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      6 Ways ERP Software Can Make Deskless Workers Life Easier

      Deskless workers make up 80% of the global workforce. Unfortunately, only a handful of these deskless workers have access to technology while doing their jobs. Most of them still do their work manually, which incidentally takes more time and effort.

      It is time for software developers to pay more attention to the needs of deskless workers. Those who work in the construction, retail, manufacturing, and restaurant industries also need the help of software such as ERP systems to facilitate their work. With an ERP system, your entire business operational process can be handled efficiently and effectively. This Cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with any device, complete with an attractive look and easy for anyone to use.

      Of the $300 billion spent on technological developments, only $3 billion was used to develop a system for deskless workers. This means that we only spend 1% to develop this sector.

      Then, how technological improvements can benefit field workers? Here are the 6 of them:


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        Increased deskless worker’s productivity

        Long gone are the days when you have to add more shifts to increase productivity. Now is the era where you have to improve the way your employees work or increase your company’s efficiency.

        Increased efficiency can reduce the time needed to produce a product in a manufacturing company. In a construction company, efficiency is improving when you reduce the time to finish a project.

        The shorter the time needed to do a job, the more work that can be completed in one working day. Productivity has also increased.

        Increased employee retention

        We all know that employee turnover among deskless workers is extremely high. In the retail or restaurant industry, the number of employee turnover even reaches 100% every year.

        Technology, such as HRM software, makes it easy for employees to take care of various matters related to the HR department. Starting from checking attendance, filing leave and managing overtime.

        Technology makes that kind of information transparent and accessible for everyone. With this kind of transparency, we can reduce employee turnover to a minimum and increase employee retention.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Cost savings

        Many people assume that technology implementation, such as ERP software, is an expensive investment. In a short-term perspective, this statement is arguably reasonable. But if you look at it from a long-term perspective, it’s quite the opposite.

        In the long run, increasing efficiency and productivity will bring benefits to your company. As long as the software caters to your company’s needs, never hesitate to invest in ERP technology.

        Of course, cash management is required for good financial reports in order to save costs. You can accomplish this by utilizing the best Accounting Software from HashMicro.

        Improved communication among deskless workers

        The reason deskless workers have low productivity and work inefficiently is poor communication. Those who work in the mining or agribusiness industry are often isolated and find it difficult to communicate with other teams and their superiors because of their work location.

        The presence of technology such as an ERP system that integrates well with a smartphone or tablet makes it easier for deskless workers to carry out their jobs. Technologies enable deskless workers to access various information they need from a single portal.

        Technology such as cloud servers makes it easy for deskless workers to much-needed information anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to an internet connection. Better communication will make cooperation between divisions smoother.

        Improved customer experience

        Technology also facilitates deskless workers to improve the way they serve customers. IKEA, a Swedish retailer, has used technologies such as augmented reality. This technology implementation provides a unique and unforgettable shopping experience for customers.

        Some try to inspire their customers to buy their products by providing an immersive experience. Technologies such as smart mirrors in clothing retail stores are examples of interesting experiences that can be shared with colleagues or relatives. This method is not only effective in improving your customer service but also has the potential to bring in new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

        Compliance with regulations

        Wherever your company is located, it must comply with existing regulations in the country. If not, the government can shut down your business.

        The technology exists to make it easy for companies to comply with various regulations set by the government. For example IRAS in Singapore, an accounting system can help your company with the calculation.

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        The more companies that care about their field workers, the better for everyone. Although those who buy the software are still managers and above, those who use it are those who work in the field.

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