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Competency Management System to Improve Employee Skills and Capability

Competency Management System helps you improve your employee performance and productivity to meet the standards desired by your company.

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The Main Benefits of
Competency Management System

competency management system
competency management software

Improve Staff Skills

Employees can hone their skills and will achieve the desired performance.

competency management and training system

Develop Employee Potential

Bring out the true potential of your employee to help your company grow.

competency management
competency management and training

Efficient HR Planning

Companies can map the employee's skills so the project will be handled by the right people.

competency management system

Measurable Performance

Measurable employee performance can determine the best contribution for a company.

The Main Features of
Competency Management System

competency management software


The system can recommend employees with specific performance for specialized training.

competency management and training system


Simplify the process of competency-based evaluation with a customizable assessment format.

competency management


Determine the employee's role in applying business strategies to get the best results.

competency management and training

Skill Gap

Identify which of your employees are in need of training based on the skill they want to develop.

competency management system


Easily create a hiring process and get recommendations from the Competency Management System.

Singapore Competency Management System


Easily get more information about employee competencies, productivity, and more.

Competency Management System Integration

Accounting System

Improve cost management accuracy for employee training.

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Certification Management System

Helps provide courses to develop your employees' skills.

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HRM system

HRM system integrated with Competency Management can help you decide which employee needs training.

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Providing training material will be easier and faster with a portal system.

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Competency Management Software?

To explain the concept of competency management in more detail, the definition just given will be elaborated on in the following paragraphs. Also, read the following article on the difference between skills and competency management:

Competency Management consists of the terms Competence and Management. The term competence is defined very differently in the literature. But in summary, competence means being fit, capable, or qualified to do something. It is a collection of knowledge, skills, and abilities defined according to norms, attitudes, and values.

In an institutional context, management means the leading person or group of people who perform administrative functions in a company. These functions include, but are not limited to, setting organizational goals, devising strategies to achieve those goals, organizing and coordinating factors of production, and mentoring people.

In summary, Competence Management can be assigned to Strategic Human Resource Management as it pursues the goal of providing the skills needed to implement a strategy in the right place at the right time.

There are many potential benefits for organizations implementing this system. No wonder more and more companies are considering using specific software in place to more easily identify the capabilities of their resources. Here are three main reasons why you should start implementing an effective Tom White Competency Management System for Workforce Solution.

Corporate Development with Competence Management Employees know exactly what they are capable of and vice versa. If the company implements the system correctly, employees can gradually improve their skills and thereby meet the needs of the company. Additionally, employees gain insight into what they and the company must do to grow impressively.

Learning Visible skill gaps mean that staff need to be properly trained. By making good use of this system, both employees and the company can see the course they need. Competent and well-trained employees are good for the company. Therefore, the best education they need should be considered.

Personnel Planning Competence Management enables your company's personnel planning to be better and more efficient. By tracking and managing everything in one system, you can search for projects, carefully analyze them, and assign the best talent based on skills. You can also use this software to complete the process quickly.

Competence management, which combines two fundamental approaches of organizational science, also plays a role in achieving these goals. These are the resource-based approach and the learning-oriented competence approach. Both approaches are important to the application of competency management.

Resource-Oriented Approach: The Resource-Oriented Approach, also known as the Core Competence Approach, basically deals with exploiting the potential of an organization. The aim is to ensure the long-term competitiveness and viability of the company through the accumulation of adequate resources, thereby standing out from the market environment.

Learning-Oriented Approach: In contrast, the Learning-Oriented Competence Approach focuses on people as competencies agents. This approach considers competency as a prerequisite for self-disposition.

In addition, successful competence management takes place at three levels: normative level, strategic level, and operational level.

Normative Level:
The normative level contains strategic corporate objectives that set the course for human resource development and thus for talent management.

Strategic Level:
Competencies are identified and modeled at the strategic level. Competence requirements for functions, positions, and activities are developed (target profiles).

Operational Level:
At the Operational Level, competence is diagnosed (Actual Profile), competence corridors are identified (Target/Actual Comparison), development actions are taken, and development success is checked.

Competency management software helps organizations manage and reinforce the skills, knowledge, and behaviors each employee needs to succeed in their professional role.

The best competency management software programs aren't just designed to track employee competencies; they're also designed to change as your business grows and your needs evolve.

Competency management benefits employees by giving them opportunities to improve their skills and support professional development. These benefits also help the company as a whole grow and prosper.

Competency management software has various features that can be needed for companies and employees. Some of its features are Training Management, Assessment Management, Competency Management, Skill Gap Analysis, Candidate Selection, and In-depth Report Generation.

These features can help both companies & employees to grow and perform better in the future. Competency Management Software features must be a good choice for business.

A company will experience many benefits when it implements effective competency management programs, including the following:

Improved Worker Safety and Morale: By validating competency before allowing employees to undertake high-risk activities or activities that have the potential to place people and property at risk, workplace accidents are reduced, and people feel more comfortable and safer in the work environment, improving overall morale.

Reduced Overall Company Risk: A competent workforce creates a safer workplace, minimizing the chances for injury, property damage, fines, and/or lawsuits.

Improved Decision-Making: When the competencies of all members of a workforce are evaluated, leaders can see the overall strengths and weaknesses of their workforce in terms of skills and capabilities, providing information that can be invaluable for making strategic organizational decisions and influencing the company's priorities and direction.

Easier Recruitment and Retention: When companies earn a reputation for setting high standards of excellence via disciplined implementation and validation of worker competency, it becomes easier to recruit and retain employees who value and enforce safety.

Improved Service Quality: Employees who are competent work more efficiently and effectively, producing better results. This improves quality and increases customer satisfaction.



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