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17 Best ERP Software in Singapore You Should Know in 2023

The best ERP software in Singapore is a solution that can automate business operations more efficiently with various advantages. In today’s digital era, modern and fully automated business management systems have also become a key factor in improving efficiency and accuracy in all important aspects related to business. Therefore, one of the technologies that are highly required by businessmen today is competent cloud-based modern ERP software.

Therefore, many international ERP software development services compete with each other to design and create the best Singapore ERP software. With many new ERP tools provider emerging every year, it is certainly related to the high demand from businesses in Singapore regarding ERP applications.

However, out of the many ERP system providers in Singapore, you must be careful in choosing the product that suits the needs of your business. Sometimes, several Singapore ERP software companies are unable to meet the company’s desire to streamline their business.

As a reference and consideration in choosing the best and most suitable enterprise resource planning software provider in Singapore to maximize your business potential. We have summarized information related to the 17 best ERP software development services in Singapore in 2023 that must be known by business owners who are seeking modern, accurate, efficient, and effective business solutions.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Before we discuss the software that we have evaluated as the best ERP software development services in Singapore, let’s first talk about the definition of ERP software itself, how it works, and the benefits that can be obtained from its implementation in your business.

What is ERP Software?

ERP software, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a type of software system specifically designed to manage and integrate all aspects of business operations within a company.

By using ERP software, a company can manage and automate its business processes. Such as financial management, inventory management, production management, human resource management, customer management, and a lot more.

ERP tools can help companies improve their operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and accelerate decision-making based on accurate data. In addition, ERP tools can also assist companies in improving the quality of products and services, increasing employee productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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How does The Best ERP Software Work?

best erp software in singapore

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a type of software that companies use to help manage all aspects of their business, such as operations, purchasing, production, marketing, finance, and human resources. The working mechanism of ERP software is as follows:

  1. Data Input: data from various departments within the company can be inputted into the secure ERP software.
  2. Data Integration: the data is then processed and merged to form coordinated and integrated information.
  3. Business Processes: ERP tools help companies run their business processes efficiently and in a coordinated manner.
  4. Data Analysis: integrated data is available for analysis, such as financial analysis, production analysis, and human resource analysis.
  5. Reporting: reports can be generated based on the available data and can be used by businesses to make better business decisions.

ERP software helps companies increase efficiency and productivity by providing coordinated and integrated information, making it easier to make business decisions.

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Benefits of Using ERP Software For Your Business

There are many benefits that a company can gain from using ERP tools for their business. One of the important functions, when a company uses enterprise resource planning, it has the ability to automate the operational management of the business effectively and efficiently. In addition, here are some of the benefits that a company will experience when using the best ERP solutions in Singapore:

  1. Data Integration: ERP software allows for the integration of data from various departments and systems within the company, allowing the company to create more coordinated and integrated information.
  2. Efficiency: Enterprise resource planning software helps companies run their business processes more efficiently. For example, by reducing data duplication and increasing the speed of information access.
  3. Ease of decision-making: ERP tools allow companies to analyze data and create reports easily. This will help you make better business decisions.
  4. Transparency: Enterprise resource planning software makes integrated information available to all departments in the company, making it easier to monitor and control business.
  5. Flexibility: ERP software often has configurable features that can be tailored to the company’s business needs. So this software will certainly be easier for you to use.
  6. Cost savings: ERP tools can help companies reduce costs by improving efficiency and productivity, and facilitating cost monitoring and control.

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17 best ERP Software Development Services in Singapore

Here is a summary of the best ERP software development services in Singapore. There are various essential aspects that we will explain in detail as a consideration and comparison point among providers, ranging from pricing, the value that businesses can get, ease of use, and completeness of systems and features, to the coverage of industries available in Singapore.

1. HashMicro

best erp software in singapore

HashMicro ERP software is a highly effective solution to help your company manage its operations and business processes in an integrated and efficient manner. They are a well-known ERP provider based in Singapore, providing a range of end-to-end business management solutions including accounting, CRM, HRM, inventory, procurement, and more for over 25 industries.

The industries that this company serves are various and we hear that it is currently building the system to apply to wider industries. It also invested heavily in robust modules that work well if purchased individually. It comes with advanced reporting, a user-friendly interface, and unlimited users. 

