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Special Journal: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Accounting becomes one of the important factors in running the company’s operational activities. With the help of accounting, a company can record all transactions in operational activities. You need to know that one important process is often left behind in the accounting process, namely a special journal. To minimize manual time-consuming accounting procedures, you can use accounting software.

So, how about the full explanation of this specific recording? Check out the following explanation below!


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What is Special Journal?

special journal

A special journal is a recording that has been grouped based on the transaction forms. In other words, it has an understanding as a journal that can be made or classified according to the transaction types. In this case, the accountant must identify all transaction forms that occur in the company and record them in a special type of record. This is used by the accountant to record all occurred transactions on a credit basis.

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Types of Special Journal

In general, special journals have four types. These types range from purchasing, sales, cash receipts, and cash expenditures types of bookkeeping. So, how is the full explanation of each special journal type? Let’s take a look at the following explanation:

Purchase journal

A purchase journal is a record that makes it easier for accountants to record all types of purchases, such as purchases of goods or non-goods on credit. In this case, the types of purchase transactions include the trade goods purchase, equipment purchase, and other assets on credit.

The presence of that has a function to simplify recording and facilitate the bookkeeping of high-volume transactions into the ledger. At the end of each reporting period, records on the purchase journal will be summarized and posted into the ledger. To manage purchase requests across multiple branches, you can use HashMicro’s purchasing software.

Sales journal

The next type that we are going to talk about is a sales journal. In the case of the type sales is a journal that accountants can use to record all sales transactions on a credit basis. In general, the information stored in this keeping is a summary of the invoices that the company issues to customers, such as transaction dates, account numbers, customer names, invoice numbers, and sales amounts. This type of document has the same function as a purchase journal, which makes it easier to record high-volume transactions on the ledger. 

Cash receipt

Cash Receipt in Special Journal

The presence of this journal can make it easier for accountants to record all transactions related to the cash receipt. Furthermore, cash receipt journals have a function to record transactions that occur on a cash basis. Transactions recorded in cash receipt journals such as sales on a cash basis, debt repayment receipts, purchase returns on a cash basis, and income receipts.

Cash payment

A cash payment journal has a function to record all transactions related to cash expenditure. In this case, it will record all transactions that occur on a cash basis in detail. The transactions included in the cash payment journal are purchases on a cash basis, debt repayment, sales returns, and expense payments. One of the business cash outflow examples is a cash payment for purchase on a cash basis.

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The Benefits

The special journal will provide various benefits for accountants. All these benefits certainly will facilitate the company’s operational activities. So, what are the benefits? Here’s the explanation:

Reduce company financial miscalculations

Often a company faces a common problem that is an error in calculating finances. This miscalculation will certainly cause losses for the company. Moreover, miscalculations can also result in a company’s instability which leads to bankruptcy. Therefore, a special journal can make it easier for a company to overcome the financial miscalculation problem. In this case, you can use the financial management system to automate daily business operations

Simplify the auditing process

A company in its operational activities must be able to uphold transparency. One of the operational aspects that uphold transparency is the company finances. The transparency in this means can be done through the auditing process. A special journal can facilitate the company finances and conduct periodic business analysis with the auditing process.

Prevent fraud

A company has the potential for fraud. Of course, this will cause losses for the company. It will help the company overcome this potential problem. This is because special journal recording occurs chronologically. So, financial records will be difficult to change.

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A special journal is a journal that can be made or classified by the accountant according to the transaction type. Special journals have various types in the recording process, ranging from purchase, sales, cash receipts, and cash payment journals. Each of these types certainly has a different function. A special journal can also provide various benefits for a company, one of them is to prevent fraud.

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