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10 Best Trucker Bookkeeping Accounting Software – Reviews & Pricing

When it comes to managing the finances of trucking companies, having reliable and efficient bookkeeping accounting software is crucial. In this article, we will explore the 10 best trucker bookkeeping accounting software options available. Whether you’re an owner-operator or manage a fleet of trucks, these software solutions can help streamline your financial processes and ensure accurate record-keeping for your trucking business.

These integrated platforms are designed specifically to meet the financial needs of trucking businesses. They provide features such as expense tracking, income management, invoicing, payroll processing, and robust reporting capabilities. With these software solutions, you can streamline your financial operations, improve accuracy, and focus on growing your trucking company.


What is Trucker Bookkeeping Software?

what is trucker bookkeeping software

Trucker bookkeeping software is a specialized accounting solution designed specifically for trucking companies. It is a software tool that helps companies in the trucking industry manage their financial transactions, track expenses, generate invoices, process payroll, and produce accurate financial reports. This software offers features tailored to the needs of the trucking industry, such as fuel expenses and driver payments.

Standard Features of Trucker Bookkeeping Software

Trucker bookkeeping software offers a range of standard features specifically designed to meet the needs of trucking companies. These features are essential for efficient financial management and can help streamline operations. Here are some standard features commonly found in trucker bookkeeping software:

  • Expense Tracking: Easily track and categorize expenses related to fuel, maintenance, repairs, tolls, permits, and other trucking-specific costs. This feature allows for accurate expense reporting and helps identify areas for cost optimization.
  • Driver Payroll: Manage driver compensation and payroll calculations based on mileage, hours worked, or specific pay rates. This feature helps automate payroll processing and ensures accurate and timely payment for drivers.
  • Integration with GPS and Telematics: Integrate with GPS and telematics systems to track vehicle locations, monitor fuel consumption, analyze driver behavior, and streamline fleet management. This integration provides real-time data for better decision-making.
  • User Support and Training: Access to customer support and training resources to help users effectively navigate and maximize the software’s capabilities. This support ensures smooth implementation and efficient utilization of the software for trucking company operations.
download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Benefits of Using Trucker Bookkeeping Software

There are numerous benefits to using trucker bookkeeping software. Embracing this software can significantly contribute to the success and growth of trucking companies. Here are some key advantages of utilizing such software:

  • Time and Cost Savings: Trucker bookkeeping software automates and streamlines financial processes, saving significant time and reducing manual effort. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, calculations, and paperwork, allowing staff to focus on core operations. Moreover, it reduces the costs associated with hiring additional accounting personnel.
  • Accurate Financial Management: The software ensures accurate and reliable financial management by automating calculations, expense tracking, revenue tracking, and payroll processing. It minimizes the risk of human error, providing more precise financial records and reports. This accuracy enables better decision-making and facilitates compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlined Dispatch Operations: Trucker bookkeeping software often includes dispatch management features, enabling efficient load assignments, schedule management, and delivery tracking. This streamlines dispatch operations optimizes truck utilization, and improves overall operational efficiency.
  • Integration with Other Systems: Trucker bookkeeping software often integrates with other systems, such as GPS and telematics, fuel cards, and payroll systems. This integration enhances data accuracy, eliminates duplicate entry, and enables seamless information flow between different operational functions.

The Best Trucker Bookkeeping Software for Your Business

For trucking companies in need of efficient and reliable bookkeeping solutions, there are several highly recommended software options available. These trucker bookkeeping software solutions offer a range of features tailored specifically to the needs of the trucking industry. Check out this list below to know more.


trucker bookkeeping software

HashMicro Accounting Software is a recommended solution for trucking companies in need of comprehensive bookkeeping software. It offers a range of features tailored to meet the unique accounting needs of trucking businesses. With this software, trucking companies can efficiently track expenses, manage invoices, and generate financial reports. 


