • Streamlines the process of managing orders efficiently.
        • Integrates with third-party tools and systems.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Ready-made templates × Mobile version lacks optimization and some functionalities
        ✓ Intuitive dashboards × Complex especially for advanced inventory features
        ✓ Flexibility in project management
        ✓ Integration harmony


        Fun Fact

        10. ShipBob

        inventory management

        ShipBob software for inventory management tool tailored for ecommerce enterprises, offering immediate insight into stock levels and shipping statuses across numerous warehouses. It enables online retailers to effectively oversee and enhance their supply chain by synchronizing orders, inventory, and shipments across various sales channels.


        • Inventory tracking.
        • Shipping management.
        • API access.
        • Order management.
        Pros Cons
        Multi-Channel Fulfillment Capabilities × Higher Fulfillment Costs for Smaller Businesses
        Distributed Warehousing Network × Limited International Shipping Options
        Integration with Major Ecommerce Platforms × Complex Pricing Structure
        Real-Time Order and Inventory Management × Customer Support Challenges
        Streamlined Shipping and Order Tracking × Minimum Order Requirements for Usage

        10. Zoho Inventory

        Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory and order management software designed to cater to the needs of growing businesses. The software offers real-time tracking and management of stock levels. Its integration with Zoho CRM provides businesses with a complete view of customers and orders.


        • Real-time inventory tracking.
        • Reporting tools.
        • Integration with Zoho CRM.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Suited for Small Businesses × Limited Features and Customization
        ✓ Comprehensive Integration × Accuracy Issues
        ✓ Real-Time Shipping Rates × Pricing Dependence on Orders
        ✓ Inventory Tracking

        11. Xero

        inventory management

        Xero offers an inventory management software solution to help businesses manage their stock efficiently. It provides real-time tracking of stock levels. The system also emphasizes simplicity and ease of use, allowing users to stay on top of their numbers.


        • Quick and easy inventory management
        • Real-time stock tracking
        • Sales performance insights
        • Invoice integration
        Pros Cons
        ✓ User-friendly × Limited customization
        ✓ Real-time monitoring × Businesses with more extensive needs may incur higher costs
        ✓ Sales performance insights

        What to Consider When Selecting Inventory Management Software

        A reliable inventory management software should prioritize precision. Key indicators of a dependable inventory management tool or software include:

        • Usability: Opt for platforms featuring a user-friendly interface and requiring minimal learning efforts.
        • Real-time Syncing: Ensure stock data remains current and synchronized across all warehouses and sales channels in real-time.
        • Barcode Compatibility: The system should support a barcode tracking system, facilitating easier product identification and tracking.
        • Inventory Alerts: Ability to set up notifications and alerts for products out of stock, prompting restocking actions.
        • Scalability: Look for a tool capable of accommodating business growth, handling increased data and more complex inventory tracking needs.
        • Mobile Accessibility: Compatibility across a variety of devices allows for greater flexibility in inventory management.
        • Automation: Choose platforms that automate repetitive tasks, reducing dependency on manual inputs and minimizing potential human errors.
        • Integration Abilities: Opt for tools that seamlessly integrate with other business software, ensuring a cohesive workflow.


        Whichever inventory system you choose, you need to make sure that it is in line with your budget and inventory requirements. If you have questions related to inventory management software, feel free to visit HashMicro’s website and submit your inquiries. because HashMicro has various solutions related to the inventory management software do you need.


        FAQ About Inventory Management

        • What features should I look for when selecting inventory management software?

          The features you should prioritize depend on your business needs. However, essential features often include barcode management, stock tracking, integration capabilities, automated stock requests, customization options, mobile accessibility, and support for multiple locations or warehouses.

        • How do I determine the best inventory software for my business in Singapore?

          Evaluate software based on scalability, ease of integration with existing systems, security measures, user-friendliness, customer support, customization options, pricing models, and whether the software aligns with your specific industry requirements.

        • What are the potential challenges of implementing inventory software?

          Challenges can include a complex implementation process, the need for system integration, potential downtime during deployment, staff training requirements, data migration issues, and ensuring the software’s adaptability to changing business needs.

        • Can these inventory systems handle multi-location inventory management software efficiently?

          Yes, most of the top inventory management software in Singapore offer features to manage inventory across multiple locations or warehouses. They enable users to monitor stock levels, transfers between locations, and provide real-time visibility into inventory across different sites.

        • How do these inventory systems enhance inventory accuracy and streamline operations?

          These systems utilize barcode scanning, automation of stock movements, cycle counting, and real-time tracking to minimize errors and discrepancies in inventory counts. They also optimize inventory levels, reduce handling costs, and automate reorder points, leading to more efficient operations.

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