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PSG Overview

The Productivity Solutions Grant covers sector-specific solutions such as:

ERP Hashmicro

Wholesale & Distribution

ERP Hashmicro
ERP Hashmicro

Retail & F&B

ERP Hashmicro
ERP Hashmicro


ERP Hashmicro
ERP Hashmicro


ERP Hashmicro
ERP Hashmicro

Professional Service

ERP Hashmicro
ERP Hashmicro

Construction & Landscaping

ERP Hashmicro

Which ERP Solutions Are Supported by PSG Grant?

HashMicro provides several ERP solutions packages, suitable for various kind of business or industries

PSG Sales

Improve your sales team performance. Sell smarter, faster, and more efficiently with integrated solutions.

PSG Accounting

Automates your business' financial management with a robust software system at your disposal.

PSG Inventory

Optimize inventory levels, monitor stock transfers, and improve stock-taking processes in various locations.

PSG Purchasing

Simplify purchase requests from multiple divisions & branches for better procurement process efficiency.

PSG Manufacture

The best manufacturing software to improve the productivity of your business operations.

Eligibility Requirements

The PSG maximum support level has been enhanced up to 80%. To qualify for the PSG, your business needs to:

HashMicro’s ERP Software for Working From Home

Registered and Operating in Singapore

HashMicro’s ERP Software for Working From Home

Less than $100M in yearly revenue

HashMicro’s ERP Software for Working From Home

Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

as a business consultant, HashMicro is more than happy to assist you with guidelines for applying for the PSG


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