This ERP software development service has successfully become one of the best ERP software company in Southeast Asia with 1750+ clients from various industries such as Forbes Asia, Bank of China, Ministry of Education Singapore, and many others. This is also validated by Allied Market Research naming them as one of the largest ERP providers in Southeast Asia.

HashMicro as an ERP software development service has a complete collection of ERP modules that can be used by various types and scales of businesses, including:

a. CRM

The CRM module of this software includes prospect and customer data management, sales process monitoring, scheduling follow-ups with prospects, creating quotes and invoices, as well as detailed sales reports. As one of the best ERP provider software in Singapore, HashMicro certainly provides a useful CRM module for companies to analyze the quality of buyers. CRM can provide data such as prospects and schedules for following up with those customers.

b. Accounting

With this accounting software module, users can simplify processes such as bookkeeping, budget preparation, asset depreciation calculation, automatic bank reconciliation, invoice creation, financial report production, and cash flow estimation. Because of the importance of the accounting module, the ERP System from HashMicro provides the best accounting module that can be integrated with various divisions and other modules.

c. Inventory management

This module allows for automatic stock transfers from one warehouse location to another. Some examples of features from this inventory software include inventory forecasting, stock picking and packing, supplier management, and shipment tracking. The Inventory module of HashMicro’s Singaporean ERP software can certainly be integrated with other modules such as accounting and barcode so that the company’s inventory management can be more optimal.

d. HRM

The HRM software module not only helps in managing employee salaries but also simplifies recruitment processes, tracks attendance and leave, manages taxes, and more. As one of the best ERP providers in Singapore, HashMicro certainly provides an HRM module that is useful for facilitating HR performance in managing human resources.

e. Procurement

Procurement software can help your business streamline the purchasing process, from resource sourcing to vendor management, and invoice delivery. This aims to maintain optimal inventory levels while facilitating communication between related parties such as vendors, suppliers, and purchasing staff.

As the best ERP software provider in Singapore, HashMicro certainly provides a procurement module that can automate the entire raw material procurement process so that the company does not miss a single raw material during the procurement process.

f. Other modules

In addition to the main modules above, they also provides other specially designed and professional modules. These modules aim to meet business needs specifically in various industries in Singapore such as manufacturing software, construction software, mining software, and other industries.

Here are some advantages of the best ERP tools types from HashMicro compared to other software:

  1. 100% unlimited users without additional user fees, so you can freely grow your business without any user restrictions.
  2. Web and mobile app-based, so you can access it through a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and it is also integrated with WhatsApp.
  3. Comes with complete features and a simple interface, making it easy for all users to use.
  4. Can be customized in detail and uniquely according to your company’s needs and integrated with other systems you have.
  5. Additional services are available if you want to customize your solutions to your company’s workflow.
  6. Affordable pricing. Ideal for small, medium, and enterprise-scale businesses.
  7. Provides full support from expert teams who are ready to assist you from the consultation process, implementation, and data migration, to maintenance.

In addition, they has also been featured in many Singaporean media publications as one of the top ERP software development services. These various advantages make it an ideal choice for companies that want to improve their business efficiency and productivity without limits.

2. SAP Business One ERP Software

best erp software in singapore

SAP Business One is an ERP solution developed by SAP, a global technology company. ERP tools from SAP are designed specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The presence of the SAP ERP System allows various small and startup companies to grow faster than before. SAP is also one of the best ERP software development services in Singapore.

This solution provides a business management system that functions to manage finances, marketing, sales, purchasing, inventory, production, shipping, and human resource management. SAP Business One software can be integrated with other applications such as e-commerce systems and has a mobile application.

SAP Business One has a fairly fantastic price offer, around 90 thousand SGD, for its built-in features, excluding customization costs and annual user license fees. As per its target market, the SAP Business One ERP tools would be ideal if implemented in businesses with fewer employees (users). Learn more about the reason why SAP ERP software is more expensive than other providers in this article.

3. Deskera ERP

Deskera ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that helps companies manage all aspects of their business in one integrated platform. As one of the best ERP software companies in Singapore, Deskera offers common features such as finance and accounting management, asset management, project management, inventory management, and human resource management that can help companies improve their efficiency and business productivity.

In addition, Deskera as one of the ERP software development services also offers good mobility and accessibility to ensure that businesses can run smoothly regardless of location and time. This is the right solution for companies that want to manage their business with an integrated approach to various important aspects of their business.

