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      What is Assessment? Definition, Function, Type, and Purpose

      There are many businesses out there that are difficult to grow. It is also the influence of employees who cannot have an impact on the company’s growth. However, in today’s digital age, companies can easily monitor and improve employee performance using competency management systems. 

      In short, by applying the concept of assessment, you can detect the root of the problem that the company is experiencing. The analogy of this concept is that you are sick, but you do not understand what pain you feel signifies what kind of disease symptoms. So you try to find out by going to the doctor to make a diagnosis.

      The results of the application of this concept will later find things that can make the company stuck so that later there are decisions that the company takes to solve the problem.


      Table of Content:

        Definition of Assessment

        Assessment is the stage of evaluation that the company conducts on employee performance at a certain time (with a timesheet system) to understand better whether employee performance still supports the company’s goals.

        Companies can also use assessment tools to help identify candidates who match the job openings that the candidate is applying for.

        Understanding Assessment According to Experts

        S. Eko Putro Widoyoko (2012:3)

        According to S.Eko Putro Widoyoko, understanding assessment is the activity of interpreting measurement data based on certain criteria and rules.

        Worthen and Sanders (1973)

        Assessment is the activity of finding something valuable about something; In looking for something, it also includes looking for useful information in assessing the existence of a program, production, procedures, and alternative strategies proposed to achieve the goals determined.

        Suchman (1961)

        Assessment is a process of determining the results that have been achieved by several activities that are planned to support the achievement of goals.

        Assessment Function


        In practice, assessment plays an important role in knowing the strengths and shortcomings of employees and designing objective learning programs. Thus, assessment has two functions, namely formative and summative functions. The full explanation of these two functions is as follows:


        The formative assessment function is useful for providing feedback to candidates, is the basis for improving, justifying, and perfecting the learning process. In addition, the participants can also go through the process of improving learning standards in this function.


        Summative assessment is a useful function for determining students’ learning value in one particular subject. It can further be material to provide reports and determine class increases and determine whether or not participants pass or not.

        Assessment objectives

        For Chittenden (1994), the purpose of assessment is keeping track, checking up, finding out, and summing up.

        Keeping track

        Tracking aims to trace the learning process of participants following the learning implementation plan that the company has implemented.

        For tracking to take place properly, teachers should collect data and information at a certain time. Document management systems can help teachers access hundreds to thousands of documents on a single platform. That way, teachers can get an idea of the achievement of participants’ learning progress faster. 

        Checking up

        The examination aims to see the achievement and the ability and potential of participants during the learning process and the shortcomings that participants have when following the learning process.

        Thus, teachers have an important role in assessing which parts of the material have been mastered and which parts that have not.

        Finding out

        Figuring out is a process of finding and detecting participants’ lack of errors or weaknesses in the learning process.

        After searching, the teacher can be responsive in finding alternatives to the solution.

        Summing up

        It is a way to conclude the level of student mastery of established competencies. These conclusion results are what teachers can use to prepare learning progress reports for various parties who need each other.

        Types of Assessments for Recruitment


        There are several methods of using assessment. Use each of these types to present participants with different approaches that the company has adjusted. For you to better understand it, here is the description of the types of assessments:

        Cognitive ability

        Cognitive methods serve to figure out participants’ intelligence on a fundamental basis, usually those that test companies are associated with soft skills. For example, they were testing critical thinking skills and finding effective solutions to solve a problem.

        Personality and integrity

        The method that the company uses to find out the nature of the candidate directly related to the job that the candidate will face can be done with personality and integrity.

        Companies, in addition to having to track the personality of the candidate, should also get information about the level of integrity of a candidate. Integrity assessments can help companies know this.

        Although it looks similar, integrity assessment has a more specific focus on some of the behaviors that candidates tend to do, one of which is related to honesty.


        Unlike cognitive or personality methods that assess participants’ minds, physical methods assess candidates’ strength and resilience in carrying out a job.

        Physical assessment results can be important for companies that require physical endurance, like manufacturing industries that use large tools.

        Candidates must work in the field, but if the physical assessment results are not good, employees may not be able to fully perform their duties.


        This type of skill in conducting assessments is useful for companies to know enough or not the practices that candidates can offer to the company.

        Skills in this assessment are usually valued by companies by looking at the work experience a candidate has had by his or her new job position.

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        Types of Assessments to be Promoted


        In addition to various recruitment activities, there are assessment methods that companies use to measure an employee’s eligibility to get a promotion.

        Learn more about the types of assessments carried out by the company in the employee promotion process, including: 


        Psychometry is a test that serves to measure every potential cognitively of prospective employees and race against construction tests according to applied statistics.

        The level of compatibility of employees with their new job is based on the knowledge and personality that workers have and the employee’s ability to solve various problems.

        This test has successfully passed the validation test and reliability test until mandatory for the company to use. The three aspects of psychometric assessment consist of areas of reasoning numbers, verbal, and abstraction.

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        Companies can apply the presentation method as a measurement method. The presentation aims so that employees can explain something that can have a positive influence on many people.

        Employees will automatically assess and consider the leaders when choosing prospective workers who want to rise to the position appropriately. This assessment can be a considerable consideration if the new position offered requires employees to make presentations often.

        Role-playing and case analysis

        In the role-playing method, the company conducts assessments in simulations of the level of work that employees will face. This assessment relies on the reliability of employees in dealing with certain scenarios according to the employee’s job title. For example, employees simulate negotiations when they serve as purchasing divisions.

        In case analysis methods, similar to role-playing assessments, the company will pay more attention to the analytical competence of the employee. For example, employees should be able to provide detailed answers when providing solutions in a case.

        The Importance of Assessment Concepts

        Your company needs to use the concept of assessment to assess employee performance against the company. With employees that match your business interests, you can assess and make decisions over employees.

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        Through the functionality that assessment can offer, you can determine the goals, types, and methods that the company needs. If you do not apply this, you could potentially lose maximum company performance.

        In addition, the transformation of your business through HashMicro’s most complete HRIS Software also has many benefits. You can manage employee performance, salary, and analysis automatically.

        HashMicro has provided this solution to large clients such as TransCorp, UOB, Danone, Wendy’s, and hundreds of others. Be part of them and move on to HashMicro, now.


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