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      Why is Aviation ERP Essential for Aviation Industry?

      In the modern aviation industry, the manual processes of recording and managing business data need to be replaced with automated ERP systems to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency and productivity. An Aviation ERP System can resolve various complexities in the aviation industry in an automated process. It can improve the efficiency of operations at an aviation company. Including but not limited to areas such as accounting and finance, inventories, HR, management, CRM, procurement management, and manufacturing in the aviation industry. Since in today’s aviation business, they are more intelligent than ever — they’re certainly more connected. 

      Hence, utilizing an ERP system can combine all of these tools, making a network of complex aircraft more effortless than ever before. And if you’re considering using the product in your industry, download the pricing scheme for pricing details here. 


      Table of Content:

        Why Does the Aviation Industry Need ERP Systems?

        The role of an ERP system can assist you in incorporating new procedures and technological advancements into the day-to-day operations of your aircraft operational activities. The aviation industry needs the HashMicro ERP system mainly because of its advanced features and tools. The system provides a wide range of tools to help businesses in the aviation industry manage their resources. 

        Utilizing the system gives you benefits such as maintaining data consistency securely, managing inventory and supply chain, streamlining the accounting processes, etc. For further explanation about the benefits of ERP, we’ll discuss the advantages of ERP in the next section below.

        Benefits of ERP Software for the Aviation Industry

        1. Streamlining accounting processes

        Using only one dashboard, an ERP system will simplify your income tax filings (since it is equipped with an automatic payment feature). It enables you to reduce expenses and boost business productivity. And since such a system can be integrated with bank accounts, it’s easy to track and verify various transactions efficiently. You will be able to receive an automated accounting report generation in a matter of minutes.

        2. Managing inventory

        Aviation ERP brings benefits, such as the easiness of managing inventory

        Maintaining a smooth and efficient inventory production process is crucial. ERP provides the tools you need to perform powerful inventory management. Optimizing inventory management with an ERP solution can help you better track your inventory, reduce excess capital tied up in idle goods, and optimize your supply chain. An ERP solution in the aviation sector allows for increased visibility among all organizations involved in building, producing, and repairing aircraft. Whether you make parts, assemble and test the finished product or sell it, ERP will help you have a higher inventory accuracy while lowering costs.

        3. Generate multiple reports in real-time

        HashMicro ERP enables you to conduct analytics and generate reports on your aviation company’s performance. The system will include dashboards, real-time reporting, searches, and key performance indicators (KPIs). These features will enable businesses to take actionable steps toward making strategic decisions based on accurate and current data in real-time, allowing you to make future business decisions for expanding your business.

        4. Enhancing data security

        A company’s ERP system can be a prime target for hackers, who seek to access financial documents, manufacturing blueprints, personal information about employees, and other sensitive data housed in an ERP system. The security of an ERP system is highly dependent on the configuration of the system. While the aviation company may build ERP systems securely in some respects, most are pretty old. They still need to integrate the most up-to-date best practices for internet security (e.g., encryption). And the worse could happen; it can create security holes, which makes it easy for hackers to access. But a cloud-based ERP system will enhance data security by making it simpler to access data and continuously improves data security safely and securely. There is no reason for you to be concerned about the security of the data stored at your aircraft company.

        5. International regulation and multi-currencies

        The aerospace industry is complex and highly regulated. For example, regulations differ from country to country. Organizations must strictly adhere to them or risk being fined or losing their license before a company can do business with an international organization. Businesses that operate globally must localize their marketing materials, customer service documentation, and other materials. When dealing with international government regulations, the aerospace industry faces additional complexities. ERP systems can assist in navigating regulatory hurdles and keeping paperwork organized and up to date.

        Internationally, the aviation industry is growing. As a result, interaction with other countries around the world is unavoidable. And it’s common knowledge that each country has its own currency. Manual conversion is inefficient. But don’t worry; the accounting features of ERP can solve this problem quickly and without a hitch; ERP will assist in instantly converting the multi-currency.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

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        ERP Implementation in The Aviation Industry

        Although some ERP systems have been built to accommodate the needs of general business operations, but aviation companies have unique requirements. ERP systems offer many benefits for businesses. For example, if you run a parts sales business in aviation, you may want to look into aviation-focused ERP systems. These systems are customized for the types of transactions that parts sellers, buyers, and repair businesses use and might be up your alley if you’re looking to increase productivity or enhance security.

        ERP systems can be a worthwhile investment for the aviation industry since they can increase productivity or enhance security. An ERP system’s benefits can help make a company more substantial in the long term. A customizable ERP system is ideal for the aviation industry to meet its unique requirements and needs.


        The explanation provided above is strong proof that aviation ERP is an essential tool for the aviation industry. The capabilities of ERP Software can enhance the effectiveness of operations at an aviation company that manages procedures in the aviation or fleet industries, which are typically quite complex. When an aviation company implements an ERP system in their daily operations, they are making the best long-term investment possible. Since it is common knowledge that airplanes have become an integral part of human life. It is not surprising that the aviation industry requires advanced technology.


        Using Business Intelligence technology hosted on the ERP with a cloud-based system, an aviation company can make rapid and precise business decisions. And HashMicro ERP Software is the best solution for delivering on a company’s promise. Learn more about the software by downloading the pricing scheme to determine the software’s calculated price, or try the demo version for free here.

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