  • Efficient expense tracking and management of invoices
  • Seamless integration with popular accounting systems for easy data synchronization
  • Improved financial accuracy and reporting capabilities 
  • Enhanced management of business operations


  • Specific features and capabilities may vary based on the chosen package or customization

Pricing: HashMicro offers customized pricing based on individual business requirements. Contact HashMicro directly for detailed pricing information and a tailored quote. Schedule a free demo and consultation today for more information.


TruckingOffice is a comprehensive trucking management solution designed to meet the specific needs of trucking companies. It offers a range of features and benefits for efficient fleet management and accounting. Here’s an overview of its pros, cons, and pricing: 


  • Tailored for trucking industry needs, including IFTA and mile-tracking, invoice generation, fleet maintenance, dispatching, revenue reporting, and payment tracking
  • Provides a 30-day free trial for users to explore the software 


  • The PRO subscription is required for exporting taxes to QuickBooks 
  • Limited information available on customer reviews and feedback


  • Basic Plan: 
    • 1-2 trucks: $20 per month (optional $5 add-on for routing and mileage) 
    • 3-7 trucks: $45 per month (optional $15 add-on for routing and mileage) 
    • 8+ trucks: $75 per month (optional $25 add-on for routing and mileage up to 15 trucks) 
  • Pro Plan: 
    • 1-2 trucks: $30 per month (optional $5 add-on for routing and mileage) 
    • 3-7 trucks: $65 per month (optional $15 add-on for routing and mileage) 
    • 8+ trucks: $110 per month (optional $25 add-on for routing and mileage up to 15 trucks) 


Q7 is a comprehensive accounting platform designed specifically for trucking companies, offering a range of features to meet their financial needs. With Q7, you can manage everything from safety reports to payroll, streamlining your accounting processes. Here are the pros, cons, and pricing details:


  • Full suite of accounting tools, including payroll, general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Offers a driver mobile app for easy access and management


  • Not compatible with MacOS
  • Pricing is not transparent, and a customized quote is provided after the demo
  • While there is a free demo, committing to the software does not come with a free trial period

Pricing: Pricing details can be obtained by contacting Q7 directly for a free demo and a customized price quote.

Tailwind TMS

tailwind trucker

Tailwind TMS is an invoicing and billing software with built-in trucking features, making it a great choice for trucking companies. While it may not provide complete bookkeeping functionality, it excels in handling invoicing and bill payment tasks. Here are the pros, cons, and pricing details of Tailwind TMS:


  • Comprehensive bill payment and invoicing features tailored for trucking companies
  • Offers GPS-confirmed shipment and event tracking


  • Comparatively more expensive than similar software options
  • Lacks integrated payroll and bank reconciliation features


  • Pro: $117 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $176 per user, per month
  • Unlimited: $235 per user, per month


Rigbooks is an affordable and easy-to-use accounting and trucking management solution tailored for small trucking operations. With its focus on tracking fuel costs, mileage, and load profits, Rigbooks ensures that trucking companies can stay up to date with their earnings. It is also cloud-based, enabling accessibility from laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Here are the pros, cons, and pricing details of Rigbooks:


  • Offers a 30-day free trial and satisfaction guarantee
  • Customized billing options to invoice by mile, item, and weight


  • Lack of training resources or manuals
  • Can become expensive for businesses with more than five trucks
  • Not a complete bookkeeping system and lower plans do not include invoicing
  • No dedicated mobile app available.


  • Basic Entry: $19 per month; $19 per additional truck
  • Leased O/O: $29 per month; $24 per additional truck
  • Independent O/O: $49 per month; $29 per additional truck
  • Small Fleet: $149 per month for up to five trucks; $29 per additional truck.

Zoho Books

zoho bookkeeping

Although not specifically tailored for trucking businesses, Zoho Books offers independent truckers a robust mobile accounting app that streamlines their financial management tasks. Zoho Books offers a feature-packed solution that helps track income, expenses, and invoicing on the go. Here are the pros, cons, and pricing details of Zoho Books:


  • Powerful mobile accounting app with extensive features
  • Offers a range of accounting features at a more affordable price compared to other software like QuickBooks.


