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Up to 70% Funding Support from NTUC CTC Grant

Energize your business with grants that supports up to 70% funding for HashMicro ERP software

CTC Overview

The provision of the Company Training Committee (CTC) grant will help the company achieve the following:

HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Enterprise Transformation

  • Enhanced business capabilities, innovation, and/or productivity that lead to worker and business outcomes by covering the equipment/software and related OEM/training
HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Workforce Revolution

  • Elevated employment outcomes such as wage increase and Career Development Plan for local workers (i.e., Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents) through job redesign and training.
HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Market Access

  • Pilot Project & Test Bedding
  • Overseas Marketing Presence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Standards Adoption

What ERP Solutions Are Supported by the CTC Grant?

HashMicro's ERP solutions advance the innovation and/or productivity objectives of the CTC grant. The grant will provide deduction to implementation costs for the following systems:

CTC Grant Eligibility

To receive up to 70% of the CTC grant for your business, all of these criteria must be met:

HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Companies that are legally registered or incorporated in Singapore

HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Have set up a CTC and developed a CTC-endorsed transformation plan

HashMicro�s ERP Software for Working From Home

Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

If your business meets all of the criteria, Hashmicro will provide guidance for your business to apply for the CTC grant.


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