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Get to Know IRAS and IRAS Approved Accounting Software Recommendation

As businesses navigate the intricacies of financial management and tax compliance, it becomes increasingly essential to stay abreast of the latest tools and resources. One such invaluable resource is the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). IRAS plays a pivotal role in Singapore’s tax system, overseeing the administration and enforcement of taxes with the aim of fostering a fair and transparent environment.

With an ever-evolving landscape of financial management and tax compliance, businesses must stay informed about the latest tools and resources provided by the IRAS to ensure accurate and efficient operations. From guidelines on taxation policies to the approval of accounting software solutions, the IRAS equips businesses with the necessary knowledge and support to navigate the complexities of financial management effectively.

In this article, we will explore the importance of the IRAS and delve into the benefits it offers, particularly focusing on the IRAS-approved accounting software list—an essential component for businesses seeking reliable and compliant accounting software solutions.


Key Takeaways

  • The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) plays a vital role in Singapore’s tax system, ensuring a fair and transparent tax environment.
  • IRAS-approved accounting software is crucial for businesses to maintain accurate financial records and comply with tax regulations in Singapore.
  • Using IRAS-approved accounting software offers benefits such as easy preparation of GST returns and IRAS Audit Files (IAF), efficient generation of financial statements, and comprehensive software usage documentation.
  • HashMicro’s software includes features like E-facture, multi-currency support, tax reporting, vendor bill tracking, and petty cash tracking, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses in Singapore.


About Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is a governmental agency that holds a significant role in Singapore’s tax ecosystem. As the principal tax administrator, the IRAS is responsible for the effective administration, collection, and enforcement of taxes in Singapore. Its primary objective is to foster a fair and transparent tax environment that supports the country’s economic growth and development.

The IRAS serves as a central authority for tax-related matters, providing businesses and individuals with guidance on tax policies, regulations, and compliance requirements. It ensures that taxpayers understand their tax obligations and have access to the necessary resources and tools to fulfill them accurately and efficiently.

In addition to its tax administration role, IRAS also contributes to policy formulation. It provides expert advice and insights to the government on matters relating to tax legislation, tax incentives, and international tax matters. IRAS participates in international forums to promote cooperation and exchange best practices with tax authorities worldwide.

What is IRAS Approved Accounting Software?

IRAS approved accounting software refers to accounting software that has been endorsed and recognized by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for compliance with the tax regulations and requirements in Singapore. It is a designation given to software solutions that meet specific criteria set by IRAS to ensure accurate and efficient record-keeping and reporting for tax purposes.

When businesses in Singapore use IRAS approved accounting software, they can have confidence in the software’s capability to handle their accounting processes while meeting the tax obligations set by IRAS. These software solutions are designed to help businesses maintain proper books of accounts and generate accurate financial statements, which are crucial for tax reporting and compliance.

To obtain IRAS approval, accounting software providers must submit their software for evaluation by IRAS. The evaluation process assesses various aspects, including the software’s ability to handle specific tax-related transactions, generate tax invoices, maintain proper records, and produce necessary reports required by IRAS.

IRAS Approved Accounting Software Importances and Benefits

Efficient and accurate financial record-keeping is crucial for businesses to comply with tax regulations and fulfill their reporting obligations. To simplify this process, the concept of IRAS approved accounting software must be considered. This designation ensures that businesses have access to reliable software solutions that not only streamline their accounting processes but also facilitate seamless tax compliance.

Besides, IRAS approved accounting software brings a host of importance and benefits, ranging from accurate tax reporting to increased productivity and reduced errors. Let’s delve deeper into why this designation holds significant value for businesses operating in Singapore.

1. Easily prepare GST F5 return & IRAS Audit File (IAF)

iras approved accounting software

With an IRAS approved accounting software solution, businesses can generate the GST F5 return effortlessly. The software automates the computation of GST amounts, ensuring accurate calculations based on the relevant tax codes and rates. It also assists in generating the necessary reports and forms required for GST filing, reducing manual efforts.

Furthermore, IRAS approved accounting software allows businesses to generate the IRAS Audit File (IAF) seamlessly. The IAF is a standardized electronic file format prescribed by IRAS, which contains detailed financial and accounting information. It enables IRAS to conduct audits and perform compliance checks efficiently.

