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5 Best ERP Software in Surabaya

There are a lot of people thinks that Surabaya starting to rival Jakarta in terms of the best industrial city in Indonesia. If Jakarta is considered as a business and industrial center in the western part of Indonesia, Surabaya controls the eastern portion. This is also supported by the growing numbers of ERP vendors in the city. Here is a list of the 5 best ERP software in Surabaya that you can choose.

This article will help you find out which software is the best for your needs. Many vendors provide comprehensive features, but in reality, you don’t need most of these features. There are also those that offer low prices, but it turns out that it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Established in Singapore, EQUIP from HashMicro has won the trust from Danone, UOB, Abbott, also Ministry of Manpower and Singapore Ministry of Education companies. In 2016, HashMicro expanded to Indonesia and warmly welcomed by various companies in Indonesia.

EQUIP software from HashMicro provides a complete solution for your company specific needs. EQUIP ERP streamlined your company’s activities from end to end. The software is also highly customizable because it was created in-house by HashMicro. This makes EQUIP can be adjusted to your company’s activities, not the other way around.

One of the strong points of EQUIP ERP is its modularity. You are free to choose only the modules you need. EQUIP ERP comes with high flexibility that is might not available in other software.

2. SAP

Speaking of ERP, you will hear SAP frequently mentioned by peoples. SAP gained popularity due to its sheer number of clients. They claim that 77% of the world’s daily transactions occur through ERP software from SAP.

Highly rated in several countries, SAP is now expanding to South East Asia countries such as Indonesia. With various premium features, SAP deserves to be awarded as one of the 5 best ERP software in Surabaya that you can consider.

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3. NetSuite

In the time when most people still store their data in hard drives on home PC or laptops, NetSuite started the cloud computing revolution. NetSuite pioneered cloud computing technology revolution in 1998. Not only that NetSuite was also one of the first company to develop enterprise software in the world.

In 2019, NetSuite is one of the best ERP software developers in the world with more than 16,000 clients in countries, including Indonesia. That is why a lot of companies in Surabaya choose to implement NetSuite in their company.

4. Oracle

In 2016, Oracle completed the acquisition process of NetSuite. If NetSuite pioneered the cloud computing revolution, Oracle was the first company to revolutionize corporate data management.

With Oracle’s Autonomy Database Technology, their ERP software has the ability to self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing. With 430,000 clients in 175 countries, Oracle deserves ‘the best ERP software in the world’ title.

5. Deskera

Deskera received an award from Frost & Sullivan as the 2015’s best provider for integrated business application in the Southeast Asia market. Now, Deskera ERP software is used by more than 20,000 small and medium-sized companies in various countries.

Deskera serves various types of industries and companies. Deskera best software are ERP (enterprise resource planning), MRP (manufacturing resource planning), HRMS (human resource management), PM (project management), LMS (learning management system), CRM (customer relationship management).

The business lines served by Deskera include manufacturing, trading, distribution, machinery, and building and construction. For those of you who have small and medium enterprise companies, Deskera is the best choice for you.

Which one should I choose?

For those of you who are looking for the 5 best ERP software in Surabaya, the choices above probably will make you confused. To make it easier for you to choose, you can consider the following criteria before choosing the right ERP software for you.

First, consider the size of your company. The goal of implementing ERP software is to help your company grow over time. Therefore, if your company fall into the small and medium enterprise size, we recommend choosing a flexible ERP software.

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Apart from being cheaper, ERP software that has flexible functions can be tailored to your needs. This software will accompany your company’s growth over time.

Secondly, choose cloud-based ERP software. In addition to the convenience it provides, many companies opt for cloud technology because it’s cheaper. Not only that, cloud technology is now much safer compared to those on-premise servers.

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