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Supervisor: Definition, Function, and Responsibilities

A company project certainly requires supervision from someone. With this supervision, the project can run well according to the direction given. In addition, the work results will reach the company’s target. A person who does this supervision is called the supervisor.

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Its presence has an essential role in a company. This position is occupied by someone who has good experience and abilities in handling a work activity or project. In addition, the company also needs project management software as an effort to improve the completion of the project work. Therefore, this article will explain to readers how important the supervisor’s role in a company is.


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Definition of Supervisor


Supervisor comes from the English word ‘supervise’, which has meaning as directing and supervising. The supervisor is a person that has responsibilities in monitoring the project or work task in a company according to the target or direction from the manager. So, the work task or project can run well based on the company’s target. Staff competency software from HashMicro helps you improve your employee performance to meet the standards desired by the company.

In a book titled ‘Dasar-Dasar Organisasi Manajemen’ or ‘The Basics of Organizational Management’, Sarwoto expressed his opinion on the definition of supervisor. Sarwoto said that the supervisor is a person within an organization who is responsible for their working group.

Supervisors have the authority to command their working group consisting of many staff regarding the manager’s request. Its presence in the company organizational chart is usually located between managers and staff. So, the supervisor will be bridging the communication between managers and staff. 

The company gives a command for the supervisor to monitor the staff work task. This aims to make it possible for all staff to finish the work task based on the target. There are several examples of supervisors in a company, such as a marketing and production supervisor.

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The Role of Supervisor


This position has become a critical factor in company projects or work tasks successful. Also, this position has several primary functions to help the project or work task of a company run well. These are the several functions of the supervisor.

Delegating the work task to the staff

Supervisors should be able to delegate the work task to the staff. When delegating the work tasks to the staff, it would be best to consider the experience and capabilities of each staff. So, the work results will be more optimal. Not only delegating the work task to the staff, but the supervisor also requires supporting the work task carried out by the staff. Supervisors should also help the staff if there are some difficulties.

Being a communication ‘connector’ between staff and manager

Furthermore, in the company organizational chart, the supervisors is located between staff and manager. This makes the supervisor a communication ‘connector’ between them. The supervisors should establish good communication patterns. So, miscommunication can be avoided.

Informing clients feedback to the manager

In handling and monitoring the project, supervisors will meet the clients. Usually, clients will give feedback on the project. Then, the supervisors should inform these clients’ feedback to the manager. As a result, this feedback will help the company become better in serving clients.

Able to solve the problems independently

The supervisor must solve all word problems independently. In other words, they have to solve it without any help from the manager. Therefore, the supervisor must possess good problem-solving skills. Problem-solving is the ability owned by someone in solving problems and determining decisions that are considered difficult. 

Supervisor’s Task


The supervisor is not only monitoring the work tasks that are carried out by the staff. Also, they also have their task in a company project. These are the explanations of the supervisor’s task.

Arranging the staff

Good staff arrangements will certainly support the implementation and result of the company project. Therefore, the supervisor requires good abilities in arranging the staff in carrying out the work task.

Giving motivation to the staff

Furthermore, motivation is being a main factor of staff in finishing their work task. The supervisor should give motivation to the staff. This may give a spirit for the staff in finishing their work task so that the work result will be good. The supervisor can do several things to create a comfortable and pleasant work environment.

Giving direction to the staff

The supervisor should give a well-organized direction to the staff. This direction will make it easy for the staff to finish the work task. And also, this direction will avoid miscommunication.

Monitoring and evaluating the staff work performance

Lastly, to make sure the staff work performance well, the supervisor can monitor and evaluate daily staff work performance. Supervisor can use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in measuring the staff work performance. The presence of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) makes the staff understand and fulfill the company’s target. Later, the results of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will be used by the supervisor in evaluating the staff work performance.

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Supervisor Responsibilities


There are five responsibilities of supervisors, from planning, placement, arrangement, commanding, and monitoring. These are the explanations of supervisors’ responsibilities.


Firstly, work tasks cannot be completed without good planning. Therefore, the supervisor should be able to plan all the work tasks well. Not only for themselves but also for all the staff.


The supervisor should decide the placement of staff in the available work tasks. Supervisors delegate the work task to the staff based on staff experience and abilities so that the staff can finish the work task well.


They must provide the staff with well-organized coordination. As a result, the work task can be done well by the staff, and the work result achieves the company’s target.


Staff should get a proper briefing from the supervisor. As a result, this briefing aimed to make the work result by the staff achieve the company’s target.


They should monitor the staff when carrying out the work task. So, the work result can fulfill the company’s request. With monitoring, the supervisor can know the staff work performance when doing the work task.

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download skema harga software erp



The supervisor has an essential role in the company’s operation. They have the responsibility of monitoring company projects or work tasks. A company should consider well about the person who will occupy this position.

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