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3 Financial Management Tips for Company During a Crisis

The unrelenting spread of the Novel Coronavirus is affecting not only people’s well-being but also finances. Many companies had to let their employees go to balance the cash flow. But if you still try your hardest to keep your business open amid this crisis, this article will cover some tips for better financial management.

Managing a company’s finances during a crisis is difficult but not impossible. The Finance Software is your answer and solution for managing your company’s finances, particularly during a crisis. Here are some tips for better financial management you can apply in your business and the reasons why finance software can assist your business during a crisis. You may as well look at the estimated price of the finance software to know its price. 


Financial Management Tips

1. Increase the layer of approvals

Multi-approval for every purchase order is a must. But in times of crisis, it’s more important than ever. Increasing the layer of approvals can help you reduce company spending effectively. If necessary, involve your CFO or CEO to approve purchase orders.

With strict approval, you can reduce unnecessary spending until the crisis recedes. Use Procurement Management Software for more efficient approvals. With a cloud server, you can track purchase orders anywhere and anytime.

2. Revise your company budget

In a crisis, it’s okay to revisit your company budget once more. Take another look to see which parts of the budget can be put on hold or eliminated. With a lesser income, you have to make the necessary sacrifices.

Monitor which divisions or outlets are productive and which aren’t. Use Accounting Software to make the process easier and faster. The software can also generate a comprehensive report in a few simple clicks.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

3. Transparent process

Working from home makes you unable to monitor your employee performance manually. That’s why you must figure out an effective strategy for managing your workforce, including the procurement division, efficiently. For that reason, you need Procurement Software.

The software not only eliminates paper usage but also gives you the ability to monitor purchase orders. You’ll have a clearer and better handle on how much your company is spending thanks to the automatic notifications that are sent to you whenever a purchase order is made. It will make you control company spending more transparently and efficiently.


The effects of the coronavirus not only have an effect on the general well-being of society but also on the economy. However, this does not mean that we should give up fighting against it. The most effective course of action is to develop a new financial strategy while simultaneously implementing measures to cut company spending. That being said, you must make use of the ERP Accounting Software so that you can automatically manage the financial aspects of your company. You can get an estimate of the price by downloading it from this page or trying the demo version for free.


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