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Key Features to Look for in an ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) meaning is a process through which a company manages and integrates the various essential parts of its business such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. It is mainly used in software; larger software applications are developed to support companies in implementing an ERP system effectively.

Many businesses in Singapore are now choosing integrated ERP software as their solutions. An ERP solution connects various technologies used by an individual part of a business; it involves integrating accounting systems, inventory management, human resource management, and a lot more. But, what are the key features of this system? Find out more in this article!

Key Takeaways

  • ERP systems offer BI tools like Pivot, KPI Scorecard, Custom BI, and Dashboard Ninja, enabling data analysis for informed decisions in Singapore’s competitive market.
  • Seamless integration with WhatsApp streamlines collaboration and communication, enhancing workflow efficiency in Singapore’s business environment.
  • Advanced document handling within the ERP ensures organized spreadsheets and efficient data management, vital for Singapore’s fast-paced economy.
  • Dedicated mobile ERP apps allow on-the-go operations, catering to Singapore’s tech-oriented society for better connectivity and convenience.
  • ERP systems offer cloud or on-premise hosting options, adapting to varied infrastructure needs for optimal efficiency in Singaporean businesses.


Table of Content:

    A Clear Breakdown of ERP System Important Features 

    ERP System

    In order to render ERP a worthy investment, Singaporean businesses should opt for the ERP system with the following characteristics and features:

    Built-in Business Intelligence (BI)

    In the dynamic business environment of Singapore, ERP system offers an exceptional suite of Built-in Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This includes a range of powerful functionalities such as Pivot, KPI Scorecard, Custom BI, and Dashboard Ninja.

    These tools are meticulously crafted to empower businesses with comprehensive data analysis and visualization capabilities.

    In a market driven by data, these features provide essential insights for informed decision-making, enabling companies to stay ahead in the competitive Singaporean landscape.

    WhatsApp Integration

    Recognizing the importance of seamless communication, ERP system seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp. This integration fosters efficient collaboration and swift communication within the ERP environment.

    Given the prevalence of WhatsApp as a communication tool in Singapore, this feature significantly enhances connectivity and streamlines workflows within the organization.

    Sheet Management

    Efficient document management is crucial for businesses in Singapore’s fast-paced economy.

    ERP system offers advanced Sheet Management capabilities, allowing for the organized and efficient handling of spreadsheets and documents within the ERP framework.

    This feature ensures streamlined data management, retrieval, and storage, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency.

    Mobile Apps

    ERP System

    In a tech-savvy society like Singapore, accessibility is key. ERP solution provides dedicated mobile applications, ensuring accessibility and usability across various mobile devices.

    This feature enables on-the-go management and operations, catering to the dynamic needs of businesses in Singapore’s bustling economy.

    With mobile applications readily available, businesses can stay connected and manage operations conveniently, regardless of their physical location.

    On Cloud / On-Premise Web ERP

    Flexibility in deployment is vital for businesses seeking adaptable solutions. ERP system offers the flexibility of deployment options – whether on cloud or on-premise.

    This adaptability empowers businesses to choose hosting solutions that align with their infrastructure preferences and needs.

    Whether it’s the scalability of the cloud or the control of on-premise hosting, ERP system ensures businesses in Singapore can operate efficiently in a manner that best suits their operational requirements.

    By incorporating these powerful features into ERP system, Singaporean businesses will be equipped with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in a competitive market, fostering growth and innovation while optimizing operational efficiency.

    Many businesses in Singapore keen on adopting integrated ERP software solutions can benefit from the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). This grant, offered by Enterprise Singapore, aims to support businesses in their transformation efforts, including the implementation of ERP systems.

    The EDG provides funding support for qualifying projects that enhance business processes and increase competitiveness through technology adoption. For more details about pricing schemes and potential grant eligibility for ERP systems in Singapore, explore the image below.

    download skema harga software erp
    download skema harga software erp

    It is not advisable to blame businesses for choosing technology that doesn’t do as well as expected. After all, there are a lot of ERP systems available in the market. First of all, many software claims to be cost-effective or fully customized, but it is still unsure whether it will serve your expected purpose.

    This happens because they may be conflicting and misleading. Therefore, when you opt for an ERP system, keep the following features in mind, that a perfect ERP system provides.

    To make it clearer regarding the essential functionalities required in an ERP system, let’s examine the following table.

    Key Feature Description
    Built-in Business Intelligence (BI) Offers various BI tools like Pivot, KPI Scorecard, Custom BI, and Dashboard Ninja for comprehensive data analysis and visualization within the ERP system.
    WhatsApp Integration Seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, enabling efficient communication and collaboration within the ERP environment.
    Sheet Management Provides capabilities for organized and efficient management of spreadsheets and documents within the ERP system.
    Mobile Apps Offers dedicated mobile applications, ensuring accessibility and usability on various mobile devices for on-the-go management and operations.
    On Cloud / On-Premise Web ERP Flexible deployment options, allowing users to choose between cloud-based or on-premise hosting for the web ERP, ensuring adaptability to different infrastructure preferences and needs.


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    HashMicro as ERP Software for Singaporean Business

    ERP System

    ERP software from HashMicro can be the best ERP solutions company choice for your business due to its comprehensive features and industry expertise. With HashMicro’s ERP Singapore system, you can manage your data accurately and get a comprehensive analysis of those data.

    Along with many advanced features, its general features include BI, data management with spreadsheets, integration with mobile apps such as WhatsApp, and ERP modules such as HRM, CRM, and accounting software that can be seamlessly integrated.

    This industry-specific approach ensures that the software meets the unique requirements and challenges of your business, providing you with a tailored solution that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

    Furthermore, HashMicro has a proven track record of successfully implementing ERP systems for businesses across different sectors.

    Their team of experienced professionals possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise, enabling them to understand your specific business needs and provide tailored solutions. They work closely with you throughout the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition and providing ongoing support to address any challenges or changes that may arise.

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    In a competitive business landscape like Singapore, the essentiality of a robust ERP system cannot be overstated. Our exploration of key ERP features reveals the pivotal role these functionalities play in streamlining operations and fostering growth.

    To witness firsthand how these features can transform your business, we invite you to experience a free demo of HashMicro ERP Singapore software. HashMicro’s solution encapsulates the critical elements outlined in this article, offering a comprehensive suite of modules and features tailored to various industries.

    With a proven track record of successful implementations and a dedicated team of industry experts, HashMicro stands ready to elevate your business efficiency and productivity. Book your free demo today and discover how HashMicro’s tailored ERP software solutions can empower your business to thrive in Singapore’s dynamic market.


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