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How ERP Solve These 5 Supermarket Inventory Issues

Managing inventory issues is crucial to all businesses, including supermarkets. The reason is that supermarkets always deal with products, which makes them rely heavily on their inventory. Thus, managing it well is the essential key to the success and expansion of the supermarket industry. Though in the past, inventory management was used manually, both when new stock was received and when the existing stock was sold. But later on, thanks to technology, you can control inventory using a centralized Management Software (IMS) to prevent and solve your supermarket inventory issue.

These days, digital technology is integrated with software, enabling supermarkets to achieve inventory control. This software manages and efficiently controls stock while also being significantly more accurate. During supermarket operations, there are several challenges of inventory that you will encounter while managing inventory. Here we will give you a few examples of the inventory issues in supermarkets problems and how you can solve them using the best Inventory Management Software in Singapore, which will help you keep track of your inventory.

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Common Supermarket Inventory Issues

common inventory issues in supermarket industry
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As supermarket managers, managing and controlling inventory will be mandatory. Therefore, it is possible you will encounter several inventory-related challenges or issues while managing your supermarket inventory. Here are a few instances of supermarket inventory issues you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Visibility of inventory issues

It becomes challenging to ship or store products on time if you can’t find or identify stocks in your inventory, especially in a supermarket business. As a consequence of this, it can damage your supermarket’s reputation. Or your financial performance might be affected if your supermarket inventory is insufficient, hard to locate, or inaccurate. Surprisingly, the inability to locate or identify inventory in your supermarket’s warehouse is, in fact, the most common cause of delayed, incorrect, or partial shipments. Hence, it is important to be visible in your supermarket inventory matters, which you can do by using IMS features. 

2. Inefficiency of inventory software

This is most likely the typical inventory issue in all types of businesses, not just supermarkets. Many companies still use manual processes or out-of-date software to handle their inventories. Surely, it could lead to inefficiency, ineffective, and unproductivity if you still stick with this old method, which may also harm the growth of your supermarket business.  

When you run a small supermarket business with just one warehouse, using manual, labour-intensive, or low-tech solutions may not seem like a hassle. However, as your supermarket business expands, the inventory issue will become more complex and much further. To solve that, especially in today’s modern business world, which is a highly competitive era, you must transform to modern methods with the best IMS.

Why should you do so? Because tracking your inventory manually requires either paperwork or multiple spreadsheets and software, which can cause time-consuming and incomplete data. Also, the manual method may impact a lower level of security, making it less safe. For that reason, you need modern Inventory Software Management that suits your supermarket’s needs to handle your supermarket inventory issue. You can integrate it with the POS system to manage your store purchases, cash control, and real-time updates from anywhere.

3. Monitoring the Status of Outdated Materials

Some goods and resources of your supermarket business will go unsold or unused, go out of date, or otherwise become expired because inventory managers typically ignore these materials or products. And unfortunately, when those products are needed later, the unsold stock will remain forgotten, and most likely, you’ll choose to buy the new instead of using the old stock. While this is happening, the more aged inventory might be left in the warehouse for a long time until it becomes wholly damaged. Surely you don’t want to increase material waste, which leads to higher costs. Therefore, a fully featured IMS exists to help you to monitor your stocks.

4. Identifying material location errors

If there is no effective system in place to track your supermarket’s goods, products, materials, or equipment in the store, the consequence is that it can be difficult and time-consuming to locate them when you have sales orders. This may cause a delay in sales as well as dissatisfied customers. You cannot permit such an occurrence, can you? Because happen because customer satisfaction is a top priority. To help you with that issue, you can prevent it by using the most comprehensive IMS by HashMicro

5. Keeping up with Overstock

When you purchase new materials and have unsold inventory in your warehouse, it can have a negative impact on your company’s profitability. This circumstance is typically caused by the inefficiency of manual processes, which results in a lack of stock control. Overstocking is just as bad as understocking because it disrupts your cash flow and causes inventory-related issues such as storage or loss.

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

How to Solve Those Inventory Issues?

Any business, including a supermarket, can encounter issues in its business operation, including inventory-related issues. As mentioned above, we already explained five significant issues in inventory that can be easily solved using the software. Such software help manage every item in your grocery store by putting them in your palm. Using an Inventory Management System by HashMicro, you can manage and control everything in just one app. Below the main features of IMS by HashMicro if you consider trying management software for your supermarket business operation. 

hashmicro inventory management software as the solution to solve inventory issues

The main features of HashMicro inventory software

1. Barcode management

With this feature, you can manage your supermarket inventory and track stock movement across multiple locations fast and accurately. 

2. Lot and serial number tracking

Generate lot and serial numbers automatically for easier product tracking in every warehouse.

3. Stock request management

You can ensure optimal inventory control with low stock notification and future inventory demand forecasts. Furthermore, you can also manage stock requests from all outlets or warehouses and automate the approval workflow. 

4. Inventory forecasting

Estimate the quantity of stock during a specified future period. You can monitor the stock on hand, internal transfer, stock-in, and stock-out progress from one dashboard in real-time.

5. Inventory valuation

Perform inventory valuation across all warehouses at the end of each reporting period within a few seconds.

6. Stock aging

Analyze the age of your stock, evaluate and decide on future stock levels of slow and fast-moving items.

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The Inventory Management System by HashMicro is the right solution to solve your inventory issues in this modern and digital era. These days, digital technology integrated with software packages has enabled supermarkets to achieve a level of inventory control that is significantly more sophisticated than in the past. As a result, you can manage and control efficiently while being significantly more accurate just by using an app. You may consult us to get a better understanding of either about Inventory Management System or the price it offers. Try a demo version for free here.


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