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      Top 10 ERP for Restaurants and F&B Business in Singapore 2024

      The Food & Beverage (F&B) industry has been around for a long time and is growing. As time goes by, the F&B business in Singapore is getting bigger and needs help tools to help manage the business. Therefore, F&B business people need to implement ERP systems. With these systems, it will be easier for you to manage your F&B business. 

      This software will help you manage your Restaurant in several branches in various locations. In addition, with this software, you can manage your F&B business activities with just a few clicks. This article will discuss the Best 10 food and beverage ERP Systems in Singapore.


      Table of Content:

        Hash F&B Software for F&B Business Singapore

        HashMicro F&B Software

        In the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, restaurant or cafe activities are very complex, especially if you have more than one branch in several locations. If all actions are done manually, it will undoubtedly take much time and be prone to errors. Therefore, you need help to help you manage your F&B business to run more efficiently.

        Hash F&B Software can be the solution. With software equipped with the complete ERP System, it can make it easier for you to manage your Restaurant, including reservations, tables, memberships, promotions, upsells and cross-sells, and menu updates with the best food and beverage ERP system.

        Hash F&B Technology is also equipped with cutting-edge features that can help you simplify complex Food and Beverages (F&B) businesses, from customer order management and product marketing to financial management, in just a few clicks.

        In addition, Hash F&B can also make it easier for your customers to order food and drinks with self-ordered kiosks, improve communication between waiters and chefs, and optimize promotion, and marketing management, to help you make accurate business decisions with Hash F&B’s business intelligence.


        1. HashMicro offers a wide array of features catering to various aspects of food and beverage management, enhancing operational efficiency.
        2. Designed for ease of use, ensuring that staff can quickly adapt and utilize the software effectively.
        3. The software can be tailored to meet specific business needs, providing flexibility and scalability.
        4. Offers powerful data analysis tools for insightful decision-making and strategy development.
        5. Streamlines inventory tracking, reducing waste, and optimizing stock levels.
        6. Enhances the order-taking and processing system for better customer service.
        7. Provides a mobile app for on-the-go management, ensuring business continuity from anywhere.
        8. Comprehensive reporting features aid in detailed financial and operational analysis.
        9. Prioritizes data security, protecting sensitive customer and business information.
        10. Known for offering dependable and timely customer support.


        1. Optimal performance may require up-to-date hardware, leading to potential additional investments.
        2. The software may need frequent updates, which can sometimes disrupt ongoing operations.
        3. Not suitable for small businesses due to its complex features.


        For the F&B business industry, Restaurant365 ERP offers real-time solutions and extensions that help you check and mitigate the effects of product recalls and other supply chain issues. With Restaurant365, you can systematically manage efforts to avoid product recognition and reduce their impact, identify the root causes of product defects, and more.

        Restaurant365 can also make your F&B business in Singapore experience faster than ever and more agile in keeping costs low and reducing reputational damage to product recalls.


        1. Offers reliable and responsive assistance to users.
        2. Easy to navigate and use.
        3. Efficiently manages and tracks invoices.


        1. Does not include a feature for managing deliveries.
        2. Encounters problems in processing transactions.


        Synergixtech is one of the Synergix F&B ERP solutions that can provide you with a comprehensive ERP system. This system can help you to execute stages with careful planning to fulfill customer orders. In addition, Synergixtech offers integrated kitchen management software to give you real-time visibility from food order management to kitchen schedule.

        Every time there is a change to the plan, this system will also make it possible to inform kitchen employees in real-time. In addition, Synergixtech’s food and beverage ERP system also gives you better control over the flexibility and transparency of F&B management and gives managers access to monitor the performance of various departments.


        1. Easy and intuitive for users to navigate.
        2. Seamlessly combines various functionalities into one platform.


        1. The setup and integration process can be challenging and time-consuming.

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        Afon’s Food and Beverage ERP System

        F&B business in Singapore is one of the industries that continue to grow over time. Many F&B business people emerged, making the competition even more challenging. To compete in today’s technological era, you may consider carrying out business operations at total capacity while addressing issues such as central kitchen management, inventory control, Point-of-Sales integration, food waste, outlet procurement, and more. 

        Afon provides a food and beverage ERP system that can give you optimal warehouse management and control over receivables using features like Centralized Distribution, Centralized purchasing, POS integration, accelerated reporting, greater stock control, and simplified compliance.


        1. Provides numerous additional services to help lessen the workload of restaurateurs.
        2. Offers a variety of compatible hardware solutions.
        3. The payroll system is seamlessly integrated with the point-of-sale for real-time updates.


        1. Lacks the capability to manage reservations.
        2. Does not allow the use of third-party payment processors, limiting flexibility in payment options.

        Bigpos’ Food and Beverage ERP System

        ERP System Bigpos is an ERP F&B service provider that can help you with activities such as employee management, customer experience, inventory and stock, and reporting. This system can certainly help your F&B business activities.

