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Avoid These 4 Mistakes in Cash Flow Management

Sometimes business owners often spend a lot of time with various day-to-day operations and have very little time left to do cash flow management or find out about company finances. Incorrect cash flow management can lead to total failure for a business.

Many companies do not know that the ERP finance system functions to control financial management more effectively and can optimize business management. 


What are the consequences of cash flow management errors?

Failure to monitor and manage cash flow can expose a business to a variety of risks. If a company constantly spends more than it makes, it has cash flow problems. It can cause you to miss an excellent opportunity to grow your business. This happens because the company cannot grow if the resources are insufficient. There’s no point in increasing sales if you don’t have the personnel or resources to fill additional orders.

The following are some of the common mistakes that a company should avoid in managing company cash:

Mistake 1: Not monitoring cash flow

Good corporate financial management involves managing the company’s bank accounts, monthly checks on income statements, and overseeing tax liabilities. Thanks to cash flow figures, businesses know how they are doing financially, allowing for quality decision-making.

Ignorance of future income and expenditure is a risky activity and can be economically detrimental. If you don’t monitor finances, your business can’t manage them and prepare for the future. Therefore, the first step to take is to get an overview of income and expenses. One of the goals is to identify and eliminate the factors that can cause waste in business finances.

Mistake 2: Not having long-term prospects

Having a good idea of ​​past and current income and expenses is a good starting point. To manage your company’s finances effectively, you need to anticipate a lack of funds before a situation arises. The effort and time spent planning and operating cash flow are far more valuable.

Thanks to a good cash flow plan, the company can more easily monitor the payment of invoices received and other obligations the company has when they need to be paid. In addition, it can also be more effective in planning company development and avoiding shortages of funds. Information about adequate cash flow is also required when paying credit and meeting bank requirements.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Mistake 3: Ignoring late payments

Late receipts for invoices can cause problems for businesses. In reality, when a customer delays payment, it will be difficult for her to pay the vendor. Note that to have a favorable cash flow position, the business must have a more significant amount of cash than it exits. But if the customer doesn’t pay on time, the cash outflow will outweigh the cash inflow because they don’t have enough money.

The inability to pay for all expenses can also lead to a domino effect. One of them is that it will be difficult for you to fulfill all orders because you do not have the funds to buy materials. This results in you being unable to pay salaries, rent, and other things the company needs for day-to-day operations. As this continues, there may be no choice but to use personal money or the money reserved for future business expansion to make up for the shortfall.

You can manage your company’s invoices with the E-invoicing system. Check all your bills in one view and streamline cash flow by performing follow-up payments automatically.

Mistake 4: Not using the right tools for cash flow management

Reliable cash flow management is a source of competitive advantage. Sometimes businesses haven’t taken advantage of one centralized platform that can work effectively and simplify cash flow planning. With the help of automated solutions, many things in company operations can run more efficiently, from creating invoices, sharing documents with colleagues, and improving the overall performance of company activities.

A sound information system will help you in running your business. The correct cash flow planning and management software make it easier to work with variant planning. They can record potential sales according to their possible implementation, including deadlines and payment terms, based on their payment history.


Use accounting software to help you compile detailed cash flow. Its cloud-based system allows you and your team to collect it in real time. Many businesses start profitable and then end up in bankruptcy because the amount of cash coming in is not proportional to the cash-out. Companies that do not practice good cash management may not be able to make profitable investments. Try the free demo today!



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