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SOP (Standard Operating Procedures): Know the function, Benefit and SOP Example of Company

SOP or Standard Operating Procedures is a rule and guide written out for every worker in the company and serves as the standard for its operations for effective and efficient work at a low cost. In fact, SOP can be an effective way to communicate changes in the way your business operates for your employees.

It is necessary for a company to produce a quality system to keep control of business processes running smoothly. The creation of standard operating procedures should be short, easy to understand, and contains easily followed steps. In addition, it needs to be constantly updated annually to make sure they remain relevant to the organization’s present needs.

Why Does a Company Need SOP?

Apart from carrying out operations, SOP also affects customer trust to use products or services. That’s why the standard operating procedure is so important for a company: to gain the customer’s trust when opening new branches or produce new goods. Whatever form or type, every company needs guidance to run the duties and functions of every element in the company. Well, if you want to find out more about SOP, check out the review below.

SOP Functions for the Company

SOP in a company has several important functions that will affect the success of company activities. Standard operating procedures also have the following functions:

  1. Maintains a person’s consistency in performing certain tasks or activities. The more consistent a process is from person to person, then less likely it is for quality problems.
  2. Reduce errors with detailed written procedure of a set instructions are performed. When each individual performs the task as written, there will be a greater opportunity to reduce errors.
  3. As a means of communication. The reasons that a company needs SOP, which is in the interests of communication. Updating the standard of operational procedures with improvements in processes, operating procedures, and also update requires new training provides a method for communicating the change of process to employees.

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SOP Benefits to the Company

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By bringing a formal standardization process and SOP documentation to your organization can provide many great benefits that can be realized. So here’s the benefit from adopting operational standards at the company:

Frankness of information

Putting value only on production while neglecting safety, health and the environment will be at risk in the long run. So, a good SOP will provide all the necessary safety, health, environmental, and operational information. Therefore, it is better to train employees first than to face accidents, fines, and litigation in the future.

Schedule adjustments

Every consumer, both from an individual to a company, must want a consistent quality and specificity product. In fact the presence of SOP specifies the steps that help ensure that production operations run consistently to maintain the quality control of the process and the product.

Reduction failure

The making of SOP is crucial to helping to ensure that no failure has taken place in the manufacture of a process that could harm anyone in the surrounding communities. Following health and environmental measures can ensure risks that threaten the environment and the anger of society.

As a standard of training

The SOP has a function as a training document for other management in knowing the process. Overall standard operating skills can provide a basis for standard training for new employees in specific jobs as well as for those who need retraining.

Improved job skills

The process of watching fellow workers has a standard that serves as a checklist for coworkers who observe performance to strengthen proper performance. When outlining proper procedures for a good SOP, any partner can use that SOP to train others and help improve his or her work skills.

Some of the SOP Example in the Corporate Division

No business has an identical SOP list. Each business has its own unique and distinct markets, the businessman has his leadership style, and the industry has its best practice. So here for examples of SOP that we often meet in business, in fact you may want to consider using on your small business.

Production or operation

  • To create a production line of measures. To prevent production distortion and in line with an existing series of sequential operations.
  • The standard of equipment care and inspection procedures. For workers to observe the equipment conditions in the production process according to available standards.
  • New employee training is necessary to prevent bad things from happening in the company and also to improve the performance of new employees.

Finance and administration

  • Ways of managing commercial loans up to the billing and payment process
  • Managing the process of commercial debt and maximizing cash flow while meeting all payment deadlines

Marketing, sales, and customer service

  • External communication approval rules like press releases, social media, advertising, etc.
  • How to prepare a price offer
  • Standardize the service delivery process, including time to provide a response
  • Warranty rules, refunds, or exchange policy
  • The rules and manner of confessions or completion of complaints, comments, and suggestions of customers


Here are a few things that relate to corporate SOP explanation from definition, function, benefits, and example in a company division that you might consider to use in the SOP for your company.

The standard of operating procedure or SOP is a detail that contains written instructions on how to carry on regular business activity. The Standard operating system in the making must be brief, it is easily understood and contains easy steps to follow. By applying this knowledge and making the standard operating procedures that match your business needs. It will boost team productivity and ensure the quality and consistency of success in the business.

Well, for those of you who want to make standard operational procedures don’t forget to make SOP on the financial division. With the SOP of the finance division, it makes it easy and easier to take the blame.

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