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      Odoo ERP Review 2024: Features, Weakness and Alternative

      Are you considering adopting a new system for your company? Or are you thinking of switching from the current business software you’re using?

      In today’s continuously evolving digital era, various businesses are starting to shift towards using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology systems to optimize operations and enhance their business efficiency.

      One of the ERP systems widely used by companies in Indonesia is Odoo ERP. This open-source management system covers company needs that are easy to use and integrate.

      However, is Odoo ERP the right solution and has it met your specific business needs? Choosing the right ERP system is a crucial decision, as a mistake in selection can lead to operational inefficiency and significant investment waste.

      Therefore, this article will provide a comprehensive review of Odoo ERP to help you understand whether this system is the answer to the business challenges you face. This article will address questions for businesses currently selecting an ERP system or reassessing their current system choices.


      Table of Content:

        Key Takeaways

        • Odoo ERP is an open-source ERP system designed to meet various business needs.
        • Benefits of using the Odoo ERP system include enhancing team collaboration management efficiency.
        • Although Odoo ERP offers various attractive features, there are some drawbacks businesses need to consider.
        • HashMicro is the best ERP software alternative that can be integrated and customized in detail according to business needs.

        What is Odoo ERP?

        Odoo ERP is an open-source ERP system designed to meet various business needs. Odoo was first established in Belgium in 2005 and was known as Tiny ERP, later becoming OpenERP, before finally being renamed Odoo.

        Known for its modularity, Odoo ERP provides a range of applications that can be tailored to various business processes, from sales management and CRM to manufacturing, accounting, and warehouse management.

        With a customizable ERP solution like Odoo ERP, businesses can more easily adapt to market changes and enhance their overall competitiveness.

        Benefits and Features of Odoo ERP

        As an integrated ERP software, Odoo automates and simplifies various business processes, from accounting, sales, inventory management, production, to human resources.

        With its modular architecture, Odoo ERP allows businesses to select and customize applications according to their unique needs, ensuring optimal flexibility and scalability.

        These features assist companies in improving team collaboration, reducing data redundancy, and producing accurate analytical reports for better decision-making.

        Additionally, the global Odoo ERP community support provides abundant resources, ensuring that users can maximize the value of their investment in this ERP software if used effectively.

        Drawbacks of Odoo ERP

        Although Odoo ERP offers several benefits and attractive features, there are some drawbacks and challenges businesses need to consider before deciding to implement this system.

        Here are some of the drawbacks present in the Odoo ERP system:

        Complex Interface and Usage

        odoo erp odoo erp

        Based on user reviews on G2 and Gartner, Odoo ERP has an interface that is difficult to understand, especially for new users. This presents a challenge in learning and using it effectively for daily tasks.

        This complexity can result in a steeper learning curve for new users, increasing the time and cost required for training. Users may also feel frustrated or overwhelmed, which can decrease productivity.

        Limited Features and Inability to Meet Needs

        odoo erp odoo erp

        Reviews on Capterra mention that one of the drawbacks experienced by Odoo ERP users is the limitation in the features offered. Although the system provides various different modules, these modules only cover core functions that may not be sufficient for businesses requiring complex solutions.

        To access advanced features, companies usually have to invest further by purchasing additional modules or special applications. This can add to the overall implementation and operational system costs.

        Additionally, although Odoo ERP offers customization flexibility as an open-source system, companies require a developer team or third party for modifications or customizations. The need for extensive customization and extra time for training can be challenging, especially for companies looking for a ready-made system.

        Less Than Optimal System Performance

        odoo erp

        One of the drawbacks often found in the Odoo ERP system is less than optimal system performance. Users sometimes face situations where the system runs slowly, especially when handling large volumes of data or running complex processes.

        Moreover, reviews on Capterra report that the Odoo ERP system has bugs that can disrupt various functions. Bug fixes and updates can also be time-consuming. These delays can be significant, especially for businesses that rely on high responsiveness and system availability for their daily operations.

        Thus, companies considering Odoo as their ERP solution need to be aware of these potential performance issues and consider their impact on productivity and the smoothness of their business processes.

