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      Deskera ERP Review 2024: Features, Weakness, & Alternative Solution

      In today’s modern complex business operations, businesses often face a number of problems that require integrated solutions. The use of ERP systems has become popular for companies in managing their business operations.

      One widely known ERP platform is Deskera ERP. With a variety of features and capabilities, Deskera ERP has become one of the choices for some companies in various types of industries.

      However, is Deskera ERP the best solution for you? If you are considering using Deskera, it’s important to consider the functionality of the software. Check if the software precisely meets your business needs before making a decision.

      Therefore, this article will provide a comprehensive review of Deskera ERP, including the features and functionalities offered by Deskera ERP, its drawbacks, and possible alternatives you may consider using.

      Key Takeaways

      • Deskera ERP is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to meet the needs of businesses.
      • Deskera ERP offers a range of features designed to streamline business operations and improve efficiency.
      • While Deskera ERP stands out for its comprehensive suite of features, this software also has some drawbacks and weaknesses.
      • HashMicro is an alternative ERP solution that provides a highly efficient system, ideal for businesses seeking advanced systems that effortlessly integrate with existing platforms.

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      Table of Content:

        What is Deskera ERP?

        Deskera ERP is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to meet the needs of businesses. Its cloud-based nature ensures that businesses can access their operations and data from anywhere, at any time, facilitating remote work and real-time decision-making.

        Deskera was founded in 2008 in Singapore by Shashank Dixit, Brajesh Sachan, Paritosh Mahana, and Somesh Misra. Deskera’s founders aimed to create a platform that would enable businesses to manage their core operations, from finance and sales to inventory and human resources.

        Deskera ERP is typically used by businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. It is particularly popular among businesses to provide critical insights into business performance and help companies grow their operations effectively.

        Benefits and Features of Deskera ERP

        Benefits and Features of Deskera ERP

        Deskera ERP offers a range of features designed to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. It includes the management of different business functions, such as accounting, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

        One of the benefits of Deskera ERP is its cloud-based infrastructure, which allows for anytime, anywhere access. This flexibility is beneficial in today’s digital world to allow employees to work remotely and business owners to make informed data-driven decisions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

        While Deskera ERP offers a comprehensive suite of features that can significantly benefit businesses, it is essential for each business to evaluate the system based on its specific needs, industry requirements, and growth plans.

        Drawbacks of Deskera ERP

        While Deskera ERP stands out for its comprehensive suite of features, it is important to approach the selection of such a system with a balanced view. Recognizing the drawbacks and weaknesses of Deskera ERP is crucial for the decision-making processes.

        Below are some of the drawbacks of Deskera ERP that are stated by users:

        1. Complex interface and usage

        Complex interface and usage

        Despite the benefits and features offered by Deskera ERP, users’ reviews on G2 have pointed out challenges related to its interface and usability, especially in terms of complexity.

        This complexity may arise because the platform aims to cover a broad spectrum of business processes within a single integrated system. As a result, navigating through its myriad features and options can initially seem daunting.

        2. Lack of features and functionalities

        Lack of features and functionalities



        Lack of features and functionalitiesSome users have pointed out that Deskera ERP does not fully meet their needs in terms of depth and flexibility in reporting capabilities. This limitation can have significant implications for businesses that rely on detailed analytics and customized reports to make informed decisions.

        It’s important for businesses considering Deskera ERP to assess these aspects in the context of their specific needs and growth plans. Companies with complex requirements might need to conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure it aligns with their long-term goals. 

        3. Integration incapabilities

        integration incapabilities




        One potential drawback of Deskera ERP is integration incapabilities, as highlighted by some user reviews on GetApp. Its limitations in seamlessly integrating with other third-party applications and systems has become an issue for businesses that rely on a diverse ecosystem of tools and software for their operations.

        As businesses grow and evolve, their software needs can become more complex, necessitating the use of additional tools and applications. If Deskera ERP cannot easily connect with these new tools, it may limit the scalability of the business and force companies to look for alternative solutions that offer more robust integration capabilities.

