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      6 Effective Strategies to Choose the Right Brand Ambassador for Your Company

      Did you know that the influence of Korean Pop culture, also known as KPop, has impacted the entertainment industry, prompting Indonesian companies to appoint Korean artists as essential brand ambassadors? Adolescents and adults, regardless of age, are attracted to the Korean entertainment industry, including drama, films, and music.

      Because business competition is becoming more complex, a company’s management team and brand must compete appropriately without losing market position. Therefore, business needs the help of integrated marketing automation systems that can increase business growth through optimal marketing efforts. With this full-featured marketing automation software, businesses can create and send relevant campaigns based on the segments of their leads or customers. Find out more about the marketing automation software pricing scheme calculation here to know the estimated cost. Another way to make use of a brand ambassador is to capitalize on their brand persona because each BA must have a distinct characteristic, image, and personality.

      In addition to playing an essential role in a company’s brand and the growth of social media users, the demand for cloud-based marketing automation software and BA is increasing. Of course, a BA with a good reputation will be chosen by the company. Moreover, you can use comprehensive marketing automation software to find out the most effective campaigns so that you can generate the most conversions more easily.


      Table of Contents

      Definition of a Brand Ambassador

      What is a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is an individual or group (group) entrusted with marketing the products and services/companies/organizations chosen by the organization or company. 

      The ambassadors of these brands are usually people who have excellent reputations and are well-known. But is that the only condition for choosing a brand ambassador? Of course not. A brand ambassador doesn’t have to be someone on the rise, but what matters is how a company selects them and can count on them to highlight the company in a positive light.

      brand ambassador
      Source: freepik

      What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador?

      In addition to promoting products on social media, the roles and responsibilities of a brand ambassador are as follows:

      • Understand the company’s vision, mission, and goals 
      • Create brand awareness and create websites or social media content to create new ones 
      • Be a company representative in product launches, events, and trade fairs
      • Become an opinion leader in the communities they build 
      • Provide reviews or feedback on products  
      • Build brand awareness through word of mouth 
      • Maintain brand image in a positive

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      Benefits of Brand Ambassadors

      Source: freepik

      Maintain and protect the company

      Reputationthem, The reputation of a brand can change depending on the circumstances. For example, if the media reports negative things about your company’s brand, your company’s reputation may suffer or even fall.

      On the other hand, brand ambassadors have the potential to restore BA’s tarnished reputation because the company has a large following and an audience that already trusts them.

      Being a liaison between the brand and the customer

      Approaching the brand and the customer is a complicated matter and task. According to Keyhole, 63 % of people trust influencers and brand ambassadors more than brand information. BA is necessary because it can be a link between brands and society.

      Improving brand image

      When asked what a brand ambassador is, the simple answer is the person who is the brand’s image. Brand ambassadors must build a good brand image, as we have explained that BA is the face of a brand. Therefore, they must take good care of it.

      Helping companies grow

      Positive reviews can aid a company’s growth. Brand Ambassadors must provide their followers with excellent and honest reviews or ratings. Typically, this is an agreement between BA and the brand itself.

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      Three Types of Brand Ambassadors and the Explanations

      Source: freepik

      Affiliate brand ambassador program

      This first type of brand ambassador uses affiliate marketing. Collaboration Collaboration is typically done with third parties to promote specific products or services, such as a blogger or influencer. In this case, the collaboration will benefit both the company and the brand ambassador. In this case, the partnership will help both the company and the brand ambassador.

      BAs can promote their company by posting a link to it on their website or social media. In exchange, they will receive a commission for each successful purchase made through the link. Affiliate links can be used to track sales from BA companies. This program is a great way to increase sales because companies only have to pay affiliates if a deal is made.

      Informal brand ambassador program

      There is no formal agreement in this program. Unlike other types of BA, it is informal so that anyone can like your company’s products and services. Most of them start from fanatics of a particular brand who intentionally and freely promote its product and others. The company makes no payment to BA for doing the promotions.

      College brand ambassador program

      College brand ambassadors are students who promote the products and services of a company to their peers. You can promote your brand both on and off-campus by handing out free souvenirs and product samples, putting up company posters, setting up exhibition stands, hosting promotional events, or uploading content to social media. This type of Brand Ambassador is ideal for a brand that primarily targets students between 18-25 years old. If your company’s target audience falls outside of this range, we recommend looking into another brand ambassador program or type.

      What is the difference between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer?

      brand ambassador vs influencer
      Source: freepik

      Influencers are frequently confused with brand ambassadors. Both can be classified as influencer marketing strategies and follow the same principle: collaborating with public figures to promote your brand, product, or service.

      Regardless of their differences, influencers are usually in charge of the campaign, according to Keyhole. Their collaboration with the brand will be complete once the campaign concludes. They may also work together again in the future. However, it has nothing to do with the brand.

      Meanwhile, brand ambassadors are individuals who support long-term collaboration. Furthermore, they have agreed to be the ‘face’ of a brand. They also need a seamless communication platform that helps them distribute tasks effectively, complete the project on time, and allocate resources.

      As a result, we conclude that a BA has influence. An influencer, on the other hand, is not always a brand ambassador.

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      Six Ways to Choose the Right Brand Ambassador

      Source: freepik

      Relevant profile

      People who are relevant to the brand should be chosen. For example, if your company sells one-of-a-kind products for babies and toddlers. Of course, hiring a teenager as your business assistant is not a good idea. In this case, a mother who has recently given birth is more suitable, regardless of payment. An ambassador to a more appropriate profile brand’s product will be relevant to your product.

      Reputation in the eyes of the audience

      Of course, building a positive image for the company necessitates a BA who makes a good impression. Analyze and delve deeper into the most recent issues concerning the prospective BA, and ensure that he has a good reputation, at least in the eyes of his target audience.

      High credibility

      Credibility, A brand ambassador’s credibility is an important consideration. This is because companies and brands do not hire people with a bad track record, sinful lifestyles, or evil personalities. As a result, brand managers should exercise caution when selecting brand ambassadors.

      Customers or consumers generally trust the opinions of company employees about the company and its products. Of course, they believe that workers have less or do not have the same shares as management. When employees frequently discuss the company’s products and brands, it adds value to them.

      Able to work professionally

      A brand ambassador represents and advertises a brand and one of its identities. You want to establish a positive identity in the eyes of the audience. As a result, make certain that your prospective brand ambassador is a professional.

      Interesting factor

      The brand ambassador should be able to capture the attention of his target audience. So, find a brand ambassador who is well-liked by your customers.

      Has trust in the brand

      Finally, you must ensure that they believe in the brand, which is even more critical if they are actual users of the brand.

      Brand ambassadors must communicate their company’s message honestly and consistently. So that customers can see the brand’s genuine relationship and that the brand is more than just a business.

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      After reading the entire explanation above, you may better understand what a brand ambassador is. BA is an individual or group (group) tasked with marketing the organization’s or company’s chosen products and services/company/organization. The most important aspect of growing your business is to select a BA who shares your characteristics and is influential in the same field as your brand.

      It is also critical for you, as business owners, to manage your business bookkeeping process correctly to avoid losses and minimize fraud. Manage your business with ERP System Project that allows you to manage projects efficiently, process all progress, and absorb the budget optimally to make sure that the project is completed as planned.

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