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Top 8 Career Options in Finance Fields

One of the strong foundations in achieving the growth and development of a company is finance. Finance fields are one of the most essential and risk-prone factors in business. Thus, the sector requires the high ability to analyze economic and the best ERP software for financial service to support its work. The best jobs fields in finance, such as investment bankers, actuary, portfolio manager, financial analyst, etc. Many companies also recruit people with those jobs to maximize the company’s profitability and avoid losses. In addition, the use of the most refined ERP systems for the finance fields has become a mandatory necessity for workers to optimize their financial performance. To help you understand ERP finance, you can download the greatest ERP financial software pricing scheme for more information and features regarding the software. Therefore, a finance career is one of the jobs with the highest demand and salary in Singapore.

Either you are planning to work in fields of finance or recruiting them for company’s purposes, you need to know which the best career options. Especially in Singapore, home of businesses, you will easily find different career options and how their work is integrated with the fully-featured ERP finance system. In this article, we have summarized the top eight career options fields of finance that can be your choice if you apply for a job in this field. In addition, you will also find the best financial software recommendations to support your financial career optimally. Check out the following article!

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Types of Careers in Finance Fields

types of career in finance fields

One job that has much demand in various companies is a finance career. This demand is mainly due to the significant market needs requiring many skilled workers in finance, either on a business scale or consulting services. Suppose you decide to make a career in finance or a businessman who needs the services of a financial worker. In that case, you need to know the types of careers in finance fields in advance. It is crucial to adapt your abilities as a worker to the company’s needs. Check out the explanation below!

1. Investment banker

An investment banker is the work of an individual who manages the business portfolio of companies and government agencies that will make investments in several different companies. Several specializations of investment banker work include organizing financial projects, mediators in equity marketing, and selling stocks and bonds to investors. Recruiting this job is beneficial for you,  the company’s owner, who wants to increase or invest his capital in optimizing the company’s business performance. You can choose this career fields in finance, because it is one of the strategic jobs in the investment business market in Singapore. One important remark is that investment bankers will have a much easier job with the most outstanding ERP system for finance fields. There are so many benefits they can get with how fast and integrate the software with your daily business.

2. Actuary

Actuaries are strategic thinkers who use mathematical and statistical skills to measure the probability and risk of future events. This job uses these skills to predict the client’s corporate business finances. In addition, this job can also help clients minimize the risks in the company.  Different types of companies and governments have begun to use the analysis services of the actuary to assist them in determining the future steps of the company. Suppose the company wants someone who can help with strategic decisions and significantly impact your business. In that case, you need to hire an actuary.

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download skema harga software erp

3. Portfolio manager

A portfolio manager is a professional responsible for managing investment portfolios, such as mutual fund assets, for achieving their clients’ investment goals. In addition, this job task is also included in developing and implementing client investment strategies for both individuals and companies. The target of the portfolio manager is to provide returns to clients from investments managed by portfolio managers. This work has become the essential factor that you need to consider if you start investing funds. 

4. Quantitative analyst

A quantitative analyst is a specialist who uses mathematical and statistical methods for financial problems and risk management. They provide data to assist companies in making business and financial decisions. These jobs are also one of sought-after jobs in finance because their presence can help the company identify profitable investment opportunities for your company. That way, your company can avoid risks you don’t want because they can harm the company. There are several reasons why quantitative analysts are one of the top career options in finance. The reason is that the demand for quantitative analysts has grown and continues to grow and is financially profitable.

5. Securities trader

Securities Trader

A securities trader is a person who trades or businesses buy and sell investments and trade assets. This job has the task of selling and buying stocks and other commodities on the stock exchange to earn commissions. His work also includes bidding, managing documents, overseeing and measuring the stock market for trends, designing strategies, etc. 

6. Financial planner

A financial planner is a person or professional institution that focuses on building a financial plan to help individuals and companies to achieve their long-term financial goals. They have the task of consulting with clients to analyze the goals, risk tolerance, and type of investment right for you.

The analysis results will be used to plan the right program to help you achieve your financial goals. Many Singaporeans, especially millennials, are interested in having a profession as a financial planner. This is mainly due to the increasing financial literacy in Singapore. Furthermore, more and more Western countries are outsourcing finance jobs to Singapore.

Therefore, being a financial planner has become one of the best career options in Singapore in finance. You also can use the fully-packaged ERP finance software to help you plan your finances better, it also can track profit & loss and real-time financial reports.

7. Financial analyst

A financial analyst makes business recommendations by identifying opportunities or evaluating a company’s financial results. The work also has the task of researching macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions to make forecasts regarding changes in business trends. Suppose you need to know the quality of the marketing strategy that the company has implemented, then you can hire a financial analyst to process the numerical data. Therefore, financial analysts become one of the jobs that many people desire because of their many demands.

8. Economic analyst

Finally, one of the top job recommendations in the financial field is for an economic analyst. An economic analyst’s responsibility is to conduct research, reporting, and formulate strategies to solve economic problems. In addition, they will collect and process the company’s economic data. The goal is to address economic problems that directly impact the company. This career may also have corporate financial duties, such as monitoring loans, regulating the securities market, etc. An economic analyst also has the task of researching trends in economic data and providing reports on economic forecasts. You can hire an economic analyst to help the company’s business. They can assist you in determining the best time to invest company funds in a project. 

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Finance fields are one of the most essential and risk-prone factors in business. There are top eight career options in finance fields that can be your choice. They are investment bankers, actuary, financial planner, qualitative analyst, etc. These jobs require the high ability to analyze a company’s economic statistics, thus you need the Perfect ERP software for financial service to support your work.

HashMicro has provided the most integrated ERP Software for finance fields. The software had integrated with other modules, such as help desk, CRM, accounting, HRM, etc. This software will help your work in the finance fields so that you can automate your daily business and optimize client requirements in a real-time platform. In addition, there are other benefits you can get from HashMicro’s number #1 finance software, such as improving customer management, increasing sales, managing finance accurately, and many more. Now, it is time for you to maximize your career in financial fields with the best features you can get from the outstanding ERP finance software from HashMicro. Contact us now and get a free demo!


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