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7 Tips to Increase Your Employee Productivity

Say that you have taken various ways to increase your employee productivity. Your staff has undergone internal or external training, but your employee productivity still not increasing, even though you have incurred a large amount of money for it.

You also provided your employees with facilities to support their work. And still, the productivity of your company’s employees is below average. They failed to complete their work before the deadline, or even worse, the project failed.

If you experience something like that in your company, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. There are still ways to improve your employees’ performance and productivity. Here are 7 of them:

Improve the work environment

A good work environment is can’t be determined by how much equipment your employee has. It’s determined by how much noise it has in the room, how good the air circulation is or how comfortable the temperature is some main factors of a good work environment.

Create conditions where your employees can be as comfortable as possible while they’re working. Warn the others to not be noisy while working, or let your employees play some music using earphones so they can concentrate while doing their job.

If any of your employees work in the field, then security is your main concern. Make sure your employees stay comfortable and focused while doing their job, without having to fear for their safety.

Don’t cheap out of your employees’ equipment

Don’t expect your employee’s work productivity to increase if you only provide them second-tier equipment, such as outdated computers or laptops, frequently broken machines, or software systems that don’t work as intended.

Provide the best equipment for your employees to support their work, such as adequate internet connection, doing regular maintenance for your manufacturing machine or using the best ERP software to improve work efficiency.

Monitor your employee productivity regularly

One or two delayed project completion is pretty normal. The person responsible for the project probably got sick or having a personal matter. However, if it is too often, then work productivity will surely go down.

As their superior, you can monitor the progress of each project by arranging regular weekly meetings. Gather every project manager in a meeting room and ask them the progress of their project.

Listen to your employee. Is there any difficulty when working on their projects? Are there any obstacles? Then provide the best solutions to resolve the problem based on your experience.

Set a goal to increase employee productivity

You can’t expect your employees to be productive while they have no clear direction or goals. Most of the time, your employees will be confused without any clear direction from you.

But if you set a goal, such as having to produce 500 products per day, or they need to get 50 clients in one day, their productivity will increase. Goals or targets will make your employees feel satisfied when the target is achieved. Make targets realistic but challenging to increase your employee morale.

Give rewards if employee productivity increases

Who doesn’t like to be praised? Your praise to your employees can increase their morale and productivity. Praise them when they did a good job and make them feel rewarded.

You can also appreciate your employees when they’ve completed a project by celebrating it together with them. Treat them dinner, movie night out, or company outing.

Of course, you can reward them with money, such as giving bonuses or salary increases. Choose the most suitable reward for your employees based on their achievements.

Listen to your employees

Gather all of your employees at least once a month and listen to their complaints about your company or how you run it. The decline in employee productivity may be caused by things unbeknownst to you, such as an internal conflict between employees. Not only that, listening to your employees can provide you with ideas that may never cross your mind before.

Weekly sports day

A healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Unhealthy employees will certainly affect their productivity. Restore your employee productivity and make them more healthy by holding weekly sports day.

Ask your employees what kind of activities they prefer, and make sure you also participating. Not only making you healthy competitive sports such as football or basketball are effective for team building.


Increasing employee productivity by applying the tips above is one way you can try if training does not produce the desired results. Try one or two tips that you think applicable today, and see the results.

For more tips and tricks about employee management, you can click on the following link: LINK.

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