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      What is Inventory Management? Definition, Benefits, Features

      The use of technology especially in software products in different professions is certainly increasingly popular. For example, e-learning computer games at educational institutions to rocket control systems at NASA.

      This software enables every human being to be easier to live. We can perform complex calculations and management efficiently. Thus, modern industries also utilize information technology to get optimal results from a business perspective.

      The inventory management system is an example of software products that are industrial today. For example, to track the level of inventory, orders, sales, and shipments of their products. This software system helps the corresponding organization in avoiding product overstock and outages.


      Table of Content:

        What is Inventory Management?

        Inventory management refers to the process of overseeing and controlling the flow of goods, materials, and products within a business or organization. It involves activities such as ordering, storing, tracking, and managing inventory levels to ensure that the right amount of stock is available at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost.

        Effective inventory management is crucial for businesses to meet customer demand, minimize carrying costs, maximize profitability, and maintain competitiveness in the marketplace. It requires careful planning, coordination, and the use of appropriate inventory management techniques and technologies.

        Feature of Inventory Management

        inventory management

        Each inventory management software system has several key features that make it a vital need for the industry. For example, these software products do “Offer Management” for the company. That means these products track the inventory whenever it reaches a specific threshold.

        The system is programmed to tell the managers that more products should be ordered. In this way, it helps organizations waste too much capital in buying inventory and avoid running out of products.

        IM supports “Service Management” and you can use it to track the cost of materials to be provided to customers. In addition, this system also benefits the company because it is more service-oriented.

        Adding to that, the smart tool can help the company in deciding the price of their services which really reflects the total cost of performing that particular service.

        Likewise, these systems provide the feature of “Asset Tracking” for the companies and help them to track the products in the warehouse or store of the companies via barcode or serial number of the product.

        Apart from using this tracking mechanism, some modern IM products have the capacity to utilize Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and wireless tracking technology too. “Inventory Optimization” is also an important feature provided that the system provides.

        These products give fully automated demand forecasting to attain inventory optimization metrics including recorder point (threshold point of a number of units that should trigger a replenishment order), order quantity (number of units in the inventory that should be recorded), lead demand (lead time selling of units), stock cover (number of days before the inventory gets out of stock), and expected accuracy of the forecasts.

        Advantages of Inventory Management software include:

        Inventory management can improve efficiency

        This system can improve the overall efficiency of the business. For example, the system helps collect data automatically, perform important calculations without errors, and take notes for the company. These activities result in time savings and increased efficiency.

        Cost Saving

        The inventory of a company represents one of its largest investments. These systems can help companies to cut costs and minimize the number of unnecessary units in storage. CRM system helps you automatically reduce and record which inventory you can use, sell, or consume in real time.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Inventory management can update data

        The mentioned software systems provide real-time and up-to-date data about the inventory. Using mobile devices including laptops and cell phones, the company executives can access this data without much delay and this helps the decision-makers to make informed decisions.

        Inventory management has data security

        Modern management systems allow the admin of the system to declare rights for each of its users and in this way, managers can get help from other employees of the company without the worry of data loss or data integrity.

        The managers can assign different tasks related to order placement, receiving products, and transferring products to different employees.

        Efficient warehouse organization

        These systems help distributors and wholesalers to organize the warehouse. When the system can provide a list of popular products or those that are more frequently being sold, then these products can be grouped and placed together. Also, to speed up the delivery process, those products can be placed near the delivery area.


        Despite all the advantages that the system provides, there is a need that is more important than that. The IBM report said 54% of key supply chain officers would reduce costs by optimizing their inventory management techniques.

        It is very difficult for a company to generate growth and run a profitable business without proper accounting of how much inventory is in stock, inventory location, and what the company needs to fulfill orders.


        Similarly, another article Entrepreneur published emphasizes the importance of inventory management software for industries and claims that “Companies can increase their profitability 20 to 50 percent or more through careful inventory management”.

        All these works point to the significance of these software systems for the current industry. As the size of the industry is increasing with every passing day, managing this ever-scalable industry state is becoming a challenge for the human hand with a pen and pencil.

        Therefore, it is becoming essential for industry personnel to think seriously the ways to manage the whole supply chain system. Using inventory software Singapore from HashMicro to definitely be a reliable, fruitful, and efficient solution that can not only reduce their workload of management but also can result in cost-effectiveness.

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