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B2B Marketing: 4 Trends for 2021

In recent years, B2B (business to business) Marketing has undergone many changes. Businesses have shifted their focus from direct selling and cold calling to digital content marketing strategies and search engine optimization tactics to attract new customers. One of the efficient B2B marketing strategies is to use an automated marketing system.

The company’s efforts in dealing with a pandemic

This pandemic situation forced many companies to cut various departments’ spending budgets to maintain their business continuity. The marketing department is no exception, but this action will only save you funds in the short term. A company that keeps its investment will create opportunities to accelerate growth than competitors who have cut it. However, the marketing efforts made must have a high quality and focused on ROI. It aims to get the most out of every fund disbursed and show the effect of marketing activities on its total revenue.

B2B marketing trends that need to be explored by 2021

Understanding the B2B industry’s direction and the right marketing strategies can help you identify trends and outperform the competition. Below is the prediction of marketing trends for 2021. Learn what they are following the conditions of your company and your customers characteristics.

Apply customer retention B2B marketing

Marketing retention means the act of selling goods to existing customers rather than finding new potential buyers. This activity is more straightforward and more efficient. This strategy focuses on maintaining customer relationships that result in a higher marketing ROI through ongoing sales at a lower cost per sale. This marketing action can increase the intensity of customer shopping and the number of products purchased.

B2B marketing often tends to acquire new customers. However, you can consider customer retention in 2021, especially if the company has a limited budget. Some ways to improve relationships with customers are constant communication, surveys and testimonials, and appreciation giving appreciation.

Improve the quality of content marketing

By 2021, you need to stay focused on providing the best content that provides significant value outside of your product. One of the ways you can do this is to commit to a long-term strategic ROI. Publish posts consistently based on keyword research relevant and have the potential to attract a lot of searches. Apart from that, this field also includes creating blog articles, Ebooks, and promotional and informative videos. Focus on attracting customers by placing paid ads on top-performing content.

Customers rely on companies to provide attractive information in the form of content. Therefore, content marketing becomes one of the most influential media for generating leads. Companies need to create more interactive content such as quizzes, videos, or infographics to increase customer engagement and engagement. Great content can encourage followers to share your posts on social media and expand potential customers’ reach. Interactive content can actively involve customers.

Use chatbots

Chatbots are one of the essential features of web design. Many customers expect quick answers to their questions. It is not easy to manage without these features. Chatbots are programmed to suit customers’ behavior and be called 24/7 customer service representatives.

Chatbots also navigate website visitors through the company website and help your company provide a faster and better online experience. As a result, customers engagement will be increasing, as well as business networking and overall customer satisfaction.

Focus on nostalgia

Nostalgia marketing can help connect a company’s products and services to the market. Even though it means longing for the past, nostalgia can create feelings of joy. Making people feel good is always a superior marketing strategy.

Your company can begin to employ this tactic by being authentic and taking advantage of cultural trends, likewise, with things in the past that still attract public attention. Reintroduce discontinued products or services.


Marketing activities are dynamic and always changing. The trend as behavior develops in society is an essential factor that you must be paying attention to. After looking at marketing trends for the coming year, make sure your company continues to excel in the market by knowing what your target customers want. Hence, tactic helps you stay relevant to the needs of your customers in the long run.

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