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Backlinks: Solution to Improve Content and Website Quality

The term backlinks is already familiar in digital marketing. A backlink is an internal link listed on various other websites to direct you to the website that you are optimizing for. So when you click on a backlink, the backlink will direct you to another website that has been listed.

Search engines regard this as a way of verifying the authority and relevance of your website. The function and role of backlinks are to improve the quality of content and websites.

Backlinks also have many types and terms in them. These various types of backlinks are helpful for SEO to improve website ranking in search engines. As a result, your website will get more visitors and interactions.


Benefits of Backlinks

What you get when you use backlinks is that backlink building increases website traffic and ranking. It is because backlinks will direct visitors from other websites to your website. It was beneficial for navigating a website before there were search engines. The number of backlinks is a sign of the popularity of a site. For managing the cost to use backlinks, you can use Accounting System from HashMicro.

Backlinks related to quality content and websites are not spam. It can also help website visitors find additional information that was not on the original website. Another benefit is increasing the website’s credibility from a search engine point of view and evaluating search engine algorithms on how important a site is to be on the first page.

To improve their website’s search engine rankings, many businesses invest in link-building services to obtain high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. There are plenty of ways to build these links – from guest posting on blogs related to your niche to creating bespoke, newsworthy PR content designed to attract coverage from mass media publications.

Backlink Purpose

Here are some of the purposes of backlinks:

  • Increase the ranking of content and websites
  • A backlink can be helpful when it comes to increasing the ranking of content and websites
  • Increase the number of visitors and website interactions
  • Improve the quality of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Improve the quality of content with complete information without deviating from the main idea

Categories and Types of Backlinks

Backlinks have two categories, namely:

  1. One way backlink

This type is a one-way backlink by embedding a link on specific sites and does not need to include a backlink to that site. Here are some ways to do one-way backlinks:

  • Blog comments

You can include the URL of a website in each comment field with anchor text that you will optimize.

  • Signature forum

Some forums have a signature attached to each post, and you can use this to get a backlink.

  • Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks is a website where you can submit your site to that website and then make it a “bookmark.” 

  1. Reciprocal backlinks

This type is a two-way link. Some ways to do reciprocal backlinks:

  • Directory submit

Directory submit is a site that can classify various sites in a specific category and put the URL of the site you submitted into that category. However, this method requires you to do reciprocal links such as installing banners, links, and others on your site.

  • Exchange link

You can exchange by giving each other backlinks or exchanging links. It proved relevant and good from a search engine point of view. So, link-building through backlink-building tools can be good practice for your website.

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General Terms on Backlinks

Juice link

This term is a non-technical term in SEO that refers to the value of a link and website to another site. It can increase the ranking of articles, sites, and domain authority.

No-follow link

This type is different from link juice because it has a no-follow tag. Usually, this type relates to unrelated sites, such as links from other people’s blog comments.

Do-follow link

All the links that you add to blog content are Dofollow backlinks.

Linking root domain

Link is related to the number of links to your site from the unique primary domain name. For example, if a site is linked to your site ten times, it is one root domain.

External Link and Internal Link

An external link is a link that points to another site. Many SEO experts say that external links are an essential method in increasing the ranking of a website, as they contribute to improved SEO authority and help improve website ranking.

While internal links refer to the same domain in a link, internal links point to other pages but remain on the same site. Therefore, internal links affect SEO to increase the number of visitor interactions.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks can be helpful as a guarantee that shows that your content is good, relevant, and helpful to visitors. If multiple sites list links to the same page, search engines may conclude that the content deserves to be on the first page of related keywords.

Thus, using it has many positive effects on your site’s ranking position and search visibility. Besides backlinks, you can also boost your sales with CRM-Sales Software from HashMicro.


Besides being useful for SEO, you can also take advantage of backlinks to build relationships with those who work in the same Industry. Also, make sure you have good content that is useful to many people. You will automatically get backlinks if you have good content because people are happy and include your link on their sites.

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