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5 Business Investment Ideas in Indonesia

When you are doing a business, investing is essential to do. Especially in Indonesia where there are many business investment ideas. The term “business investment” refers to when an individual or a company invests money in a business. You can achieve it by establishing a business, making a financial commitment, buying shares, and many more. To assist you in investing in the business, you can implement the best ERP software with various features that help you in planning and managing your investments. 

You may consider entering Indonesia’s market for business investment ideas. Over the past decade, Indonesia’s economy has maintained its stability, making the country an attractive investment destination for both domestic and international capital. When investing in a business, you want to plan and manage it properly. This can be done with the help of ERP software that will automate the processes of managing investment. The software allows you to have better and enhanced investment management. Take a look at the pricing scheme calculation for ERP software before you implement it. 

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Why You Should Do Business in Indonesia?

Doing business in Indonesia is becoming an increasingly appealing option for those who are interested in expanding their operations into Asia. This demonstrates that Indonesia’s economy has been growing at a rate of more than 5% annually, which explains why it is such a popular choice among international investors. 

By conducting business in Indonesia, you would have access to a total consumer market population of more than 650 million people within the ASEAN region alone. Having access to such a sizable consumer class presents potential for sales as well as staffing through the recruitment of Indonesian workers for your organization.

Why is it Easy to Do Business in Indonesia?

It is necessary for a country to have a high level of comfort in conducting business in order for individuals to be able to conduct their business with more “spaces” to roam around. Indonesia ranks in the 73rd place on Ease of Doing Business Index for 2019. There are many factor you can consider from such as the growing economy as well as the growing middle class. Moreover, English is Indonesia’s business language. This reduces language hurdles for foreign business owners entering the Indonesian market.

There also have been several indications of progress achieved to improve the ease with which commerce can be conducted. For example, Indonesia is in the process of enacting new legislation, making it simpler for firms to secure finance and operating off the ground. A further benefit of this rule is that it makes it possible for individuals to pay lower rates for their power and register their commercial properties.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Business Investment Ideas

There are many business investment ideas in Indonesia that you can consider. However, you might struggle in the investment management aspects. Hence, you can utilize ERP software from HashMicro to simplify managing your investment. HashMicro’s software has various features that will not only help you in investment matters, but also management aspects for your business. Now, let’s take a look at some of the ideas: 

Furniture factory

furniture factory as one of the business investment ideas

A significant number of people around the globe get their furniture from Indonesia. You may launch a factory that specializes in the production of furniture, which you would then sell in other nations. You might also establish a business that specializes in furniture remodeling, which entails purchasing used or broken furniture and refinishing it so that it can be sold.

Business finder

Connecting buyers and vendors is another way to generate revenue for your business. For instance, a lot of individuals are interested in purchasing goods from Indonesia, but since they have never been there, they have no idea where to look or what they should be looking for. You may help these folks find products more readily utilizing the internet, and in exchange for your assistance, you can receive finders commission.

Business consultant

There are a lot of people that benefit from the assistance of professional business advice. Many individuals rely on business consultants to build business plans for them. While you are generating plans and solutions for the businesses of other people, you will also be enhancing your own skill set in ways that will be beneficial to you.

Travel company

Another possibility is to provide assistance to the numerous individuals who have the intention of traveling to Indonesia. You may work as a tour guide, providing aid to vacationers, or you could launch an online consultancy firm. Moreover, you could provide assistance with obtaining visas, airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel booking, and business tour guide.


A large number of tourists, both leisure and business-related, make frequent trips to Indonesia. This ensures that there will be opportunities for anyone who wishes to make money by investing in the tourism business. You can create a hotel and provide tourists with a place to stay, which would bring in revenue. Alternatively, you might develop an online hotel marketing service where customers can reserve rooms in advance of their trips.

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There are many business investment ideas and opportunities in Indonesia as Indonesia is the biggest economy in Southeast Asia. Accompanied by a growing population, investors are seeing Indonesia as an up and coming market for investment opportunities and currently businesses are exploring this region for avenues of growth and profitability. 

The investment environment in Indonesia is becoming more open to foreign investment and has become increasingly dynamic. Therefore, you can consider Indonesia as your business investment ideas target. In addition, since today’s businesses are advancing with the help of software, you can also utilize ERP software to assist in managing your investment. Get free demo now!


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