The convenience of preparing the GST F5 return and the IAF using IRAS approved accounting software offers businesses several advantages. Firstly, it saves time and effort, as the software automates the process and reduces the need for manual data entry and calculations. Secondly, using approved software enhances accuracy and minimizes the risk of errors. Lastly, it also contributes businesses to better compliance with IRAS requirements.

2. Easily generate financial statements for tax reporting

One of the key benefits of using IRAS approved accounting software is its ability to easily generate financial statements for tax reporting purposes. These software solutions are designed to streamline the process of preparing accurate and comprehensive financial statements that comply with IRAS requirements. It also provides businesses with the tools and functionalities necessary to generate financial statements tailored to specific tax reporting needs.

Moreover, businesses can automate the generation of financial statements, reducing the manual effort and time required for compiling data and preparing reports. The software pulls information from various accounting entries and transactions, ensuring that the financial statements are up-to-date, accurate, and in accordance with accounting standards and IRAS guidelines.

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

Then, IRAS Approved Accounting Software often incorporates features that enable businesses to easily customize and format their financial statements. This flexibility allows businesses to present their financial information in a clear and organized manner, facilitating better comprehension and analysis for tax reporting purposes.

3. Comprehensive software usage documentation

The software usage documentation serves as a valuable resource for businesses, especially for those new to the software or unfamiliar with its features and functionalities. It typically includes user manuals, step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist users in navigating and leveraging the software’s capabilities.

The documentation offers clear instructions on various aspects of the software, such as setting up company profiles, inputting financial data, generating reports, and performing tax-related tasks. It helps users understand the software’s interface, functions, and workflows, enabling them to utilize the software more effectively and maximize its benefits.

By having comprehensive software usage documentation, businesses can ensure that their staff members have access to the necessary resources to utilize the software efficiently. This promotes better adoption of the software within the organization and reduces the learning curve, allowing users to quickly become proficient in using the software for their day-to-day accounting and tax activities.

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4. Built-in internal controls

An additional benefit is the presence of built-in internal control features. These features are designed to enhance the integrity and reliability of financial data, providing businesses with robust internal control mechanisms to safeguard their financial processes. IRAS approved accounting software often incorporates internal control measures that help prevent and detect errors, fraud, and other irregularities.

One common internal control feature found in approved software is the segregation of duties. The software enables businesses to assign different user roles and permissions, ensuring that no single individual has complete control over all financial processes. This segregation reduces the risk of unauthorized access, manipulation, or misuse of financial data.

Additionally, approved accounting software often includes validation and verification mechanisms. These mechanisms automatically perform checks on data entered into the system, ensuring that it is accurate, complete, and in compliance with relevant rules and regulations. The software may also have built-in alerts or warnings that notify users of potential errors or inconsistencies, allowing for timely corrections.

5. Audit trial features

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

An IRAS accounting software incorporates audit trail functionalities that capture and retain a detailed record of all financial activities and system changes. This includes information such as the date and time of the transaction, the user responsible, the nature of the transaction, and any modifications made. The audit trail acts as a chronological log of events, providing a comprehensive history of financial data.

The audit trail feature serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it facilitates effective financial management and control. By maintaining a detailed record of financial transactions, businesses can easily review and analyze their financial activities. This allows for better monitoring of cash flows, expense patterns, and revenue streams, aiding in informed decision-making and financial planning.

Secondly, the audit trail enhances accountability and fraud detection. By associating every financial transaction with a specific user, the software enables businesses to identify who initiated or modified each transaction. This creates a sense of responsibility among users and deters fraudulent activities. In case of any irregularities or suspicions, the audit trail can be reviewed to trace the origin and identify potential issues.

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IRAS Approved Accounting Software Recommendation

When it comes to managing financial records and meeting tax compliance requirements, businesses in Singapore need efficient accounting software. In this regard, the IRAS plays an important role by endorsing and approving certain accounting software solutions. These software solutions, known as IRAS approved accounting software, have been evaluated and recognized by IRAS for their compliance with tax regulations.

With their comprehensive features and functionalities, these software solutions offer businesses a range of benefits. It includes accurate tax reporting, streamlined processes, and enhanced efficiency. In the following sections, we will delve into the specific features and advantages of IRAS approved accounting software, providing a clear understanding of why businesses should consider using them for their accounting and tax-related needs.

