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Different ERP modules catering different Businesses

ERP solutions can help all types of organizations to excel in their respective fields. They provide real-time data to the management and help to identify the shortfalls if any. All the activities of an organization from enquiry to after-sales support can be digitized and monitored closely by the board. An efficient ERP solution will provide ample monitoring, auditing, data security and reporting to the organization which can help them progress. All types of businesses can adopt ERP software solutions for their organization. From manufacturers to retail chains and farms to builders, the right ERP solution for their industry can help them achieve commendable improvement in their operations as well as income. From small to large businesses, everyone can benefit from ERP solutions, since it simplifies many processes like budgeting, planning, work allocation, accounting etc. Many retail organizations find Inventory management as the most difficult process. This can be easily managed by the Inventory Management System, integrated with the purchase, supply chain and sales modules to update stock availability in the system. Similarly, POS softwares used for retail and wholesale industry, gives access to the real-time sales data the marketing manager and the management at any time to access the real-time sales data which is beneficial for management. If the organization has multiple POS, the consolidated data can be accessed and analyzed by the management at any given time. This will help them in improvising their marketing plans. The management can also use this data to check the decrease in Sales because of shortfalls in Supply or Inventory management. Considering wholesale industry, warehouse management system is very helpful in maintaining the stock of various clients. Since the warehouse system stores the rack and bin details of the stock they maintain, it becomes easy to retrieve a particular rack even in a huge warehouse.

ERP for Educational Institutions

Educational ERP solutions keep track of the staff and student data. The student database is maintained which includes their attendance, academics, fees status and the class to they belong to. It also has a comprehensive database about the teachers including their attendance, subjects and classes handled. If any of the teachers are absent, the department head or the principal can easily find out the available teachers who can handle the subject or the class using the ERP software. Along with this, the grading system also can be incorporated in the ERP which will let the teachers find out where the students are falling short and take corrective measures.Also, paperwork can be reduced to a large extent using an ERP software and parents can also be given access to their ward’s data from the school portal. The portals can include forums, opinion polls etc. which can be accessed by the students, teachers and parents and use this data to improve the standard of teaching and overall schooling. Timetables, accounting software, billing etc. also can be included in the educational ERP which further simplifies the processes for the institution.

ERP for Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants can benefit greatly from an ERP solution. The enquiry and booking process can be done through their portal which can be integrated with their accounting module. The hotels can use the CRM software for managing their customers and give special priorities and privileges to loyal customers. Their restaurant module can be integrated with an eMenu from which a customer can order and the order details go directly to the kitchen order tracking. Using this system, the time taken to complete each order can be tracked and the corresponding customer feedback can also be stored. Some restaurant ERPs even allow customized orders and this data can be used to identify if the menu needs to be changed. If too many customers prefer customized orders, the restaurant’s menu needs a change. Completed orders can be billed directly and linked to the room booked by respective customers. The management can get graphical representations of all this data as and when they need them. For hospitality industry, there should be a frequent check for its inventories, if the data is entered in the Inventory Management System, it will prompt for reorders or automated re-orders with the associated suppliers in the system whenever an item’s stock goes below the set level. The right ERP software system for a chain of hotels or restaurants can be an important aspect of their success.

ERP for Human Resource Management

Employees are definitely the most important aspect of any successful business. For a large enterprise with multiple branches across the world, a good payroll software is very important. The HR department sometimes finds it very difficult to manage the employee data, especially large sized companies. The Payroll module of ERP software simplifies the consolidated data of the employees in many ways. With digital data regarding the employees’ skills, salary, overheads, training, leaves etc. available easily, the HR manager can first look into their internal database if there is any need of manpower in any department. This can increase the employees’ confidence in the HR management and motivate them to get trained regularly in order to keep the pace with an organized system. Training is an important part of human resource development for any organization without which the company becomes obsolete. Continuous training is a must in all organizations, especially IT and technology related businesses. Many organizations find training cost for its employees very high compared to the output they get from the training as only a small percentage of the trained employees stay back in the organization for a long time. This issue can be handled by encouraging external training the employees can take up which should give them extra points during appraisals. The same employees who are experts in the subject can be used later to train some others. This process is called knowledge sharing and is a very efficient way of handling employee training. A manual process of identifying such employees will take a long time but an ERP solution for HR management can provide the list of skilled employees within a few clicks of buttons. The best part is that the working hours, project completion time, training imparted in the organization, the skills they already have and have acquired themselves after joining the organization, their past work experience, salary drawn and cost to a project can be easily retrieved by the HR manager from the ERP software.

Travel ERP

Travel industry is a booming worldwide and many travel organizations are using their online portal to gain business. Travel booking is happening the most online now. Travel ERPs are the best way to simplify the travel businesses. The portal can be integrated with the central ERP booking system which will send automated booking confirmation to the respective hotels listed against the clients. E-ticketing, flight and fleet booking, hotel booking, insurance and other formalities all can be handled easily with a travel ERP. The management can get reports on the number of enquiries and how many of them got booked successfully in order to track the conversions. They can also get the details as to which hotel or flight or route is most frequently booked and hence concentrate more on that area. With proper customer feedback the management can also take corrective measure to improve the weak travel sectors. The online and offline bookings can be integrated with accounting and billing software.

ERP software solutions cover almost all areas of every business. They help the management to access real-time digital data anytime from anywhere in the world. The right ERP solution can help all types and sizes of organizations to progress.

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