        4. Suboptimal system performance

        Suboptimal system performance


        Suboptimal system performanceOther drawbacks of Deskera ERP can be highlighted based on user experiences and reviews, such as those found on platforms like G2. While Deskera ERP offers a broad range of functionalities, some users have encountered issues related to system performance that could impact its effectiveness and user satisfaction.

        For businesses that rely on real-time data and swift transaction processing, any lag or unresponsiveness can lead to bottlenecks and affect operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

        HashMicro as a Comprehensive ERP Solution for Your Business

        HashMicro as a Comprehensive ERP Solution for Your Business

        As a leading ERP vendor based in Singapore, HashMicro serves as an excellent alternative for businesses in search of a detailed all-in-one ERP solution catering to a wide range of businesses. Equipped with a suite of comprehensive features, it aims to boost operational efficiency and elevate overall business outcomes.

        With over 1.750 clients across significant sectors in Singapore embracing HashMicro for their operational needs, it builds HashMicro’s reputation as a dependable and superior ERP solution provider in the region.

        Moreover, HashMicro adherence to industry standards and compliance with local laws and regulations represents a critical advantage for businesses operating in various sectors. This compliance ensures that business operations are run efficiently and ethically sound. 

        When compared to Deskera ERP, HashMicro emerges with several benefits that contribute extra value to businesses, such as:

        User-friendly and intuitive interface

        HashMicro sets itself apart with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, aimed at enhancing user engagement. Its clean layout, recognizable icons, and simple navigation allow users of all technical levels to manage the system effectively.

        Features like drag-and-drop, customizable dashboards, and straightforward data presentations also aid users in quickly grasping essential details, leading to improved and prompt decision-making processes.

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        download skema harga software erp

        Customizable features to meet business requirements

        HashMicro’s deep customization capability is designed to align with the unique needs and processes of various businesses. This flexibility is essential in today’s diverse business landscape, where a one-size-fits-all approach is often inadequate.

        Whether it is tailoring the user interface for ease of use, modifying workflows to streamline specific business processes, or integrating unique functionalities to meet industry-specific requirements, HashMicro ERP can be meticulously configured.

        Reliable integration capabilities

        These capabilities allow businesses to seamlessly connect with a wide array of third-party applications, systems, and services, including e-commerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, supply chain management, and various financial software. 

        Moreover, HashMicro ERP supports custom integrations, offering businesses the flexibility to tailor the system to their needs and technology stack. This level of integration capability is important in creating an agile and responsive business environment that can quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands.

        Innovation and technological advancements

        HashMicro’s ERP system is built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology and ongoing innovation. This advantage allows quick response times and efficient data management to boost business’ productivity.

        By incorporating modern technologies like cloud solutions, big data, and smart algorithms, HashMicro ensures its system can scale with your business’s growth. Continuous technical support and frequent updates keep the system current with the newest features.

        Comprehensive customer support

        HashMicro ERP offers lifetime after-sales service and maintenance to reflect its commitment to building lasting client relationships and providing necessary support. With a responsive and dedicated support team, HashMicro ensures effective resolution of any inquiries or issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing client satisfaction.


        The use of an ERP  system has become a critical component in navigating the complexities and dynamics of modern business environments. Thus, the importance of choosing the right ERP system cannot be overstated, as it sets the foundation for a business’ operational success and adaptability.

        HashMicro provides a highly efficient and reliable ERP solution, ideal for businesses seeking advanced systems that effortlessly integrate with existing platforms. Distinguishing itself from Infor ERP, HashMicro offers extensive customization options and allows greater adaptability to meet specific business requirements.

        Therefore, HashMicro stands as not merely an ERP provider but a strategic ally in achieving your business objectives. For companies looking to fully realize their capabilities, selecting HashMicro as a comprehensive business solution is a strategic move.

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