  • Free plan limited to businesses with less than $50,000 in annual revenue
  • Additional seat requires an extra fee if the user limit is reached
  • Does not integrate with trucking management software


  • Free: $0 for businesses with annual revenue of $50,000 or less
  • Standard: $12 per organization, per month; up to three users
  • Professional: $24 per organization, per month; up to five users
  • Premium: $36 per organization, per month; up to ten users
  • Elite: $129 per organization, per month; up to ten users
  • Ultimate: $249 per organization, per month; up to 15 users.


Trucklogics is a comprehensive bookkeeping software designed specifically for trucking companies. It provides a range of features and tools to streamline financial management and simplify bookkeeping processes. The software is targeted towards trucking companies, offering specialized functionalities to meet their unique accounting needs. Here are its pros, cons, and pricing details:


  • Offers a wide range of features tailored to the needs of trucking companies, including dispatch management, load tracking, invoice generation, expense tracking, IFTA reporting, and document management
  • Integrates with popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks, enabling seamless syncing of financial data and simplifying overall accounting processes


  • Some users may experience a learning curve when initially navigating and utilizing the software’s features
  • Some users have mentioned the mobile app’s unreliability, including errors and lengthy loading time

Pricing: The pricing plan depends on the number of trucks you operate. There are options starting from the cheapest (small fleet containing 3-7 trucks for $29.95/month) to the most expensive (broker with unlimited dispatches for $39.95/month). For more detailed information, you can visit Trucklogics’ pricing page.


Axon is an all-in-one accounting software designed for mid-size and larger trucking companies. With real-time integrated reporting, it streamlines administrative tasks and eliminates bookkeeping overhead. Axon’s local installation on desktop computers makes it suitable for larger operations but less ideal for independent drivers on the road. Here are its pros, cons, and pricing details:


  • Comprehensive system with features like payroll and fleet management
  • Real-time integrated reporting eliminates bookkeeping overhead


  • Price transparency is low: quotes only 
  • Remote access not available

Pricing: A demo is required to reveal the pricing.


FreshBooks offers reliable and user-friendly bookkeeping software tailored for trucking companies, providing efficient financial management solutions. With its intuitive interface and streamlined navigation, FreshBooks simplifies tasks such as invoicing and expense tracking, saving valuable time for truckers. Here are its pros, cons, and pricing details:


  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation 
  • Time-saving automation features for invoicing and expense tracking


  • Limited features specific to the trucking industry compared to specialized software
  • Lacks advanced fleet management functionalities
  • Higher pricing plans may not be cost-effective for smaller trucking businesses


  • Lite Plan: $8.50/month (billed annually), suitable for small-scale trucking businesses
  • Plus Plan: $15/month (billed annually), recommended for growing trucking companies
  • Premium Plan: $27.50/month (billed annually), ideal for larger-scale operations

Truckn Pro

Truckn Pro is a comprehensive and specialized bookkeeping software designed specifically for trucking companies, catering to their unique financial management needs. With its robust features and industry-specific functionalities, Truckn Pro ensures efficient and accurate bookkeeping for truckers. Here are its pros, cons, and pricing details:


  • Comprehensive features for managing invoices, expenses, and fuel taxes
  • Industry-specific functionalities like load tracking and dispatch management


  • May have a steeper learning curve compared to general bookkeeping software
  • Advanced fleet management features may be limited


  • Basic Edition starts at $79/one-time
  • Owner Operator starts at $149/one-time 
  • Small Fleet starts at $219/one-time

Note: It’s always recommended to visit the official website or contact the software provider directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on features, pricing, and any additional services they may offer.


When it comes to finding the best trucker bookkeeping accounting software, there are several outstanding options available to meet the unique needs of truckers. These software solutions provide specialized features and robust reporting capabilities to ensure efficient financial management in the trucking industry. However, it is important to consider factors such as pricing, scalability, and specific requirements to make an informed decision.

Even though there are many options for the best software, HashMicro Accounting Software stands as the number one recommended software for trucker bookkeeping. This is because it is designed specifically to streamline your accounting processes and help you stay on top of your finances. Schedule a free demo now and take control of your trucking business’ finances with HashMicro!


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