4. Zoho ERP Application

Zoho Corporation is a multinational technology company based in India that produces computer software and web-based business tools. One of them is the Zoho ERP system which provides solutions to help companies manage operations in an integrated way. With a user-friendly interface and many features, this software also makes it easy for employees to manage daily tasks quickly and effectively.

Zoho as one of the ERP solutions providers in Singapore offers more than 40 internet-based software to increase sales. Also, to optimize business promotions, accelerate various accounting tasks facilitate coordination with colleagues and customers, and much more. Therefore it is one of the best ERP software providers that can support companies in running all business processes on one platform.

5. SAP S/4 HANA ERP System

best erp software in singapore

SAP developed SAP S/4 HANA as an ERP platform from its previous ERP tools. They designed the software to operate with the latest technology, including in-memory databases that can maximize the speed and accuracy of real-time data transfer.

Like most ERP system providers, S/4 HANA offers a set of modules that you can use to manage various aspects of your business. For instance, financial management, purchasing, production, and delivery. As one of the best ERP software companies in Singapore, S/4 HANA is also able to integrate with other business applications used by the company, such as IoT systems, mobile applications, and cloud computing systems.

The cost of implementing this software ranges from 270 thousand to 1,8 million. If added with licensing fees, subscription fees, and application management support, the total cost will be around 2 billion for each package. 

6. Oracle NetSuite ERP

best erp software in singapore

NetSuite was founded in 1998 and is one of the pioneers of cloud-deployed software based in California, United States. In July 2016, Oracle acquired NetSuite to form Oracle NetSuite. As one of the best ERP software development services in Singapore, NetSuite certainly provides various attractive features and can be automatically integrated with business processes in various aspects.

NetSuite ERP system can support several business aspects ranging from HR planning, inventory management, financial tracking, and customer relationship management. As one of the ERP solutions providers in Singapore, Netsuite also offers various features that can be customized to the needs of the company.

NetSuite as the ERP software company, priced their software in range of 9-30 thousand per module. This price does not include license fees, integration & setup costs, and training costs. In addition, NetSuite also uses a database that can only be accessed and operated by a specialized IT team, so not everyone (including users) can access it.

7. Brightpearl ERP

Brightpearl is a cloud-based ERP system in Singapore that supports business operations of various scales. Its usage aims to automate back-office activities. Therefore, companies can focus more on improving the quality of customer service and developing their business potential optimally.

As one of the best ERP software development services, they allow omnichannel merchants to manage their business from one platform and also help to align online and offline sales. Brightpearl ERP software is also integrated with several leading e-commerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

8. WorkWise ERP

Next is the cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from WorkWise. This software is designed to support the productivity of manufacturing companies in running their daily operations and productions more effectively and efficiently. The software also supports various types of manufacturing such as make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), and mixed-mode.

This software is certainly useful to help companies. Especially in manufacturing, to make better decisions based on information and data analysis. So that they can shorten production cycle times, optimize supply chain management, and improve planning efficiency, implementation, and communication effectiveness. In addition to being able to operate via PC, this ERP software company also enables their system to be accessed on iOS and Android-based mobile devices.


Ecount ERP is an accounting application suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. This application has various features that support accounting tasks such as purchase management, budget monitoring, and payroll calculation. These features make ECOUNT ERP very effective and efficient for companies to use. The Ecount ERP application is more focused on accounting and cannot be used for other modules.

With these ERP tools, companies can ensure that financial data in their business can be well managed and accessed by all related departments. Ecount as one of the best ERP software development services also provides integration features with other business applications such as IoT systems, mobile applications, and cloud computing systems. All of these can improve efficiency and speed in business processes. In addition, this system can also help companies in the process of making business decisions.

10. Sage Intacct

best erp software in singapore

Sage Intact is one of the best ERP software companies to help your business simplify and automate your accounting tasks. It also provides key features such as a multidimensional General Ledger and optional modules like revenue recognition, sales tax, and subscription billing. Sage Intact provides ERP tools in Singapore that offer various modules capable of optimizing business management in various aspects.

Sage Intact also has easy-to-follow video tutorials and user guides. Additionally, other software applications such as online payment, CRM, and travel management can integrate with this software. With its cloud-based concept, the system can make software configuration and report formats easier without the need for program customization. Companies widely use Sage Intacct as an ERP provider, which is why it is a popular choice.

11. Compiere ERP Software 

best erp software in singapore

Compiere is a modern, efficient, and cost-effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. As one of the best ERP software development services in Singapore, Compiere has various management features such as product management, order management, material management, inventory management, finance management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The software combines these features with standard business displays and reports, making it easy for users to perform their tasks.

