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Choosing The Top Cloud ERP Vendors

Cloud ERP vendors are enterprise software developers and vendors that create, sell, and implement enterprise resource planning systems. Vendors are also responsible for developing updates and add-on releases to keep up with changes in the customer’s industry. Cloud ERP is a system for manufacturing or service companies to integrate and automate business processes related to aspects of the company’s operations, production, and distribution. ERP software may be considered expensive at first. However, when the companies know what the benefits are, this value can be assessed as a good form of investment. By using cloud ERP, companies will grow and develop. Such as accurate and integrated business data, better decision making, a more efficient and productive basis, and developing a work ethic with system standardization.

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Choosing a good cloud ERP vendor to grow and develop is necessary. Try to fit the ERP product with your business to resolve all problems adequately. You can compare one company to another before choosing the right one by asking what benefits you will get when choosing one of the cloud ERP vendors. To know more about ERP software, you can download the ERP software pricing scheme from HashMicro. There are many cloud ERP vendors services in Singapore, and here is the list:


The First Cloud ERP Vendors is HashMicro

HashMicro is a cloud ERP vendor that provides a variety of systems easy to use, customized, and packed with innovative features. As the best cloud ERP solution provider, this company recognizes the importance of productivity and efficiency. Automated solutions that support business operations can maximize the company’s potential and compete in the global market. Therefore, in 2015 it took the opportunity to build a cloud-based system that automates end-to-end business operations.

HashMicro understands that every company has a unique way of working. Its ability to build a system that can tailor to clients’ needs. That is why more than 250 companies trust it. It constantly strives to be a part of enterprise progress by providing the best cloud ERP solutions. It can increase productivity and help them make scalable decisions. In addition, it is also working to deliver the benefits of business automation to more companies in Asia.

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ERP Software Singapore – A2000 Solution

A2000 Solution is a cloud ERP vendor in Singapore with more than 25 years of experience in the ERP industry. Thus, it provides enterprise solutions with financial management, e-commerce analytics, and storage warehouse systems. Also, it simplifies your business processes by empowering people and creating dynamic responses in the marketplace.

It focuses on making customers satisfied. And it works with the crew to be customer-centric, highly responsible, and driven to satisfy the customer. It grows by listening to customers’ needs and wants. Associates do highly expected to work with integrity, honesty, and passion.


Netsense is not only a provider of business and consulting services. But your true partner digs deep to evaluate where you stand in terms of technology infrastructure. With a passionate, skilled, and experienced team of consultants and project managers. It brings technology capabilities, resource-supported deployments, managerial insights, scalable, convenient, and agile.

Netsense is not limited to one domain but is placed well to meet all IT infrastructure development and deployment needs. Its cohesive and broad services include ERP software, intermediate accounting software, CRM, HR solutions, payroll, project management, business intelligence tools, custom dashboards, mobile applications, and e-commerce solutions.

Synergix Technologies

Synergix Technologies is an ERP software, Cloud ERP solution, and related ERP services. It’s ​​becoming one of the largest local and premier system developers for Small and Medium Enterprises. Founded in 1990, it grew from a small accounting business to a fully integrated web-based ERP System development.

It is operated by dedicated employees under Research and Development, Business Consulting, Marketers, Project Consulting, and Solution Support. It has branches in Singapore (HQ), Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Tigernix Singapore

Tigernix is ​​a leading software development company that offers advanced software across all technology platforms, operating systems, and infrastructures to global customers. Since its founding in 2006, it has grown rapidly, expanding its services to all parts of the world.

Its’s software solutions are viable, flexible, customizable, and affordable. They are built on a robust technical software platform to meet your current needs and enhance your future needs and demands. It offers software consulting services that enable you to identify opportunities, seize and turn them into a profitable business. Its consulting services help streamline your processes, stabilize your growth, increase productivity, and ultimately ROI.


SYNNOVE Systems provides implementation and support services for SAP S/4 HANA, SAP HEC, SAP C4C, SAP Hybris, and other SAP Cloud solutions. In addition to HANA implementation, SYNNOVE Systems has high competence in SAP HANA migration, Database Management, and SAP Cloud Managed Services.

SYNNOVE is one of SAP’s key partners for Singapore and Malaysia for SAP S/4HANA. It has also designed a fixed package solution to help enterprises implement digital transformation during the pandemic era.

The World Management

The World Management is the premier solution provider for Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC), SAP Business One, and WorkBench Project Management. It also specializes in total office solutions consulting. And it has won a pool of customers ranging from sole proprietor businesses to national enterprises with quality products and services.

It believes that buying a software solution isn’t just about choosing software, it’s about having the right mix of tools to help you in system planning as well as implementation. It believes that the company is capable of helping its clients to successfully implement, and meet the demands of today’s dynamically changing business environment.

On-Demand Enterprise Solution (ODES)

ODES is a fully customizable ERP business platform covering all business aspects such as CRM, sales automation, marketing automation, project management, manufacturing planning, inventory management, warehouse management, point of sale (POS), and more.

It designs to meet all of your company’s operational needs regardless of size and budget. The ODES system can be installed on-premises or in the cloud, depending on your company policies.

And The Last of Cloud ERP Vendors is Pantropic Online

Pantropic specializes in IT systems’ data protection and disaster recovery planning. So, helps enterprises back up and restore their critical business data and help them keep their applications up and running.

It guides its customers through consulting needs analysis and proof of concept testing and supports the chosen solution. Since 1999, it has assisted many small and large companies in Southeast Asia with solutions deployed behind firewalls and cloud-based managed services for off-premises disaster recovery. It strives to be recognized in the regional market as an expert in advising, designing, implementing, and supporting DR solutions for SMEs and large enterprises.

The Conclusion of Cloud ERP Vendors

These are some of Singapore’s best and most popular cloud ERP vendors. To sum up, in choosing cloud ERP vendors, companies ask to select which vendors provide the appropriate services and do most needed. If the company needs more than one vendor, the company can compare which vendor has more benefits. Each of the above cloud ERP vendors has its advantages. Talking about top cloud ERP vendors, a good one is HashMicro because this vendor has many advantages and can reach various company areas from F&B Technology, Trading & Distribution, Retail Innovation, Manufacturing, Construction, Talent Management, Accounting, etc. You can see more information about HashMicro here.

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