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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system of integrated applications that help automate the business functions and integrate several activities such as product planning and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing etc.

ERP Software as the name implies is designed for use by large enterprises with dedicated support teams to customize, analyze and handle the data and deployment.  Small businesses can utilize customized solutions that fit best for the industry concerned.

ERP software can be utilized across departments and functions such as Distribution Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Product Planning, Inventory Management, Control and Distribution, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management.  ERP has evolved as a popular software application that incorporates and includes several modules such as CRM, Business Intelligence and the like to provide a central repository of information to be shared across the organization.

Though the basic ERP field has not changed much over the years, some trends such as Mobile ERP that provides executives with real-time access to information, Cloud ERP that puts ERP data on the cloud, Social ERP that integrates social media with ERP and Two-tier ERP that offer a two-tier structure for ERP data are gaining ground.

Businesses today are in need of efficient systems that makes information accessible as and when required for faster decision making.  The ERP solutions by HashMicro  are robust, scalable and flexible helping the flow of information across the organization.  Accurate information processing helps us to cater to the dynamic needs of various departments.

Our ERP solutions are utilized in the (i) Procurement (i) Order Processing (iii) Warehouse Management (iv) Production (v) Supply Chain Management (SCM) (vi) Payroll Maintenance (vii) Accounts & Finance (viii) Management Information System (MIS) (ix) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and (x) Inventory Management, to name a few.  We have been delivering business software solutions to numerous customers in Retail, Distribution, Travel, Education, F&B and Service Industries. Being a leading ERP solutions provider in Singapore, our ERP Systems follow Singapore’s tax rules, such as GST, CPF and many more.  Numerous clients in Singapore have benefited from our comprehensive solutions over the years.

Our CRM solutions help you manage sales orders, generate quotations, track opportunities and customer activity easily. The CRM System can also be easily accessible from your mobile anywhere, anytime making us one of the leading CRM vendor in Singapore.

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