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How ERP System Grows Startup Company to Unicorn

A startup is a commercial venture an entrepreneur launches to find, create, and verify a scalable business model. Startups are new firms that plan to develop significantly beyond the single founder. At the same time, entrepreneurship refers to all new enterprises, including self-employment and businesses that never intend to become registered. Startups initially suffer high levels of uncertainty and failure, but a small percentage become successful and significant.

According to some estimates, it takes up to three years to get things going, so ongoing work is necessary. However, startups company initially suffered high levels of uncertainty and failure, but a small percentage become successful and significant. You should prepare the concept of a business plan to execute a business concept in the future. The excellent news is that Hash Startup System helps companies perform an efficient business strategy and provides the requirements for startups to grow into unicorn companies.


What is Unicorn?

Unicorn is a startup with a value of $1 billion, privately owned and supported by venture capital. The value of unicorns is mainly determined by their growth potential, as seen by investors and venture capitalists who have participated in previous investment rounds, rather than by their current financial performance.

The term was first coined in 2013 by venture capitalist Aileen Lee, who picked the mythical animal to highlight the statistical rarity of such successful initiatives. When a company achieves unicorn status, it shows how desirable its value proposition and business plan are to investors. The company gains from the unicorn’s higher visibility and operational costs, which can provide more profitable marketing opportunities.

Can Startups Become Unicorns?

Yes, since “unicorn” is exclusively used for startup companies with a value above $1 billion. The term “decacorn” refers to all startups valued at a minimum of $10 billion. In other words, decacorn is a super unicorn. Some of the well-known decacorn companies are Dropbox, SpaceX, and WeWork.

There is a specific phrase used just by companies with Canadian roots for what we refer to as a unicorn. The animal is a narwhal. As a result, every Canadian startup firm valued at more than $1 billion is referred to as a narwhal. Hootsuite and Wattpad are a few of the well-known narwhal companies.

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What does Start-up Company Need for Growth?

Before devoting your time and money to your new journey, it is essential to consider the failure rate of the startup company. Around eight out of ten startup companies go bankrupt, according to a survey by Inc. magazine and the National Business Incubator Association. On the contrary, several requirements should be considered when evaluating newly established startup companies. Here are the essentials for startup companies to grow:

Software system

Startups company software system, such as Hash Startup Software, is designed specifically to meet the requirements of newly established startup companies. The software systems may easily access the system at any time or location, effectively monitor your return on investment (ROI), and precisely plan the fund allocation for the company’s growth.


Funding will raise your company’s exposure and draw the market’s attention. It provides value to your company and demonstrates to potential partners and consumers, as well as potential investors, that it is worthwhile to consider working with you and investing in your company.

Great team

Putting up a strong team that gets along well with one another, is supportive of one another, and works well together will lessen the amount of time that has to be spent calming down stress. Every individual on the founding team of a startup is a vital component of the company’s eventual success. Still, the company’s future may not be favourable if they cannot collaborate effectively.


Commitment is the secret to achieving and maximising your potential in life and business. You’re on the road to developing yourself and your company when you take a risk and dedicate yourself to your startup company. Being committed to a startup means having the guts to face the unknown.

How Does an ERP System Grow Your Startup into Unicorn?

effective startups company system can boost growth for startup companies

The ERP startups company system centrally gathers and maintains data from multiple corporate processes. Startups may spend more time on data analysis for strategic decision-making thanks to ERP. Furthermore, startups also need to keep up good customer connections if they want to expand in the future and become more profitable. A reliable ERP system may help with a startup’s supply chain management. Also, the system may assist with lead management, gaining knowledge from market research, monitoring client preferences, and other tasks. For a startup, an ERP system may also aid in compliance and quality control for the startup to become a unicorn.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Features You Can Get from Hash Startup

The most effective ERP software offers a variety of functions that startups use. These elements will aid startup companies in accelerating the achievement of becoming unicorn startups. The key characteristics include the following:

  • Accurate budget planning

Startups often run across financial issues. Poor planning and money management are to blame for this. However, you may control the budget and distribute financing by the budget of the business with the assistance of the ERP software.

  • Sales forecasting

One benefit of adopting ERP startups company system is the ability to predict sales. Utilizing current data to optimize income will enable you to make better business choices and get more precise sales estimates.

  • Asset management system

Assets are crucial for the operational process of a startup company. Nevertheless, maintaining assets without the use of automated technologies may be challenging. As a result, ERP software will assist you in automatically monitoring and tracking assets to lower the likelihood of loss.

  • ROI tracker

The Return on Investment (ROI) calculation is crucial. To continue with your financial planning, you must comprehend it. You may simplify ROI calculations using ERP software, and you can track the efficiency of capital usage in real time.

  • Real-time dashboard

Startups may take benefit from the dashboard function to improve visibility. Moreover, the company will show the operational activities for management and staff to monitor. Also, a  dashboard will enhance effectiveness and productivity.

  • Leads management

One of a startup’s goals is to produce more leads. You may make the process of finding leads easier by using ERP software. Additionally, you may efficiently track down and pursue potential charges. You may better engage your tips in this method.

  • Financial ratio analysis

Startups must streamline their processes to analyse their finances and company success. With accurate budget projections and financial ratios, it improves profitability and monitors company growth.

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Benefits from Hash Startup for Your Company

An ERP system called Hash Startup is designed to meet the changing requirements of start-ups. You may easily access startups company system from anywhere at any time, ROI management, and precise money allocation planning. Hash Startup offers four main advantages, including:

  • Monitor company development

You can evaluate your company’s financial ratios by choosing the most appropriate strategy for your business, starting with determining whether or not the company’s growth is in line with the estimates made in the beginning.

  • Flexibility of use

A cloud-based system is crucial for mobile accessibility. Thus, you can access the system from any location, at any time, and via any device, which helps you support your high level of mobility.

  • Back-end assistance

You can focus on expanding the business without being concerned about the manual management of back-end servers and databases.

  • ROI tracking

By employing automatic profit calculation, you may effectively measure the profit or loss for your company’s investment.


Startups company system helps startups to grow beyond expectations. We offer Hash Startup System to transform your company into a unicorn. Hash Startup Software’s ERP system can assist startups in managing supply chains, leads, and customer preferences. Our startup ERP software has several beneficial features, including budgeting, sales forecasting, real-time dashboard management, and employee visibility. It also monitors capital efficiency in real time. These benefits will accelerate startup company growth. After discussing your company’s demands with us, feel free to immediately request the startup ERP system’s pricing structure from HashMicro.


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