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Cloud ERP: The Best Business Solutions

In today’s modern era, the facilitates of business activities are greatly by the existence of an integrated technology system that can make business activities more effective and efficient. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which is a kind of software on a computer by companies to manage information across the divisions for business flows. There are two types of ERP systems, namely Cloud ERP and conventional or on-premises. Get to know more about it by reading the complete information below!

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What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP refers to software and tools that are managed in the cloud or simply software as a service that allows users to access it over the internet. Every company has a different operating system. They all face a common to specific challenge—in order to boost the effectiveness of their business environment. The company also needs access to technology that helps them innovate, scale, and grow quickly. 

Every company needs to be advanced, globally-connected, and with software that is up-to-date continuously. That allows them to focus more on business growth by minimizing time and energy. So, they have much time to implement growth initiatives and less on day-to-day IT management. That’s where cloud ERP comes as a problem solver.

The Benefit of Cloud ERP

As well-known out there, cloud ERP systems make business operations easier. It proves that using ERP software can reduce business costs in many ways. The most important benefits of the system are going beyond cost-saving and include avoiding upfront costs for computing infrastructure, paying only for the computing resources needed, and a fixed monthly rate. With those benefits you can use the cash for other business initiatives, and so on. But, do you know the main benefit to be a reason why you have to move to cloud ERP? here are 5 answers:

Rapidly updates and upgrades

Cloud ERP offers instant updates and upgrades so you never have to worry because you are using the most up-to-date technology to complete your business needs.  It will help you to get the surface level of your business because the best technology is always on your hand.


Cloud ERP can be designed according to your business needs. Not only that, but you can adjust the making of the software can also to the budget you have and still with optimal results. With this, you will get a system that makes it easier to access real-time information in your business operations. The system will provide all the things you need to make ease your business flow by boosting effectiveness.

Sales automation

With Cloud ERP, your partners, loyal customers, vendors, and all potential customers can connect to your system seamlessly anywhere and anytime. This will make it easier for you to optimize sales through various strategies. As we know, sales are the main destination for every business.

Highest security standards

As mentioned, cloud ERP generally has world-class security support and protection for your data, including customers. With the system, you can ensure all your company data is safe, and not everyone can access it easily. This is very important because data is also an important company asset.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Transparency costs

When you deploy the systems, you can predict the cost easily and very transparently. In addition, there are no unexpected expenses relating to software updates and technology upgrades with the system. So you can estimate the company’s expenses each month because of the fixed costs.

Cloud ERP vs Conventional ERP

To fully understand cloud-based ERP you need to have a good understanding of what makes it different from the conventional one. Conventional ERP is usually called on-premises ERP. On-premises is a system of ERP software and tools that are installed locally on hardware and managed by an IT person or staff. To use on-premises ERP you have to buy the outsourced servers, and operating systems and also hire an IT staff. It will take a lot of cost.

The application of on-premises requires ongoing support from IT staff to ensure your system is up-to-date rather than focusing on initiatives to drive your business growth. However, deploying an ERP requires little to no IT staff involvement. So that, your team can elevate their value to the business by spending more time on tasks to support your business growth. Simply, on-premises requires more cost and support than the cloud one which is more practical and modern

There is some information about cloud ERP software that is very helpful to your business growth. To scale your operations, you need good innovative, and reliable tools that can boost the efficiencies of your business flows. It’s time for you to move to the best Cloud ERP from HashMicro.

HashMicro comes with the best ERP software to automate various business aspects and is suitable for your business. We will help you to make the most accurate decisions with the support of the most advanced business management software!

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