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Time Management Tips to Level Up Your Productivity

A lot of people believe that they are doing the correct time management. Start from opening their eyes in the morning, doing daily routines, until come back home and rest in the afternoon, they are certain that they have the best strategy to manage their time.

But look again, with your time management, are your productivity increases? What about your career? Is it advances or you’re getting nowhere without any meaningful changes? It could be that you’re doing time management the wrong way. To help you manage your time better, we provide you 5 tips that you can apply starting from today!

Create a priority scale

The decline in productivity is not always due to the employee failing to complete his/her work. More often than not, an employee’s productivity decreases due to doing non-priority work. This happens because a coworker asking for his/her help.

Because the employee can’t refuse the coworker, they have to put aside their main job for a while. In the end, they have to sacrifice their productivity, KPI can’t be achieved, no achievement to gain, no salary increase after years of hard work.

Create a habit to write down any work priority before you start working. By doing so, you can finish the most urgent jobs before working on others, or helping your coworker.

Put away anything that can disrupt your concentration

After writing down your priorities, the next step you have to do is putting away the things that can break your focus. When a phone call or chat notifications from your phone can disturb your work, you can try putting it in silent mode and flip the screen down.

If you have the habit of picking up your phone every 30 seconds, try to put it away from your reach while working. For example, you can put it in your bag when you need to concentrate. By doing so, you will get more focus while doing your work.

Get used to say “no”

Helping your coworker with their job is a good move. But if you have some important work to be done by today, or when your boss awaits you to compile the monthly report in the next two hours, you can say “no” to your coworker when they asking for your help.

Make them understand that you currently doing an important job and can’t be disturbed. If you explain to them the situation you’re in, your coworker will surely understand.

Create a routine schedule for a better time management

Not only when working in your office, but you also need to apply time management in your daily life. By creating a routine schedule every single day, you will create a discipline habit and builds positive behaviors.

Set the time when you want to wake up every single morning. Make time to do a light workout, breakfast, and plan your commute with precise timing. Do the same thing after coming home from the office.

Create a plan to eat dinner together with your family and talk about anything during dinner and before going to bed. Set the time when you need to go to bed so you can get enough rest and wake up fresh tomorrow. A positive routine can make yourself a better person, discipline and healthy.

Use a tool to help you save more time

It’s no use to elaborate complex time management when you do everything at your office manually. Compiling reports manually, do accounting manually, and various administrative works that still done manually.

Not only it takes time, but this is also highly ineffective and prone to human error. It’s time to implement a tool that can help you increase company productivity such as EQUIP ERP. With various automation, productivity and profitability can be increased significantly.

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