        There are several systems offered by Bigpos’ food and beverage ERP system, including QR menu ordering systems, multiple outlet management, unified e-payment solutions, and loyalty programs.


        1. Intuitive and easy to navigate for users.
        2. The billing system is simple and efficient.
        3. Offers a wide range of valuable reports for users.


        1. Challenges in integrating with other systems or tools.
        2. Difficulties in connecting with customer support over the phone.


        Gofrugal is one of the food and beverage ERP Systems service providers in Singapore. This system offers Restaurant POS software with billing, inventory, and KOT management (Software used to manage kitchen orders).

        In addition, Gofrugal can help you manage your F&B business operations with restaurant POS software with order management, intelligent restaurant billing systems, kitchen display systems, inventory and recipe management, and others. Restaurant billing and KOT software work together to increase order processing speed and restaurant efficiency.


        1. Modify a kitchen order ticket (KOT).
        2. Serve customers with favorite menu items based on their main order.
        3. Cashless payments through multiple platforms.


        1. Absence of features for automated data or system cleanup.
        2. Unavailability of telephonic customer support.
        3. Not economically viable for businesses with a large number of transactions.


        Focussoftnet is an ERP systems service provider platform for F&B Businesses that has supported companies and SMEs in various industrial fields to achieve digital transformation with BI and AI-assisted ERP solutions. This ERP solution from Focussoftnet has been adapted for the food and beverage or F&B business in Singapore.

        Focussoftnet’s features can help identify and reduce costs and make informed decisions through AI-powered analytical tools. The features include Automated Supply Chain Management, Document Management for Statutory Compliance, Retail and Inventory Management, and Workforce and Payroll Management.


        1. Facilitates faster onboarding and training for new staff.
        2. Ability to easily add and delete buttons for quick updates.
        3. Effortlessly exports payroll hours into ADP.


        1. Issues with screen freezing or software glitches.
        2. Tech support is not consistently accessible when needed.
        3. The pricing structure is not clear or straightforward.

        Oracle’s Food and Beverage ERP System

        The Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP for F&B system helps businesses monitor and understand sales across multiple corporate and franchise locations. So that the businessman can make the right decision about expansion.

        In addition, Oracle’s food and beverage ERP system can also help you achieve your goals for the growth of your F&B business while maintaining and improving the speed and quality of the customer experience. Oracle Cloud ERP provides the technological innovations you need to compete and stay ahead of the competition in the marketplace, where convenience and digital order make all the difference.


        1. Advanced reporting capabilities for detailed analysis.
        2. Simplifies the user experience with easy-to-navigate interfaces.
        3. Offers robust security features to protect sensitive information.


        1. Customizing the software can be intricate and time-consuming.
        2. Effective use depends heavily on user engagement and input.
        3. Benefits and improvements may take time to become evident.
        4. Potential challenges in fostering a culture of open information sharing among users.


        Hungerrush Food and Beverage (F&B) solutions for ERP, supply chain, manufacturing, quality, and transportation management are designed to enable businesses to apply financial, planning, and operations capabilities to adapt to problems and build more substantial companies. Hungerrush also offers digital ERP for F&B producers.

        The F&B business in Singapore is a large industry consisting of many categories. Hungerrush ERP systems offer manufacturing management software to take your business to the next level. When you choose ERP, supply chain and manufacturing management from Hungerrush, your F&B business will get a cloud implementation that helps manage your business quickly and reliably.


        1. Provides responsive and helpful customer service.
        2. Offers an attractive and user-friendly interface.
        3. Features a wide range of reporting capabilities.


        1. Some aspects of customer service are perceived as poor.
        2. High costs associated with software upgrades.
        3. Updating hardware and software leads to extra expenses.


        ERP systems A2000 will help you to centralize all your menu items into a Cloud-based POS system. A2000 ERP is appropriately designed so that you can optimize every function of your POS system with a complete solution. With the A2000, you can control table orders, process transactions, manage the status of menu items, and other F&B services while in the kitchen.


        1. Offers a wide range of useful functionalities.
        2. Well-designed user interface and user experience.
        3. Adaptable to different business needs and processes.


        1. Issues with the underlying software code.
        2. Customer support may not be sufficiently responsive or helpful.
        3. The ERP software operates at a slow speed, impacting efficiency.


        As time passed, many F&B businesses in Singapore began to emerge, thus making the competition even more challenging. Therefore, you must apply the best food and beverage ERP Systems to your F&B business to continue growing. Hash F&B Software from HashMicro can be the solution.

        With just a few clicks, Hash F&B technology can help you simplify more complex F&B businesses in Singapore such as customer order management, finance, and product marketing. It’s a good idea for you to download the Hash F&B Software price calculation scheme first. So you can find out how much the estimated cost you will spend. Schedule a free demo now to experience the transformational power it brings to your operations.


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