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ERP Management System

ERP software is at the backbone of every business helping businesses to automate the business process flow. The best laid out ERP Management systems are fully integrated to the different functional units across the enterprise, automating every function from Production Supply and Finance to Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. The ERP systems should be made according to the industry and not the other way round. The ERP solutions at Hash Micro are tailor made to match the unique business processes and requirements of the industry and also customizable.
Industries these days are facing competition at the global level. In this scenario businesses need to automate their business processes for improved efficiency. Our Sales CRM software helps achieve sales targets by focusing on customer attention, retention and relationship. For industries and businesses Marketing and Sales are two most critical but integrated functions. Marketing is the creation of a relationship that culminates in sale. Keeping customers happy after the sale process is over is Customer Relationship Management. Building a large base of satisfied customers is an advertisement in itself as they return with more customers.
CRM tools are capable of creating personalized campaigns targeting specific customers and their effectiveness is easily measured. The CRM solution by Hash Micro provides a complete review of customer profile effectively converting their vague ideas into concrete purchase decisions. Our CRM tools have a range of features that helps streamline the sales process for better results.
Sales Force Automation provides the necessary tools for focused sales efforts enabling the sales team to forecast sales accurately. It automates and captures every stage of the sales cycle, giving opportunity to grab new opportunities. Sales CRM embeds a consistent and competitive sales methodology into the CRM system.
Warehouse Management is another issue that lets industries to use the available resources optimally for improved efficiency. A better co-ordination between warehouse and transportation activities reduces logistics issues considerably, resulting in better utilization of warehouse space. (i.e. the inventory does not needlessly occupy warehouse space)
Our Warehouse Management Systems provide for streamlined warehouse operations and are capable of extraordinary handling of the supply chain management issues. Our robust ERP applications and CRM Solutions have made us one of Singapore’s most reliable ERP solutions providers.

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