        Lack of Local Support

        odoo erp

        Based on reviews on Capterra, another drawback of the Odoo ERP system is the lack of local support. This can create issues in communication and adaptation to local regulations or specifications, including Indonesia.

        Language barriers could hinder problem resolution and interaction with technical support, while adaptation to local regulations and needs might require complex adjustments without support understanding the local context.

        Without effective support regarding the local context, Odoo ERP users might experience a decrease in operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, ultimately hindering the overall productivity of the business.

        Poor Customer Service

        odoo erp odoo erp

        Another drawback of Odoo ERP is the unsatisfactory quality of customer service. Reviews on TrustRadius report that Odoo ERP’s customer service tends to be slow in responding to inquiries or issues faced.

        Users often feel frustrated due to long waits to receive responses. However, when responses are given, the solutions provided tend to be ineffective or even fail to resolve the problems encountered.

        This complaint reflects the gap between user expectations for quick and efficient support and the reality of the service they receive, which in turn can affect user satisfaction and the effectiveness of ERP system implementation in their business.

        HashMicro: A Superior ERP Software Solution for Your Business Needs

        erp software for venture capital


        As an alternative to Odoo ERP, HashMicro stands out with its integration capabilities and intuitive user interface, making it easy for users to manage their business operations efficiently.

        HashMicro offers products designed to meet industry standards and comply with local regulations, ensuring that businesses adopting HashMicro solutions can operate efficiently and legally in the Indonesian business environment.

        HashMicro’s ERP software has gained the trust of more than 2250 clients across various major industry sectors in Indonesia, signaling high credibility and reliability in providing business solutions.

        From financial management, production, sales, to human resources, HashMicro integrates all aspects of the business into one comprehensive platform to ensure users can access information quickly and easily.

        Here are some of the advantages of HashMicro that can support the success of your business:

        User-friendly Interface

        HashMicro’s ERP software is designed with an intuitive user interface, featuring a clean display, neatly organized icons, and logical navigation processes. Users can access and operate various functions more quickly and without obstacles.

        This advantage can improve company work efficiency because users can navigate the system more intuitively and access needed information swiftly.

        Comprehensive Features and Detailed Customization According to Needs

        HashMicro offers comprehensive and deep features, which can be customized in detail to meet the specific needs of each business. This customization ensures that companies can optimize the use of ERP according to their business processes.

        It also provides the flexibility for companies to scale up or down features according to business growth and changes, ensuring the ERP investment remains valuable in the long term.

        Innovation and Technology Support

        HashMicro is committed to innovation and continuous improvement, offering regular technology updates to ensure that users receive the latest and best solutions.

        This guarantees that the ERP system remains relevant and effective in facing market changes, as well as minimizing security data risks and system downtime by ensuring the software is always updated with the latest security patches and features.

        Unlimited Users Without Additional Charges

        Unlike some other ERP providers that charge based on the number of users, HashMicro offers unlimited access for users without additional charges.

        This advantage provides flexibility in team development and expansion of roles without worrying about increased licensing costs. Additionally, broad access to data and systems across various departments will support more informed and coordinated decision-making.

        Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

        Customer satisfaction is a priority for HashMicro. This is reflected in the responsive and effective customer support. The support team is ready to help users overcome various operational challenges and ensure they can utilize the ERP system optimally.

        This enhances user satisfaction by offering a positive user experience and ensuring that companies can fully utilize the ERP features to optimize the return on investment (ROI) from their system.


        With all the advantages it possesses, HashMicro stands out as a highly competent and reliable alternative. HashMicro offers a more tailored ERP solution, making it the right choice for businesses seeking to maximize the value from their ERP investment.

        HashMicro’s advantages are not only limited to a user-friendly interface but also in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions that cover all business needs.

        Adopting HashMicro as your ERP system means choosing a solution that has been tested and trusted by various industry players in Indonesia, providing quality assurance and support for your business’s growth and sustainability.

        With HashMicro, you’re not just acquiring software, but also a partner supporting your company’s operational and strategic excellence. What are you waiting for? Try the free demo now!

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