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Automating the HR Operations

Compliant with IRAS' latest rules, HashMicro HRM is comes packed with the latest features such as KETS, ePayslip, Interbank GIROs, and many more to further service your business better.

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Keep Track of Your Employees Easily with Human Resources Management Software

Human Resources Management software is designed to help you to manage your employees and future employees every day. The tools have been created to fit the needs of big corporations as for small businesses. Contrary to other ordinary human resources applications, HashMicro HRM provides informations from all other apps to evaluate and manage your employees

Singapore Localized Human Resource Management Software
  • Oversee all important information in your company's address book. Restrict some information to HR managers, and make others public for all employees to easily find their colleagues.
  • Maintain the motivational process in your company by doing periodical evaluations of your employees' performance using HashMicro Singapore Human Resource Management Software.
  • Easily manage all expenses with our easy-to-use HRM software. From travel expenses to fuel cards, keep track of everything.
  • Centralize all contracts and wages. Keep accurate accounting for all internal transactions. No more salary mistake.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore Human Resource Management Software Features:

  • Leave Management & Timesheet
  • Expenses Management
  • Job Post Management & keep track of submitted applications
  • Survey & Poll Management
  • Set up periodical employee evaluation
  • Shared Calendar
  • CPF Management
  • IR8A & IR8S Report Generation
  • Employee Timesheet & Leave Reports
  • Employee Performance Assessment
Singapore Localized Human Resource Management Software System
Singapore Human Resource Management Software System

Track Time & Attendance

Keep track of the time spent by project, client or tasks. Easily access statistics to record timesheets and check each employee’s attendance. Get your analytic accounting posted automatically based on the time spent on your projects.

Singapore Human Resource Management Software System

Leave Management

Keep track of the vacation days taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests (paid holidays, sick leave, etc), and managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks. The agenda of each employee is updated accordingly.

Singapore Human Resource Management Software System


Get employees to easily submit and justify expenses. Let managers approve or reject them expense by expense. Let the approved expenses flow immediately into HashMicro's Accounting System.

Singapore Human Resource Management Software System


Create the rightful survey to collect your employees answers. Prepare your own templates or choose from existing ones. Manage several types of evaluations: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations and final evaluation by the manager.

Singapore Human Resource Management Software System


Use the kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitments process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics on your recruitment pipeline.

Singapore Human Resource Management Software System


Generate CPF reports & integrate it with HashMicro Accounting System to generate the full report of your expenses & employee total costs. You can also set reminders to payout for your employee's CPF.

Wholesale HRM Software Singapore can be integrated with other modules for increasing the functionality of the system. Adding other modules allows the user better control and access to valuable information without worrying about a different system. Adding more features leads to have customized human resources management system:

Singapore Localized Wholesale Human Resources Management Software
  • Integrate HRM System with Accounting System to better manage the company finances related to the expenses and the taxes.
  • Competency Management System helps you address employee skill deficiencies, helping to define their needs and improve the performance.

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Accounting System
Competency Management System


General Enquiries
Yes, as our software promotes productivity and is designed to boost your company's business efficiency. You can claim several government grants like PIC, CDG & iSprint. Claim percentage for CDG & iSprint is up to 70% and 40% for PIC.
Support is one of our company's forte, and one of the parts which our company cares the most. We provide 3 lines of support. Firstly, your project manager, secondly, our call hotline, which is available during business hours. Lastly, we have a portal support, available 24 / 7, to ensure your software working seamlessly.
HashMicro has a long history of successful & satisfied ERP implementations, and one of HashMicro's core values is to uphold customer satisfaction, meaning we will do our best to bring the best services to our customers. We also innovate new features & upgrades to keep up to date with the latest trends. Our clients are entitled to the updates at free of cost.
Software Enquiries
Our softwares are ready products that are constantly being upgraded by our research & development team. We also understand that each industry has different needs, hence our softwares are equipped with wide range of functions / modules that are tailored for each industry.
Yes, we do customize our products to meet our clients' unique needs. Depending on the requirements, we may even have the ready add-ons or modules built beforehand.
Yes, we have a mobile app version of our software to better help your company automate your business better. Our mobile app covers a wide range of functionalities depending on the module you are looking for.

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HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System