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Know the Importance of Product Design in Business Development

Would you like your business to expand by creating an exciting product design? To do so, you need to understand the product’s core design and have reference guides, so you can produce the best work possible. Currently, the value of a product can be seen not only from its benefits but also from aesthetic value.

The design of the product is an overview of the product that will be developed. In product design marketing, it is essential to make the product appealing to the audience. You can also use different services to achieve your goals in product design.

Furthermore, the type of services or products of production would have an impact on business development, especially in a digital era like this. As a result, keep an eye out for the next article to learn more about understanding, purpose, types, functions, examples of the best applications in product design, and the factors that influence it. 


Definition of Product Design

The product’s design consists of two words refer to a framework or design and product which refer to products or services that are made and have a useful value which is then in the production process into the final result.

Design development is a critical process in product creation, as it shapes the aesthetic and functional aspects of the product, influencing its market success and user satisfaction. Product design is an activity that involves creativity in designing an object that will be worked and produced into more valuable and useful objects.

A design is not only a design on paper but rather a process from beginning to end involving such things as design, an idea that must be achieved has a high aesthetic value. The key to a successful product design is to have an understanding of the customer and the target for the product.

A product designer tries to solve the problem for the real user by utilizing empathy and knowledge about the habits, behaviors, frustration, needs and wants of prospective customers.

So the conclusion of the understanding of the product’s design is the process of identifying market opportunities, defining problems clearly, developing appropriate solutions for the problem, and validating solutions with real users. In making the specifications of a design on the product, consider the existence of the production process, audience expectations, and final decisions.

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Product Design Purposes in Developing a Business

The existence of a design on the product has the goal of making each user of the product feel safe, comfortable, and benefit when they use the product. So it will create interactions between users with products, usually related to whether they feel safe, comfortable, easy to use, solutions, benefits, and an emotionally positive impact on the user problem.

The design purposes of these products generally include the following:

  1. To produce a quality product and to have high selling value.
  2. To produce a product that trends in its time and matches the needs of consumers.
  3. Making a product into an economic product as possible in the use of raw materials and costs without having to reduce the quality, selling value of quality, and also the benefits of the product.
  4. To increase market share by targeting new market segments.

The Reason Why Product Design is Important

The design of a product is one important factor, but it is also sensitive to a company. There’s a very long process of creating designs for the goods. Because it will determine success or product failure in business circles, market shares, and the company’s reputation. So there are various factors associated with the product.

Product design is also a process of forming and developing an effective and efficient idea for a new product. Therefore, in the stages of a design on a product, it needs special treatment from the beginning and final stage to the creation of a new innovative design or at least the development of a design on a more unique and interesting product or service into a real product.

Types of Product Design

There are two types of designs that can be developed to produce a product in reality, which is:

  1. Creating a truly new product design means creating a different idea and a new prototype that has never existed before. Based on this research, it is an innovation in the design of products with a new and creative look. 
  2. Making design modifications to the product is easier. However, it should be able to highlight the characteristics of your own business, so it is not exactly the same as the one already on the market. Designs that are updated from those already on the market will work even better, both new products and variations that are on the market.

Functions and Benefits of Product Design 

In general, the function and benefits of the design of the goods or services are as the identity of the product itself and as a protector of a product and increase its monetary value. Furthermore, the value of the production design is something that the consumer takes note of. Here are the functions and benefits:

Providing customer satisfaction

Consumers will tend to look at a product based on the design display. Because of a look at the quality design, attractive looks, ease of use, and limited constraints lead the consumer to conclude that the product is necessary for quality.

As the determinant of product success

Creation and innovation in producing designs on goods or services would be of great benefit to a business. With the determining factors of a product’s success, it will improve performance, and efficiency, and also reduce the cost and risk to the business at hand.

Increasing sales

In reaching larger markets it is necessary to create innovative and creative designs. Because a unique design would be a factor in the success of a product or service. It will certainly affect sales as well and also increase investment returns for a business. You can increase sales significantly with the help of CRM sales software. This system will Sell smarter, faster, and more effectively, and also boost your sales team’s productivity.

Improving the company’s quality

A successful company produces a design for careful production of products, with optimal use of materials, reduced production costs, and minimized waste. In addition, the production design was capable of having a unique characteristic.

Improving business growth

The design of the product would affect the sales process of a service or goods, whether the design is new or the development of existing designs. When it comes to aesthetic value, it certainly has an impact on the product. This will cause the sale of the product to increase, thus affecting businesses that are in development.

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download skema harga software erp

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Examples of the Best Product Design Applications

No software can serve all these needs at once. So it’s hard enough to select which software is currently available on the market. Here are some examples of applications you use for various aspects of the design process in digital products:


example of product design application

A Figma is essentially a vector design tool, but actually, its focus is on the interface like opening a lot of artboards on the work screen. You can easily customize the grid and columns, build and change the style.

This feature makes Figma the best program for digital interface design. This software is not only simple to use but also allows you to share your designs with clients or teams. Designers can also use a Figma iPhone mockup to test out their works beforehand and make sure the web design is good for mobile.



The design application was old, but it was still a favorite since it was so useful. Illustrator is still the chief option when relating to the vector’s graph because it does not reduce its features for UI/UX design needs. Adobe products in general have a steep learning curve, but the illustrator provides many resources to assist you in reaching your goals. This is thanks to his stance on the design industry.



Would you like to edit a photo, perfect it, or make an illustration? Photoshop would be a good choice for most people. Because this is the only raster graphic editor in the market with multiple possibilities, functions, integration, and tools. In addition, as the most famous image editing program ever available, with so many of its tutorials and assets, you would not get too lost or have difficulty using them.

Factors That Affect Product Design

Like the foregoing explanation, the design of the product takes a long time. This is because, in the production of a work, there are several factors that affect it, including:

The function and usefulness of a product 

If you make the product independently, it is necessary to understand its function and purpose first. Like how we see competitors for similar products. For example skincare products, you need to create what the skin needs and how it covers it.

Design standards and specifications

The standards and design specifications will intersect with product parts, the building blocks, the color, and the size of the design. As an example of food billboard design, red for hot sensation is definitely more attractive and striking than yellow.

Product responsibilities 

The responsibility of the product is the effort that the manufacturer offers to the consumer. This, of course, will be a factor that affects the design. For example, a 100-percent halal warranty for food, or another guarantee of satisfaction.

Price and volume of products

The price determined the quantity, whereas the volume determined the product size.

Product prototype.

The prototype is the first model of the product we can use to sample the next purchase. Like samples for perfumes, body lotions, something like that. Usually, the sample size is smaller than the original size on the market.


So a discussion of product design is important to improving business development. Product design has production value, thus companies must focus on product design development. In addition, there are various applications that could support designing for products. It will help you support work that requires a visual representation of both a product and a service in the digital world if you use it correctly.

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