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Components, Functions, and Example of Collection Letter

Sales are a significant component that we cannot let go of in running a business. This is because the business will benefit from the company’s level of sales management system. So it is not uncommon for companies to provide credit to consumers who want to buy their products even though they do not have enough money.

The company will later send a collection letter to its creditors. This letter will remind the creditor to make payments for the transactions they have made immediately.


Definition of Collection Letter

A collection letter is a letter the creditor, the seller, give to the buyer. This letter is given based on mutual agreement. A collection letter is an option if the buyer has not fulfilled his obligations on the agreed payment date. Late payments can be detrimental to lenders because the money that creditors should receive is capital or business profits. However, if the buyer does not complete the invoice on time, it can hamper its activities, including other sales activities.

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Functions of Collection Letter

Collection letter is very functional, especially in terms of payment for a transaction. Specifically, collection letters also have other functions. Some of the functions of our invoice are as follows:

Affect the borrower

A collection letter is a solution for companies when experiencing difficulties in requesting a refund for the obligations of customers or buyers. By sending a written notification, the company hopes that the obligor will respond more quickly when providing information regarding his credit. Some buyers may not respond well when it is time to pay the loan installments. That is why the company needs to send a formal notification to remind buyers to pay for the transactions.

Proof for a transaction

This letter can be evidence of a purchasing management system. Thus, if one of the parties violates the transaction agreement, another parties can bring the problem to legal proceedings. The collection letter as proof of purchase will make it easier for the company to obtain its rights and match which transactions have been paid off or which have not.

Avoiding fines for buyers

There are usually sanctions or fines on credit purchases if there is a delay in payment. These fines are typically calculated per day. To prevent the buyer from incurring heavy penalties due to late credit payments, the company will send the collection letter before the due date. So, at least buyers can prepare funds to pay loan installments in advance to avoid fines.

Monitoring of buyer’s credit quality

The frequency of a company issue the collection letter allows companies to assess the quality of their buyers quickly. The frequency of invoices can be a consideration for granting credit approval. This allows the seller to know if the buyer is eligible to receive another loan on credit.

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Components and Collection Letter Sample

Components of collection letter

The company makes the collection letter in accordance with its policies. In general, several components are always present in every invoice. These components must be written in the invoice, regardless of the type of company. The following are some of the mandatory elements in the invoice, namely:

  1. Serial number
  2. Order number
  3. Delivery orders, travel document, or transaction number code
  4. Item details
  5. Sub-Total
  6. Discounts and fees

Collection Letter’s Sample

Companies in a variety of industries can use invoices. Although there are various forms, we provide examples of invoices that you can use for multiple business purposes.


An example of an invoice is a letter given by the creditor, the seller, to the buyer. This invoice also has various functions, but in general, the invoice helps remind the buyer or creditor to complete payments related to the transactions that occur. Invoices also have several mandatory components that must be present in every invoice, regardless of the type of industry of the selling company.


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