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What is Oracle and How Can it Benefit Your Business

Nowadays, numerous companies are leveraging technology to aid their business operations, intending to address various issues, such as inefficient and manual processes, inadequate bookkeeping and data management, and a lack of visibility into the business performance. One of the tools used is Oracle (Operator and Cloud-based software) which helps to eliminate those problems.


What is Oracle

What is Oracle

Oracle (Operator and Cloud-based software) is a type of software that integrates various business functions and processes into a single system. The goal of this system is to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of a company’s operations, enabling more effective decision-making and greater operational efficiency.

The primary function of an Oracle system is to centralize business data and automate business processes. This can include functions such as financial management, supply chain management, inventory management, human resources management, customer relationship management, and more.

In Singapore, one of the best Oracle (Operator and Cloud-based software) your business can get is from HashMicro Oracle systems. HashMicro’s solutions can be customized to meet each business’s specific needs, whether in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, or any other industry. While also offering a robust integration from accounting, CRM, Inventory and other modules that your companies need.

HashMicro Oracle Benefits for Business

What is Oracle by hashmicro

HashMicro Oracle is one of the most comprehensive solutions you can get for any type of your business. Its robust features and capabilities offer a lot of benefits to facing numerous challenges in managing business operations. Here are the main benefits your company will get from this solution:

Oracle can increase efficiency

By automating and integrating various business processes, HashMicro’s system can streamline workflows, eliminates manual processes, and reduces redundancy. This not only saves time and resources but also helps minimize errors and improve the accuracy of information. 

Excellent customer service


HashMicro Oracle can also contribute to providing excellent customer service. By providing businesses with a centralized database for all customer-related information, the software enables companies to manage customer interactions more efficiently. This includes tracking customer orders, managing warranties and returns, and responding to inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.

Cost, energy, and time saver

HashMicro Oracle can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to perform routine tasks. This, in turn, allows employees to focus on more strategic activities, which can drive business growth and success. Additionally, its real-time analytics and reporting capabilities enable businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly, reducing the time needed to analyze and act on information.

Automated and real-time report

With HashMicro Oracle, businesses can automate their reporting processes and generate reports in real-time. This feature enables businesses to access accurate and up-to-date information that they can use to make informed decisions quickly. Moreover, businesses can save time and resources that would have been spent on manual reporting by automating the reporting process.

Reduce human error

Human error can occur in many areas of a business, from manual data entry to miscommunication between departments. These mistakes can result in wasted time, resources, and money. Moreover, HashMicro Oracle automates data entry, reducing the need for manual input and lowering the likelihood of errors.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Better decision making

Utilizing all the previous benefits will significantly improve the decision-making process of a business. Additionally, with HashMicro Oracle, businesses can access detailed and up-to-date information on their operations, sales, finances, inventory, and other critical areas of their business. This information is accessible in real-time, making it easy to track performance and identify trends as they happen.

Advantages of HashMicro Oracle

HashMicro has served 1750+ clients ranging from a lot of different industries. The reason is because of the advantages that it has over other competitors. One of the main advantages is its customizability, modules, features, and affordable price. Not only that here are other advantages of HashMicro Oracle:

Customizable and configurable

One of the main advantages is its customizability and configurability. Every business is different and as such, has unique operational needs. Additionally, businesses can customize the HashMicro Oracle system to meet their specific requirements, ensuring that the solution is tailored to their operations.

Oracle integration

HashMicro Oracle is integrated with numerous other systems and applications such as accounting, CRM, HRM, inventory, procurement, warehouse and many more. Moreover, data can be easily shared across departments and business processes, allowing for better collaboration, coordination, and decision-making.

Unlimited user

Unlike other systems, where companies need to pay additional costs to add new users, HashMicro Oracle systems offer unlimited user access. This means an organization can provide access to the system to as many users as needed without incurring additional costs per user. Therefore, it will be perfect for helping your growing business,

Professional help

HashMicro Oracle also includes professional help, including assistance with system implementation, configuration, and customization, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. Moreover, implementing the system correctly and optimizing it for the organization’s specific needs can help ensure that errors and delays are minimized.

After-sales services

After-sales services play a critical role in ensuring that companies can derive maximum value from their investment in the system. HashMicro typically provides ongoing support, upgrades, training, and maintenance services to help businesses optimize the functionality and performance of their system.

Free Oracle demo and consultation

With HashMicro Oracle, you can get free demo to help you better understand the system’s features and capabilities. Companies that are considering implementing an Oracle system can also find great value in utilizing a consultant, as they provide an opportunity to evaluate the system and determine if it is a good fit for their needs.


Oracle (Operator and Cloud-based software) offers a wide range of advantages and benefits to organizations of all sizes and industries. This includes improving efficiency and productivity to providing real-time data insights. Therefore, HashMicro Oracle systems can help organizations to optimize their operations and make better-informed decisions. 


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