1. HashMicro

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

HashMicro is a reputable software provider that offers IRAS approved accounting software for businesses in Singapore. As an approved provider, HashMicro’s accounting software meets the stringent requirements set by IRAS. It ensures compliance with tax regulations and offers a reliable solution for businesses’ accounting needs.

HashMicro’s software comes equipped with a range of features designed to simplify financial record-keeping, enhance accuracy, and streamline tax reporting processes. The software provides businesses with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, making it easy for users to navigate and perform their accounting tasks efficiently. It also provides the Internet of Things (IoT), bank integration, and professional assistance.

Here are some notable features of HashMicro accounting software:

  1. E-facture: This feature simplifies and streamlines the invoicing process for businesses of all sizes. With E-facture, you can effortlessly create, send, and track invoices electronically, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors associated with manual invoicing.
  2. Multi-currency: This feature designed to meet the needs of businesses operating in a global marketplace. With Multi-Currency support, you can effortlessly manage financial transactions in multiple currencies, ensuring accuracy and compliance with international standards.
  3. Tax report: HashMicro’s accounting software takes the complexity out of tax reporting with its comprehensive Tax Report feature. Designed to simplify the tax compliance process, it ensures accurate and timely reporting while minimizing the risk of errors. Whether you need to generate GST, VAT, or other tax-related reports, it has you covered.
  4. Vendor bills and accrued payables: With this feature, you can easily input and keep track of vendor bills, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your payables. It automates calculations, due dates, and reminders, reducing the risk of overlooking or duplicating payments. It also offers insightful reporting, allowing you to gain a clear overview of your outstanding liabilities, aiding in budgeting and financial planning.
  5. Petty cash tracking: This feature allows you to record and monitor petty cash transactions accurately and efficiently. You can easily track who disbursed the cash, for what purpose, and when. It streamlines the reimbursement process for employees, helping you maintain a clear and organized audit trail. This feature offers a practical solution for businesses to manage their day-to-day expenses.

Another key feature is the ability to generate comprehensive financial statements in compliance with IRAS requirements. This software allows businesses to generate accurate balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, ensuring that their financial reports are in line with accounting standards and easily accessible for tax reporting purposes.

In addition, HashMicro’s software includes built-in internal control features that help safeguard financial processes and data integrity. These features reduce the risk of fraud and ensure accurate financial reporting. The software also provides a robust audit trail, capturing a detailed record of all financial activities and system changes. It supports transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

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2. Kingdee

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

Kingdee is a renowned provider of IRAS approved accounting software. It offers businesses in Singapore an efficient solution for their accounting and tax compliance needs. Kingdee’s software offers automation capabilities that streamline routine tasks, improving efficiency and reducing the burden of manual work. The software automates processes such as data entry, report generation, and reconciliation, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

3. Bevootech 

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

Bevootech ensures compliance with tax regulations and provides businesses with a robust platform for managing their financial records. Bevootech’s software encompasses a range of features designed to streamline financial processes and enhance efficiency. There are user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive financial management features, integration capabilities, internal control mechanisms, and automation capabilities.

4. Ascend Edge

Ascend Edge is an IRAS approved accounting software provider with feature-rich solutions for businesses’ accounting and tax compliance requirements. This software incorporates segregation of duties, validation checks, and audit trails to enhance data integrity. These internal control features provide businesses with confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their financial records.

5. UBS Accounting

IRAS Approved Accounting Software

As an IRAS approved accounting software provider, UBS Accounting’s software is able to generate accurate and compliant financial statements. Businesses can effortlessly generate balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements that meet IRAS requirements. This feature ensures businesses can produce reliable financial reports for tax reporting purposes.


In conclusion, IRAS is a crucial governmental agency responsible for tax administration and enforcement in Singapore. The IRAS provides guidance on tax policies, regulations, and compliance requirements to businesses and individuals. One important aspect of IRAS’s support is the approval of accounting software solutions, such as HashMicro and other providers.

If you are planning on implementing IRAS approved accounting software for your business in Singapore, you can try out the free demo provided by HashMicro. It will give you some insights and considerations in choosing the right software for your business. You can also grab a chance to get 50% discount by applying for PSG Grant. Most importantly, remember that choosing the most suitable software for your business matters.


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