Here are The 5 Best ERP Software in Singapore You Should Know


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Here are The 5 Best ERP Software in Singapore You Should Know Source: iStock

In this digital era, automation is very essential. Any business activities are required to be done faster and accurately at the same time. That’s why more and more vendors try to compete to make their solutions the best one. In Singapore, for example, we have new ERP vendors every year. But the question is, do you know which is the best ERP software in Singapore? Here are the 5 best ERP software in Singapore you should know.

EQUIP – One of 5 Best ERP Software in Singapore with Cloud Solutions

EQUIP by HashMicro is one of the best ERP software in Singapore. It offers you a complete solutions package for various businesses and industry verticals; from the essentials software like Accounting and Human Resource Management, to the industry specific ones like Food & Beverage, Education, and Engineering.

EQUIP offers unlimited license per entity which makes the license, implementation and maintenance cost much cheaper. This results in lowering the implementation and maintenance cost; giving faster ROI. EQUIP’s customers has reduced IT cost from 3-5 percent into 0.1 percent by shifting from other vendor to EQUIP. In addition, EQUIP will ensure that the system always up-to-date to the latest trends in technology. For this service, the customers will not be charged.

Synergix Technology – Best Local Developer for Small to Mid-Sized Organization

Synergix Technology  is another top ERP software in Singapore. Founded by Mr Koh Yang Uei, Synergix Technology grew from a small accounting solution to a complete ERP solution. Since 1990, Synergix Technology has become one of the best local developers for small to medium-sized companies.

Offering various solutions from Construction, Oil & Gas, Design and Architecture, to Trading and Distribution, Engineering, Marine and Service, this company will give you special offer.  We know that it is not always easy to when we do some changes within the company.

Deskera – Frequently Win the Award

Like Synergyx, Deskera offers a complete management solution for the small and mid-sized business. Founded in 2008, Deskera offers you an integrated business software from sales, product, payroll, to accounting management.

Over the years, Deskera has successfully grown and become one of the best ERP software in Singapore. It’s proven by some awards that has given to Shashank Dixit, a founder and CEO of Deskera such as receive  the Asia Pacific Practice Awards 2015 by FROST & SULLIVAN, listed among the Top 10 ERP Solution Providers 2017 by APAC CIO, and many more.

Oracle Netsuite – Offering Solution from San Mateo, California to Singapore

Oracle Netsuite gives various range of business scale from small to the enterprises like financial services to manufacturing. As a 5 best ERP software in Singapore, Oracle Netsuite offers you an OpenAir features that supports your entire organization with real-time visibility. The company claim that it can optimize your business, revenue, automate billing and invoicing process, and improve project management.

Oracle Netsuite was founded in 1998 with headquarters in San Mateo, California, USA. However, along with its development, Oracle Netsuite also open its official branches in many countries such as UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, including Singapore.

Tigernix – Offering the Green Concept through the Software

Founded in 2006, Tigernix has trusted by more that 200 customers. Headquartered in Singapore, Tigermix has opened its official branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Offering 19 software for various business models, Tigernix introduce the green concept. They base their business proceed on the environment policies and work towards identifying new environmental initiatives. Tigernix claims that they use environmentally-friendly technology, low-voltage devices and efficient energy resources that reduce energy requirements and carbon emissions.

These 5 best ERP software in Singapore has proven their quality. Moreover most of them do not only operate in Singapore but also around its neighbor like Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippine, and other countries outside across the world including United Kingdom and United States of America.

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