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      Why is It Important to Use Financial Software in Your Business?

      The primary source of any enterprise is its financial resources, and a company can only operate effectively if it has strong financial management or uses financial software. However, just like most other resources, financial resources are always limited. Meanwhile, needs and wants are limitless.

      The problem occurs when a company can’t control its finances and needs while maintaining the appropriate scale balance. Or even worse, if a company doesn’t have adequate financial planning and management, the company may end up with a significant loss. Therefore, a company should use finance, or accounting software, to manage its finances effectively. 

      This article will explain why it is essential to manage finances and how accounting software can simplify all of the operational tasks related to finances.


      Table of Content:

        Why Does Your Business Need Financial Management?

        Does my company need financial management software? Is it worth the investment, and does it deliver on its promises? Can it improve the efficiency of my company’s critical financial procedures? These may be the questions that came to mind as you read this article. Don’t worry; you can find all the answers to these questions in this article. We will look into these issues to see how well finance management applications work in today’s businesses.

        Kenan Acikelli, CEO of Workhy, shares: “Financial software offers numerous benefits and advantages in managing your company’s finances. It’s designed to automate, assist, and store your company’s financial data. Therefore, this software can handle various financial transactions, records, and processes and their storage, analysis, management, and processing. You won’t need to do manual work because an automated system will accomplish all your tasks.”


        Furthermore, the following are some advantages of managing your company’s finances with the help of financial software, which may be the reason why you should consider implementing this software in your company:

        1. Increased levels of both efficiency and productivity within your company:
          Adrian Lawrence, CFO of FD Capital Recruitment, shares: “The software will automate and simplify how you manage your finances, allowing you to reduce the amount of time spent on manual and labor-intensive accounting processes such as bookkeeping, asset depreciation calculations, and many others. No more manual methods, no more inefficient procedures.”
        2. An increase in accuracy:
          James Beattie, CEO of Money SproutThe software will inform you about the financial condition across all business units within your company. In-depth analysis and accurate forecasts of your company’s future income will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your company’s growth.
        3. Real-Time data: “Thanks to the automated system, the information and data you will receive will be automatically comprehensive and up-to-date, which will assist you in making more better decisions regarding your company,” says James.
        4. An increase in one’s ability to turn a profit: The financial software will increase your company’s profitability using automated and accurate budget calculations. With the help of financial software, which is part of accounting software, your business can maximize its profitability and increase its profits.

        The Importance of Financial Software To Business

        The explanation of the software’s advantages and benefits above has shown that financial software can give you better financial management. Such software for accounting is game-changing to switch from keeping financial records manually to using automated financial software that is easy to use. 

        Allan McNabb, vice president of Image Building Media, shares: “Because of the cloud-based features, the software will handle your finance tasks automatically. This means it’s time for you to leave the hassle out of keeping manual records (with paper receipts and checks). Such a method will help you to concentrate on the objectives and activities that truly matter because you don’t need to worry about your financial records anymore because they are in good hands, which is in an ERP accounting system.”


        If you’re curious about ERP accounting system, you can download the price scheme below.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Features of Financial Software That Can Help Your Business Finance

        1. Financial dashboard

        Your company should always be able to keep an accurate record of the financial status of the entire company. This record should include income, cash balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other pertinent financial information. You can eliminate inefficiencies, process choke points, and bottlenecks by studying where they appear and locating them.

        2. Cash flow forecasting

        It will be even simpler for your company to generate a reliable projection of both your income and your expenses for a period of time in the future with financial forecasting.

        3. Complete the bank reconciliation quickly

        This feature will import all of your bank transactions into accounting software in a secure and automated way.

        4. The accrual and depreciation of assets

        The Accounting Software offered by HashMicro helps to reduce the number of mistakes made by humans (human error) by automatically recording and calculating accruals and amortizations. You can select the data points you wish to investigate and ensure that every financial application operates efficiently without hiccups. 

        5. Peppol e-Invoicing

        Standardizing the process of sending and receiving invoices between two parties is made possible by HashMicro’s connection to Singapore’s Peppol e-Invoicing network.

        6. Reporting based on analysis

        Aziz Bekishov, CEO of DC Mobile Notary, shares: “The software also can produce income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, capital changes, and other financial documents in a matter of seconds. It provides accurate reports, which you can use to gain insightful knowledge of critical financial processes.”

        Which One is The Right Financial Software For Your Business

        HashMicro accounting or financial software is able to simplify financial tasks in company effectivelyThe use of accounting software in business can certainly facilitate you in financial reporting, as well as the use of financial statement software. However, selecting the right financial management system can take time and effort. Because there are numerous software options out there, and here lies the challenge. Which software could meet the requirements and needs of your company? Accounting software HashMicro is the answer.

        When selecting the right accounting software, you need to pay attention to specific requirements, such as the level of security, the ease of access, the online/offline software options, the backup data feature, and whether or not customer support services are available. HashMicro’s ERP System for financial management is capable of not only doing all that but also automating day-to-day business operations and optimizing the fulfillment of client requirements in a real-time. 

        HashMicro, unlike other software, has a unique specialty that makes it ideal for your business. HashMicro provides features like unlimited users (which means you can access the software with as many users as you want at no additional cost) and customizable and configurable software (which means that you can tailor the software to your company’s specific needs, goals, and requirements).


        As stated before, a company cannot operate effectively unless it has good financial management. With its cloud-based features, financial software, one of the aspects of accounting software, will assist you with various financial transactions, records, and processes, as well as their storage, analysis, management, and processing automatically. You no longer need to perform all manual procedures with paper receipts and checks because the system will automatically process them all.

        Furthermore, such a system can automate day-to-day business operations and optimize client fulfillment in real-time. This implies that using the best accounting software from HashMicro can simplify your company’s financial management effectively. For that reason, thousands of businesses in SEA used HashMicro ERP. Try our demo version for free now!


        HashMicro is a software development and enterprise resource planning (ERP) company. Consequently, we often provide articles about ERP and other systems that all businesses need.

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