ERP software company such as Compiere has unique features such as cloud hosting, customization according to needs, and multi-currency, multi-company, and multi-language capabilities. This also makes Compiere very suitable for implementation in management systems in a group of companies.

12. Workday

Workday is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps medium to large-scale companies manage their assets, resource planning, financing, and human resource management. It released its first product, Workday Human Capital Management, in 2006, which was a human resource management system. Since then, ERP software company such as Workday has continued to develop with additional modules such as business intelligence, planning, professional service automation, and project management.

Overall, Workday’s best ERP software provides integrated solutions for various business needs and helps companies manage their operations effectively and efficiently. With the Workday ERP application, companies can monitor employee performance, make data-driven decisions, and streamline administrative, planning, and human resource management tasks.

13. ERPNext

best erp software in singapore

ERPNext is one of the best ERP software development services that originate from India. Many service companies, manufacturers, and distributors use this application module. Some of its main modules include accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, website and e-commerce, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory. Various fields, especially distribution and retail companies in Singapore, widely use the ERP software from this product.

ERPNext is open-source software, so it requires technical knowledge and time to implement it correctly. In this case, assistance from an IT consultant or specialist may be essential to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. This software also has features that enable businesses to monitor and control their expenses more effectively, ensuring that they use their resources efficiently.

14. SAP EWM ERP Software

best erp software in singapore

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is an ERP application from SAP. This software includes features such as warehouse planning, material management, stock control, order processing, and location monitoring. The system also integrates with other systems in the SAP SCM suite such as SAP Material Management (MM) and SAP Production Planning (PP), allowing companies to manage their warehouse business processes holistically.

This German-based ERP software development service offers various key features that enable companies to efficiently manage their logistics processes. The process starts with creating reports and analysis, managing inventory, monitoring performance, and integrating with other systems. With this system, companies can also improve warehouse efficiency, minimize operational costs, and accelerate business processes.

15. Odoo ERP System

best erp software in singapore

Odoo is an ERP system that helps businesses manage all aspects in an integrated manner. There are various modules such as CRM, project management, sales, manufacturing, warehouse, and financial management. Odoo performs periodic updates to maximize communication and exchange of information between employees. The ERP software modules from Odoo can facilitate businesses in managing their companies so that their operations become more effective and efficient.

Companies can integrate existing systems using the best ERP tools from Odoo so that each department can access them more easily according to their needs. In addition to having comprehensive modules, Odoo also provides a reporting system with a systematic format visually understandable by users.

16. SystemEver

SystemEver is capable of helping companies manage various aspects of their business such as production, purchasing, sales, finance, and others. This software offers comprehensive and efficient integrated solutions to help companies improve their productivity and business efficiency.

SystemEver comes with various advanced features such as production management, warehouse management, purchasing management, sales management, financial management, and others. The software interface is very user-friendly, making it easy for users to utilize its features and functionality.

You can access this system through various devices such as laptops/PCs or smartphones, anytime and anywhere connected to the internet. This allows you to complete your work in real-time.

17. Epicor ERP

best erp software in singapore

Epicor Software Corporation is a global software company based in Texas. The company offers automated solutions suitable for medium to large-scale businesses in various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services. Epicor ERP offers advanced features and technologies that help businesses manage their processes more efficiently and effectively.

Some essential modules also available in Epicor ERP include customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and human capital management (HCM). These modules can help businesses manage their operations to deliver optimal results.

The Best ERP You Choose Must be Able to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Based on evaluations of various best ERP tools, most ERP software providers have excellent features and performance. Additionally, Businesses ranging from small to medium-sized enterprises and even enterprises can implement these features. This software has proven to respond to business challenges in various industrial sectors in Singapore, demonstrating its advantages.

erp for smes

Choosing one of the best ERP providers in Singapore would be difficult. Especially due to the rapid development of technology and increasing competition. For business owners who are looking for an ERP system, we recommend Hash Core ERP. Specifically, because this ERP software has a complete package of modules for various industries at a reasonable price.

The best ERP software solution offered by Hashmicro in Singapore is not only an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimize their processes. But it is also supported by the Productivity Solution Grant (PSG). With this, eligible businesses can receive up to a 50% subsidy for their software purchase from ERP software company of their choice.

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