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The Importance of Accounting Software for Fintech Industry

Companies must continue to strive to become leaner, faster, by utilizing the benefits of cloud accounting software to satisfy their fintech customers. Moreover, the growth of FinTech is changing the way businesses manage their finances. To provide automated and efficient financial services, fintech companies require a comprehensive accounting software and programs. With the benefits of cloud accounting system, you can get real-time reporting and visibility across your entire company.

Simply surviving will not suffice, you must also ensure that your business is profitable. Therefore, you need the right strategy, especially in recording financial flows, HashMicro is here to answer your concerns. With the most complete Accounting Software, you can easily manage and create your company’s financial statements automatically. Here is a complete discussion about the flagship accounting software from HashMicro, ranging from the benefits of cloud accounting software, main features, to the integration modules. Moreover, you should look for information about the accounting system’s price calculation scheme to get the cost estimation.


Why Accounting Software Is Important for Fintech Industry?

In running a fintech business, financial problems are crucial. Therefore, in order to keep record of the transactions, reversals, comission earned and expenses paid it is necessary to have a reliable accounting software to take care of every accounting aspects in business. By implementing customizable accounting software, companies can ensure increased productivity while meeting their business goals.

In addition, HashMicro innovates to produce effective solutions, by providing integrated Accounting Software products that can be configured according to your company’s needs. Now, with the advanced features available on HashMicro’s flagship Accounting Software, all cash flow management, financial statement creation, bank reconciliation, and others can be done automatically with just one system. HashMicro’s pricing is also very transparent, as you can freely download the software price calculation scheme here.

Main Benefits of HashMicro’s Cloud Accounting Software

benefit of cloud accounting

  • Optimized Efficiency : Minimize manual, time-consuming accounting procedures like bookkeeping, asset depreciation calculations, and more.
  • Real-time data: Get complete, real-time financial information that helps you make better business decisions.
  • Improved Accuracy : Know the financial condition across all business unit through in-depth analysis and accurate forecasts of your income.
  • Increased Profitability: Increase your business profitability with the help of automated, accurate budget calculations.

Key Features of Cloud Accounting System

In order to continue to survive in the midst of a competitive market, HashMicro must be able to adapt and keep up with the rapid changes in the market. One way is to continue to innovate and present the most advanced features. The following are the main features of Cloud Accounting Systems you need to know:

Financial dashboard

This feature allows you to monitor the financial condition of your business thoroughly, such as income, cash balance, accounts receivable, payable accounts, and others.

Cash flow forecasting.

One of the advantages of Cloud Accounting System is that it provides features that can help you know your income & expenses precisely in a certain period.

Fast bank reconciliation.

Through this feature, your business can safely import and reconcile all your bank transactions automatically.

Accrual & amortization.

One of the excellent features of HashMicro Management Accounting System is to minimize human-error by recording and calculating accrual and amortization automatically.

Budget management.

Now, you can easily manage your budget and set the approval matrix based on the budget available only with the budget managemt feature.

Analytical reporting.

HashMicro’s Cloud Accounting System would not be complete without analytical reporting features. This feature allows you to generate income statements, cash flows, balance sheets, capital changes, and other financial statements in seconds.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

HashMicro Accounting Software Integration Module

The development of fintech has resulted in various fintech product innovations that help financial activities and support people’s lives. Therefore, HashMicro also provides several kinds of Accounting Software integration modules that suit the needs of your fintech products as follows:

Inventory Management System

Accounting software integrated with the Inventory Management System will assist the company in conducting stock opname and calculating the total cost of inventory.

CRM-Sales system

The integration of CRM-Sales Systems with Accounting Systems not only improves sales performance. However, it is also beneficial to track unpaid customer/client bills in order to maintain a smooth cash flow.

Purchasing System

Filing purchases in various branches often creates miscommunication. However, with this integration module, you can analyze and control the company’s procurement costs with just one system.


More and more fintech businesses nowadays, ranging from small to large scale. Each has its own uniqueness and attractive offers for customers. However, this will only lead to waste without proper financial cash flow management. Therefore, the implementation of the automated Accounting Software has become a must to increase competitive advantage if you want to win the competition in this financial industry.


Financial management is one of the important steps for companies. Thus, HashMicro, as the most comprehensive ERP and accounting solution provider, can help your business become more efficient in processing company finances. In addition, with the benefits cloud-based accounting program, make cash flow management, bank reconciliation, and invoicing processes run automatically. Find out more information about the accounting system by trying out the free demo.

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