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What Does a Good Helpdesk Ticketing Management Look Like?

Helpdesk ticket Management Module should help to manage after-sales services for consumers. A perfect Helpdesk ticketing Management system helps in maintaining the long-term growth of the firm as well as the brand development of the firm. A good Helpdesk Ticketing Management system should be an affordable and scalable Web-based IT help desk that meets the requirements of all types of organization be it small, medium, or large.

A Clear Break Down of Features that Make Helpdesk Ticketing Management worth Investing In

The system allows the agents to track, prioritize and solve customer ticketing issues. The system is equipped ticketing system that allows generating in-depth reports based on demographics and internal analytics. The agents can easily follow up with the help of system reminders, strengthening the relationship between your business and your customers. HashMicro provides a wide range of tailored and localized ERP systems which are customized, user-friendly, and packed with innovative features.

Features of HashMicro Singapore’s helpdesk software:

  • It helps in tracking and prioritizes all the tickets, each and every ticket can be marked with required levels of priorities and managed through different agents. The tickets can be grouped based on status, date, categories, etc.
  • It helps in the effective functioning of managing calls and emails. All emails and calls for each ticket automatically logged in to each ticket. The ticket agents can also reply to the emails directly through ticket and it will be automatically logged in. The emails have the ability to integrate with any email server.
  • The software is EQUIP enabled which allows you to create multiple teams through the system and assign rules for each team accordingly. Such as the type of emails or calls the agents should receiving or notifications and many more.
  • The customers are allowed to submit and track their tickets on the website. The agent’s response is automatically notified to the customers and they can easily log in to the online portal to view their ticket.
  • The EQUIP Helpdesk System is available with an inbuilt live chat which is beneficial in integrating your website. All the live chat support automatically goes to the system where your agent can quickly respond to the customers and eventually record as the ticket.
  • The software gives a clean and clear overview of the service help desk performance. The ticket generating report is provided as per agent, per month, category, and a lot more. The managers later can generate any dynamic reports based on the fields.

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