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      How to Find the Best ERP Software for a Startup Company

      For start-ups, there is uncertainty regarding the structure the company will take on in the long run, thus it operates with high growth expectations. Start-ups are typically underfunded companies with great ideas.

      To press the initial budget, your startup business can use the best ERP platform for startup. Additionally, ERP systems are also a great solution to streamline your operational processes and get better reports. 

      As the proprietor of a small to medium-sized company, one of your primary goals should be to achieve the highest possible levels of production. Also, you should do it while simultaneously minimizing the amount of money and other resources that are lost as waste.

      Thus, you can utilize ERP software to assist your startup after the MVP launch in the overall management aspect. In this article, we will go through why ERP software is important and how to find the best ERP software for your startup.


      Table of Content:

        The Importance of ERP Software for Startup 

        Startup companies are often working with limited resources. Hence, many of the management aspects are neglected. This is why ERP software can be a smart solution for your startup.

        ERP systems enable managers to oversee key business operations by providing instant access to more detailed views of what is happening. ERP software can streamline your startup’s back-end operations, giving you a competitive advantage.

        Since a comprehensive ERP software consists of important modules and features, it can reduce your initial startup costs. With reduced errors and improved efficiency, your startup can also save money.

        The best ERP for startups allows you to automate mundane processes like invoicing, billing, and payroll. With this, employees can focus on higher-priority work. Moreover, as a result of having all relevant information in one place, you can make better business decisions. 

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        Benefits of Using The Best ERP Software for Startup 

        benefits of using the best erp for startup

        No doubt utilizing ERP software will benefit your startup. You can obtain accurate reports, streamlined operational processes, and better management. Now, we will elaborate more on some of the benefits of using the best ERP software for startups.

        1. Workflow automation

        With the assistance of the best ERP for startup, a significant portion of your operational processes can be automated. You can automate several tasks, including the collection of information regarding inventory and finances, as well as the taking of orders from customers. 

        Tasks are finished significantly more quickly using this method, and it is possible to track each task individually to ensure that they are implemented at the appropriate time. The time and money that is saved can be put to use in more productive endeavors. With the automation of your operational processes, your startup can advance in its operational sphere. 

        2. Data are stored in one centralized system

        In order to make business decisions, you need to obtain all the relevant data regarding your startup. Using ERP software can also help you in this matter. It ensures that there is only one central system that stores and analyzes all the data. 

        The ERP system provides a centralized system for all relevant company information. This ensures that all employees have access to the same details and minimizes the potential for human error associated with data entry into several documents. The automated format promotes open communication and cooperation between various administrative levels.

        3. Reduce operational costs

        One of the most significant problems that most startups have is a lack of funding. You should use the funds as wisely as possible. Moreover, you should also maintain your overhead as low as possible. Your business can find money-draining cracks in the operations and capitalize on opportunities to improve by deploying the best ERP software for startup.

        ERP software helps you to maximize revenues by lowering operating expenses through the elimination of wasteful delays and improving communication. Having access to reliable information at any point of the operation makes improvements in productivity of your startup. Hence, increasing revenue while minimizing the initial costs. 

        4. Greater decisions making

        As the main goal is expanding your business, you have to carefully and wisely make business decisions. This is where ERP software plays a big role for the growth of your startup. You can make sensible and greater business decisions with the data and insight provided by the ERP system.

        The best ERP software for startups has in-depth reporting and management tools. Thus, company heads and execs may monitor KPIs for every department in real time.You can track the health and performance of all business functions. This way, making informed, data-driven decisions with the help of interactive reports can be easier. 

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Best Modules of ERP for Startup  

        As a startup, you might want to start with comprehensive ERP software to assist you thoroughly. However, there are also some recommended modules that you can utilize. Here are some of the best ERP modules for your startup.

        1. Accounting system

        Financial matters are crucial for every startup. You can monitor and follow the progress of financial data with the help of ERP systems. This comprises information regarding accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as budgeting, cash flow, tax management, and other financial matters. This helps with the creation of growth projections for the company.

        2. Project management

        Founders of startups must automate the process of project management. This system allows you to keep tabs on everything from individual jobs to entire projects, with easy access to updated progress reports for everyone involved.

        It also allows you to monitor your progress and guarantee steady improvement. Moreover, you can identify where you lose time, hence, you can improve productivity and expand rapidly.

        3. Customer relationship management

        To gain more revenue, you must manage and build a good relationship with your customers. This is why customer relationship management is necessary to implement. You can track all communications between your business and potential clients in real-time.

        The content personalization feature also allows you to produce more specific content. With this system, you can retain your customers better. 

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        Best ERP Software for Startup from HashMicro

        hashmicro as the best erp for startup solution

        Choosing the best ERP software for your startup can be hard. Therefore, after knowing the benefits and some of the best modules, you may choose the best ERP system wisely. You can consider utilizing HashMicro’s ERP software for your startup. It has comprehensive features to assist you in growing your startup business. 

        HashMicro’s ERP software is customized to the evolving environment of startups. It provides you with detailed analytical data, analysis of potential leads, and real-time ROI tracking.

        With its cloud system, you can access it easily from anywhere with any device. With the ERP software from HashMicro, your startup can steadily grow while having efficient management aspects. 


        Startups should start considering switching to digital solutions such as ERP software in order to streamline the business process. With that being said, choosing and implementing the best ERP for your startup may be confusing. Thus, we have informed you regarding the benefits and importance of ERP software for your startup. 

        Utilizing ERP Software for your business can benefit you in many ways. This includes better financial management, customer relationship management, obtaining accurate reports, and many more. With ERP software, your startup can scale quickly and have competitive advantages. Register yourself to get a free demo now!


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